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they wrote Ihem on blackboards.

was did didn't did
did were wasn't was
Was Were didn't did
wasn't was IS was did
л was r weren't Did    
t b ) at, с -, d at, e on, f at, g in, h in    
d then e but
but so

b because i then

module 3 1

NB-. Some answers may be different in different cultures!
b should e shouldn't h should

с shouldn't f shouldn't

d shouldn't g should

2 My sister can speak three languages perfectly.

3 You can't come in here.

4 Now, you can buy cheap plane tickets on the Internet.

5 Renate can't come to the party.

6 Can you read French? I don't understand this.

7 'We can't answer the phone at the moment

8 'Can we sit by the window?'

b excited

с relaxed

d disappointed

e impatient

f in a good mood

g bored

h surprised

i scared

embarrassed angry

b have to find

с don't have to do

d have to write

e don't have to wear

f have to wear don't have to answer have to try don't have to worry don't have to worry have to be


1 fall asleep 7

2 have a shower 8

3 get into bed 9

4 turn off the light 10

5 Set the alarm 11

6 wake up

a f ii г m t r

b journalist

E dentist

d shopassistant

e trader

f policeofficer

g lawyer

h chef

i translator

j judge

к architect

I psychologist

m plumber

n nurse

о firefighter

p travelagent

q barman

1 take a course

2 get lots of homework

3 research an assignment on the Internet

4 learn something by heart

5 revise for an exam

6 take an exam

7 fail an exam

8 pass an exam

9 graduate

10 get a certificate

с (Possible answers)

People usually like to do this People don't usually tike to do this It depends
paS6 an скат get a certificate graduate fail an exam get lots of homework revise for an exam take an exam learn something by heart research an assignment on the Internet take a course
11 "
/аз/ e.g.: have to /0:/ e.g.: can't /ei/ e.g.: make
acrobat catch graduate snack taxi alarm architect barman farmer fast dangerous game patient stay wake
a b
paragraph с paragraph a

4 b

с paragraph d d paragraph b

a up to eighteen b eight

с It increases the chance of serious illness, people often die young and do less well at work.

d seven e no f no

Stefan has a 'gap year' between finishing school and starting his university course in engineering. Different people give him advice about the best thing to do for that year. His parents think he should get a job and earn lots of money. His teacher suggests voluntary work and tells him not to worry about money. His girlfriend wants him to work with her, and his best friend says he should teach English somewhere sunny, like him.

a 6 Can 1 have a glass of water?

b 3 Is it OK if I make a phone call?

с 2 Could you say that again, please?

d 1 Can I speak to you for a moment?

e 7 Do you mind if I look at your CDs?

f S Is it OK if I miss the English lesson tomorrow?

g 8 Could you move over, please?

h 4 Do you mind if I turn up the TV / turn the TV up?

b am I driving / you are

с are you doing? / I'm not watching

d I'm looking for / Are you sitting

e isn't working /'s spending

f are you going? / are waiting

с I'm not believing you! X

I don't believe you! d Do you want a drink? / e I'm not understanding him. x

I don't understand him. f I'm hating cold weather! X

I hate cold weather, g I don't understand Turkish. / h I'm not knowing her name. X

b are you doing с you're listening to d are you reading e Do you smoke

I don't know her name.

f ore you laughing

g Does your brother play

h Are you listening

Example sentences

Steve isn't working on Monday.

He's going to Manchester for the day on Tuesday.

He's taking/catching the train at 6.45.

|udy is working on Monday and Wednesday

She's meeting Alison for lunch (at 1 o'clock on Friday).

Steve and [udy are going to the cinema on Thursday.

Steve's mum is coming to babysit.

Oliver is playing football on Tuesday at 4 o'clock.

He's going to Tom's house after school on Wednesday.

Florence is going swimming on Monday.

Oliver and Florence are meeting their cousins in the park at

2.30 on Friday.

The whole family is going to the grandparents' house for lunch on Sunday at 12 o'clock.

a Where are you going for your holidays this year?

b Are you having a day off this week?

с What are you doing next weekend?

d Are your relatives coming to visit in the near future?

e When are you having your next English lesson?

f Are you meeting your friends later today?

g Who's cooking dinner in your house this evening?

h Is anyone in you family going to the dentist this month?

Julia's twenty-one today, Oliver. Happy birthday, lulia.

Ь a

I can't come in to work today, I've got the 'flu. Oh well, I hope you feel better soon! We've just been to the hospital - we're going to have a baby.

d л в: e f a r' 9 A

Congratulations! /

Turn the music down, it's midnight.

Happy New Year, everybody!

I brought you these flowers - shall I put them by your bed? Thank you very much, they're lovely. Thank you for coming.

Thank you for inviting us: it was a lovely ceremony. /

It's our fortieth wedding anniversary today.

h a в

Really? Happy anniversary!

Well, goodbye, and the best of luck for the future.

Thank you for teaching me, I really enjoyed your lessons.

2 twice / seven out for the
3 one all
4 every the other
5 bad off
6 before yesterday r\ а    
1 cards presents
2 decorations someone blowing out candles
3 the host and hostess candles
4 guests birthday cake
5 glosses paper plates
6 sandwiches paper cups
1 Diwali s Ramadan
2 Easter in Poland Diwali
3 Ramadan Diwali
4 Easter in Poland    
1 no    
2 the ninth month of the Islamic calendar
3 coloured eggs, bread, salt and white sausages
4 breakfast    
5 India    
6 five days    
7 Laxmi    

b send с stay

d visit, exchange

e invited f have g buy

h make i eat j cooked

7th October

10 Fife Road Norton

a oldest

b fastest / quickest

с richest / wealthiest

d most popular / most important

e shortest / longest

Dear Tony,

Sorry I haven't written for so long, but I've been really busy with the new job. I hope you're well and still enjoying life at university.

The main reason I'm writing is to tell you that Valerie and I are staying at Uncle Frank's villa in Spain for the Easter holidays. Would you like to come and stay for a few days? The villa is in a really beautiful place, very near the beach. You can fly to Malaga airport and get a bus from there.

b 'The reason I wanted to be an actress was to play people much more interesting than I am, and to say things much more intelligent than anything I could think of myself.'

с 'All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.'

d 'Good, better, the best Never let it rest Until good is better And better is the best'

f in g from
d in e like

e 'Being funny is much more difficult than being clever.'

b as ' с than

Can you give me a ring to tell me if you're interested? Our new phone number is 01804 742 3812. We'd love to see youi

See you soon.

b the most с more d more e the most f more g more h the most

cooking / driving getting /


Father's Day

the other day

the day before yesterday

neither of us


putting У writing studying / visiting taking /





your good health

Thanks for coming!

2 What does she look like?

3 How tall is she?

4 What's she like?

5 Has she got short hair? / Is her hair short?

6 What colour are her eyes?

a 's got /'s got / hasn't got

b are / are /'ve got

с is /'s got

d 's got / hasn't got

Taller than younger than what colour was similar to Did he have clean-shaven

module 5



2 3

5 6 7 8 9 10

younger - Paul is younger than Mike, taller - Paul is taller than Mike, faster - Paul is faster than Mike,

more experienced - Mike is more experienced than Paul.

slower - Mike is slower than Paul.

heavier - Mike is heavier than Paul.

more aggressive - Mike is more aggressive than Paul.

more powerful - Mike is more powerful than Paul.

more popular - Paul is more popular than Mike.

b /

с short grey

d gorgeous silver

e ✓

10f casual old g beautiful pale

  W I a  
  A T H L E T I С
  В R A V E      
s U N T A N      
  IV H I T E      
p I s N u
    H A I R E D
  N E С К      
  P A L E        
  s L I M        
  M A К £ U P    
  P E R F U M E
head toes hair face
shoulder feet nose ear
arm leg mouth eye
hand hand neck    
back chest teeth    

I: neck, face, mouth, nose, back, chest 2: ear, eye, leg, hand, feet, arm, shoulder 10: fingers, toes 32: teeth

Uncountable!: hair

look for look after looking forward looks / good

f Look out g look up h look at

Rob is a cameraman and he is going to work in a film studio there.

Sofia is a music teacher, but she is not planning to work for the first few months.

They are going to sell their car, but they are not going to sell their house. A friend of theirs is going to rent it. The children are planning to take their dog with them, but Rob and Sofia are planning to leave him in England. They are going to buy another dog in California.

In California, Sofia would like to buy a house by the beach, but Rob would rather have an apartment with a big garden. The children would like to live next door to Cameron Diaz! Emily says she would like to have a horse, but Todd would rather get another dog.

Emily would like to learn to ride, but Todd would rather learn to surf.

Where's Rob going to work? ' Is Sofia planning to work? Are they going to sell their car? Who's going to rent their house?

Are Rob and Sofia planning to take their dog (with them)? Would Rob like to buy / to have a house by the beach? Where would the children like to live? What would Emily like to have?

h is going i I would

Would Todd rather learn to ride or to surf? / Would Todd like to learn to ride?

e planning to

f to retire

g I'm planning

b Do you think we'll be able to buy tickets when we get there?

с I'm sorry, but there won't be any time for us to have lunch,

d Will you be all right if 1 go out for a couple of hours?

e I'm going to Michelle's party on Sunday. Will you be there too?

f Don't worry. I'm sure there won't be any problems getting a visa.

g How long will it take for us to get there?

h Will there be any food at your party?

different the same different

6 different

7 different

8 the same

b No, I'm not. с Yes, It is. d No, I won't.

No, they're not. Yes, I am. No, it won't.

h Yes, I/we will.


2 - A, 3-C, 4-B, 5-ft 6 - F

You'll Will it
We'll it won't
Will you They'll
1 will Will there

10 there won't



г з

S 6 7

2 3 4 5


2 3 4 5

luxurious polluted a cruise tasty

Did you have a good weekend? Horrible day, isn't it? Are you here on holiday? Is he feeling better now? Did you get nice weather? Are you glad to be back? Is it your first time in Madrid?

crowded warm excursions delayed

6 nightlife

7 self-catering

8 crowded

9 peaceful

6 polluted

7 peaceful

8 nightlife

9 self-catering

10 an excursion

11 delayed

12 a nightmare

10 luxurious

11 a cruise

12 nightmare

module 7 1

с No, he hasn't, d No, she hasn't, e No, she hasn't.

Yes, they have. No. they haven't. Yes, they have.

He has forgotten his loothbrush.


a Lille, b 020 7938 3366, с seven nights, d the Midtown Hotel, e £395, f 24 March, g h in Granada (Spain), i seven days, j £179. к Bargain in Boston, 1 nine

2 I've just heard that my cousin is coming to stay!

3 1 don't know. I've never tried it.

4 No, he hasn't arrived yet.

5 Not really, I've already seen it twice.

b Have you been / haven't had

с took off

d 've never seen

e s been / haven't had

f got married / were

g 's been

h arrived / hasn't written

i went


sat - sit won - win
ran - ran found - find
lost - lose sung - sing
made - make paid - pay
drunk - drink cost - cost
brought - bring put - put
told - tell written - write
got - get spoken - speak
LO seen - see chosen - choose
sold - sell eaten - eat

b learn, с get, d become, e have, f play, g write, h buy


married family language Saturday

a / a / The / the

a / a / The / the a / The

It's not true that English people drink the tea all the time. Drinking the coffee helps me to wake up in the morning! People in the Argentina often have a barbecue al the weekend.

H*e Japanese tea isn't the same as English tea.

Have you heard the news? The price of the petrol is going up


Marco says that the best ice cream comes from the Italy. In (he some parts of the United States, you can't drive until you're eighteen.

country Just understand money

9 10 11 12

.snt /к/ done /л/ sang /Ж/ become /л/ come /л/ drank /аз/

b Swiss people / The Swiss people

С books / the books

d the weather / cold weather

d -, e -. f -. g -, h -, i the, j -, m -, n the, о the, p -, q -, г the,

1 film star

2 musician

3 international gymnast

4 TV chef

5 fashion designer

6 TV presenter

7 supermodel

8 pop star

9 professional footballer
10 film director

a at, b in the, g at the, h on, m at, n in the

с at, d in the, e at, f on the, i at, j on the, k on the, I in,

TV chef and TV presenter: both work on TV

film star and film director: both work in the film industry

professional footballer and international gymnast: both do sport

supermodel and fashion designer: both work in the fashion

industry b some, с some, d any, e no, f no / some, g some, h uny, i no

b What are you looking for?

с Look - my husband gave me this lovely watch for our

wedding anniversary, d Come on Sammy, it's ten o'clock, time for bed. e 1 read in a magazine yesterday that some diets are bad

for you.

f It's really hot today: do you want to go for a swim?

g Excuse me, we ordered nearly an hour ago and we're still waiting for our food.

h I opened this letter by mistake, it's for you.

i Good morning! What would you tike for breakfast?

j Sitting in the sun for a long time isn't good for your skin.

k I asked my boss for a day off, but he said there's too much to do at the office.

1 Hurry up! I don't want to be late for the meeting.

2 В, 3 E, 4 D, 5 A, 6 С 2 many, 3 a lot of, 4 a lot of, 5 a few, б no, 7 a / a few, 8 no

f enough g too many h too much i many

b too much / too many

с much

d enough

e many

b deserts, с the climate, d lakes, e islands, f volcanoes, g borders, h the coastline, i canals, j mountain ranges

a motorway a mosque a park a church skyscrapers
9 10 11 12

a square an art gallery a bus station a fountain a bridge a market

Buildings Transport Open spaces Other
an art gallery a mosque skyscrapers a bus station a motorway a park a square a bridge a fountain a market a statue

module 9

1 а

2 People won't use cash: they will only use credit cards.

3 Astronauts will visit the planet Mars.

4 Great Britain won't have a king or queen.

5 The countries of Western Europe will all use the same currency.

6 A terrible bug will destroy the world's computers.

7 55 kph 8

8 850 9

9 about sixty percent 10

10 on the island of Hawaii 11

11 79 до 12

12 in the Caribbean Sea

May 8th 1902 30,000 (less two) 2

mare than 100,000

b definitely won't

с will probably

d definitely won't

e will probably

f will definitely g probably won't h will probably

1 bus stop

2 motorway

3 telephone number

4 railway station

skyscraper bedroom

computer game art gallery

b We may/might go abroad for our holidays next year.

с They may/might not be able to finish the work until next week.

d Take your coat; it may/might get cold later.

e Your mother may/might not want to go oul this evening.

f Martha may/might not be able to help you.

g The Prime Minister may/might resign if things don't get better.

h Buy a lottery ticket: you may/might win £1 million!

2 3 4 5 б 7 8 Ь 2 3 4

Excuse me, I'm looking for Praed Street.

Can you give me some di reel ions?

There's a post office on the corner. You can't miss it.

How can I get to the hospital, please?

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