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b a:

с a:

Last name


Street Town / City Country Zip / Post code

Phone number

(including atea code]


144 Acorn Avenue




d a: b:

a: b:

The blue one's £25 and the red and white one is silk-that's £130.

I see. Well, (2)

Right, well you need to fill in this form and bring the necessary documents ...

Oh. (2)_____________________________________ ?

Just your passport, and something with your address on it.

Credit Card Payment

Total price: Card type

Name of cardholder Card number Expiry date

Purchase now



Michael Sheppard

4000 3211 5049 4849





Conditional sentences with would

would and wouldn't

Complete the sentences with would or wouldn't.

a I'm sorry, I don't know. If I _ I would tell (tell) you.

b If 1________________ (not/work), we

enough money to live.

с I'm sure you____________ .

(know) the answer,
__________ (not/have)

a I like working. If I didn't have a Job, 1 would soon get bored.

b I'm very happy in the city:

I____________ enjoy living in

the country - it's too quiet!

с My sister is very honest.

If she found some money in the
street, I'm sure she
____________ take it to the

like to be



famous: I'm quite happy as I am!

Nobody has read the fire instructions: if there were a fire,

they_____________ know what

to do.

We can't go to Asia by bus because the journey

____________ take much

too long.

If I could live my life again, I

____________ change anything.

It's a pity Mark isn't here. He
____________ know what to do.

(can) meet a famous person from history, who

_________________ (like) to talk to?

e I don't know what I_________________ (do) if you

(be/not) here to help me.
f If I________________ (have) a lot of money, I__

(be) better?

g If everyone_____________

think life______________

h If you_________________ (have) twenty brothers and sisters, think how

many birthday presents you__________________ (get)!

might or would

в I'd go to Florida, if you were more polite to him. you might sleep better, if he didn't have so much money, if he did his homework regularly, she might get very angry.

_\ a Match the beginnings of the sentences in A with the endings in B.

1 He might help you

2 She wouldn't go out with him

3 If I could go on holiday anywhere in the world,

4 Robert might do better at school

5 If you told her the truth,

6 If you didn't drink so much coffee before going to bed,

b _____ Listen and check. Practise saying the sentences.

Tick (/) the correct sentence for each situation below.

1 Someone asks you to help them to translate a newspaper article into your language. Unfortunately, the newspaper article is in Chinese -a language you don't speak or understand.

What do you say? a /'// help you ifl can. b I'd help if 1 could. /

2 Someone asks about your plans for tomorrow. You're not sure yet - you're either going to the beach or to the cinema - it depends on the weather.

What do you say? a If the weather's good, I'll go to the beach. b If the weather was good, I'd go to the beach.

3 You're on holiday at the seaside. The beach is very nice, but unfortunately the weather isn't very good -it's cloudy and the temperature is only 12°C. Someone asks if you're enjoying yourself.

What do you say? a I'd be happier if the weather were better. b I'll be happier if we have better weather.

4 You invite a friend to go to a club with you, but she's got an exam tomorrow, so she can't come.

What does she say to you? a I'll come ifl don't have an exam. b I'd come ifl didn't have an exam.

5 A taxi driver is driving you very slowly to the station. Your train leaves in five minutes. What do you say to him?

a If we don't go faster, I'll miss the train. b If we didn't go faster, I'd miss the train.

6 A friend asks you to drive her home from a party, but your car is at home, so you can't help her. What do you say?

a Sorry, ifl have my car, I'll take you home. b Sorry, ifl had my car, I'd take you home.

7 You see a child crossing the road reading a book. What do you say to the child?

a If you're not careful, you'll have an accident. b If you weren't careful, you'd have an accident.

will and would

Circle the best form in each sentence, as in the example.

a ll^ouktritywon't do that if I were you! b Goodbye, everybody! I'd/I'll see you all next week, с I'd/I'll help you if 1 had more time, d What time will/would you be back from work this evening?

e I won't/wouldn't be surprised if they won the competition.

f Sorry, I can't speak now. I'd/I'll phone you back later.

g I'll/I'd be here until 6 o'clock if you need anything, h Life will/would be so much easier if people worked together.

i If my mother were here, I'm sure she'd/she'll know what to do.

Short answers with will and would

Will you / (s)he / it / we be at home? Yes, W(s)he/it/we will. No, 11 (s)he / it /we won't.

Would you / (s)he lit! we work? Yes, 11 (s)he I it / we would. No, I / (s)he / it / we wouldn't.

^ Write short answers to these questions.

a Would you travel to another planet if you had the
opportunity? Yes, I would._____________________

b Will your brother be at home if 1 phone this
evening? No,

с Would you like to be Prime Minister of your country?


d Will we have time for lunch when we get there?

Yes_____________________________________________ .

e If you won the lottery, would you give up work?


f Would you move to a bigger house if you had the

money? No,______________________________________

g If Kate and Roger get married, do you think they'll

be happy? Yes,__________________________________

h If a stranger offered you £1,000 to carry a bag onto an aeroplane, would you do it?


Vocabulary booster: people in politics, religion and public life

-7 a Put the people in the box into the word map.

the Prime Minister a communist a-€athotir a mayor the President a priest the Vice President a queen a Buddhist a social democrat a king a Muslim a Member of Parliament a judge a Protestant a government minister a Christian a Hindu a green

a Catholic

b ДЕО Listen and practise the pronunciation of the words.

с ИЮ Circle the correct answer in the general knowledge quiz below. Listen and check your answers.

1 Mecca is a very important city for Hindus / Muslims.

2 Lenin was a communist / social democrat leader.

3 Rome is the centre of the Protestant I Catholic church.

4 Margaret Thatcher was the first woman Prime Minister/ President of the United

5 The Netherlands has a president / a queen.

6 The British Chancellor of the Exchequer is a government minister / kind of priest.

7 Most people in India are Hindus / Buddhists.

8 George Bush Senior was the President / Prime Minister of the United States.

Listen and read

Ш__ How many of the questions below can you answer? Read and/or listen and check.


a Is a real Earth year longer or shorter than 365 days?

b Which is the lightest planet?

с Which planet was farthest from the Sun in 1995?

d What can be the size of a house?

e Which planet has the most moons?

f How long is a year on Mercury?

g What is twenty-seven kilometres high?

h Which planet is it possible to see without a telescope?

i What lasts for just under ten hours?

j Which planet has been mistaken for a UFO?

к How many Earths could the Sun hold?

1 Which planet was discovered most recently?

m Which planet goes round the Sun 'lying down'?

n How many times has Neptune been round the Sun since it was discovered?


The Planets: did you know...?

The Sun is a star - it is not a planet. It is so big that you could fit more than one million Earths inside it. The Sun is the only star we see during the daytime.

Mercury is thirty-six million miles from the Sun and has no moons, it takes eighty-eight days to go round the Sun (at thirty miles per second), which means that there are fewer than two days in a year.

Venus is the closest planet to the Earth. It has a very hot surface and no moons. It is the brightest planet and can sometimes be seen with the naked eye if you know where to look. It is sometimes the cause of UFO reports.

The Earth is orbited by one moon and is ninety-three million miles away from the Sun. The average year is actually 365 days, five hours, forty-eight minutes and 45.51 seconds. Three quarters of the Earth is covered by water.

Mars is a cold, red, rocky planet with two very smail moons which orbit close to the surface. It is the home of the 'Olympus Mons', the largest volcano found in the solar system. It is twenty-seven kilometres high and its crater is eight-one kilometres wide.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, with sixteen moons. It spins very quickly on its axis, and one day lasts nine hours and fifty-five minutes.

Saturn has eighteen moons and is over 800 million miles from the Earth. It is the second biggest planet but also the lightest. If there was a bath big enough to hold Saturn, it would float in the water. It has rings round it made of ice: the particles of ice vary in size from a grain of sugar to a house.

Uranus is a giant gas planet which is over one billion miles away and has fifteen moons. Its axis is at a ninety-seven degree angle, which means it orbits lying on its side - talk about a lazy planet! Neptune is a giant gas planet and has eight moons. It was discovered in 1846, but has still not made a complete orbit of the Sun. One Neptune year lasts 165 Earth years.

Pluto is over three billion miles from the Sun and has one moon. It is the farthest planet from the Sun, but sometimes its orbit brings it closer to the Sun than Neptune: from 1989 to 1999 it jumped ahead of Neptune, then went back to being the farthest. Pluto is the only planet that has not been visited by a spacecraft. Because it is so small, it was not discovered until 1930.


UFO = an unidentified flying object

£27^ module 15

Spelling Silent 'W

Improve your writing Error correction (2)


below are silent?

would wrong whole weight when walk answer why songwriter whose worried wrote

b Щ___9 Listen and cross out the silent 'w's.

с Complete the rules below with examples from part a.

1 If a word begins with wr, 'w' is always silent, for example

2 If a word begins with wh, 'w' is usually silent, for example

3 A few other words have a silent
'w', for example____________ .

Pronunciation The sound /w/

won't wouldn't war wife weekend working

~b Listen and practise the /w/ pronunciation in these words and phrases from module 15.






to wonder


using the following code:

Sp for a spelling mistake P for a punctuation mistake WW for a wrong word.

Write the corrections below.

Planet Hero

Hello everybody'. ^

неге we are! We've finally arrived and I'm 'wri-reing to you from

-the pione-f Hero!


"then i-f was ^ui+e

There's enough oxygen and lots of plants, Ь«.+ fortwxajtejy the weather iSr\+ very good and 3rfs rajned every day So far - 05 you am see it isn't all that 4dife^n+ from life ir\ 5e^!0jyd'. The joumey was very, very long - -ten -weeks on a. spaceship -


at times. I read al the books

you. gave me during Цув. first week, <1__ I had to wa--fch Зроее Tv instead.

The other six. people here are all very nice: one of -them is a. Iodotier from "franC£ - his llrJ__

Todaii we met our first Herovian iN±___ the name for the people ,bwhich live here) and guess what? He speaks '^engiish! This morning T saw a. small green pet3on '''siting on a. wall, looking at me.

'Hello,' I 'esayid, 'what's your- name

^0Fine, thanks, he answered, and ran away.

Anyway, it's ^gefo-ing late., so I'd better go to bed. Give my lovC to an my ufrenSs and family.


2 3 4 5 6 7

15 17 18 19 20 21 22

Pronunciation table

Consonants Vowels  
Symbol Key Word Symbol Key Word
P pan il beat
b ban i bit
t tip e bet
jj dip X bat
к cap a bar
gap block
tj church bought
d3 judge и book
f few ш boot
V view л but
e throw э; burn
though э brother
s sip ei bay
z zero so bone
J fresh Щ by
measure ао bound
h hot boy
m sum i beer
n sun ез bare
sung иэ poor
I lot eis player
г rot йш lower
j yet ai3 ire
w wet аиэ flower
    Он employer
    i happy
^.   и annual

Special signs

/7 shows main stress

/,/ shows secondary stress

I Si means that /э/ may or may not be used



introduction 1

b possessive adjective

с pronoun

d modal verb

e adverb

f auxiliary verb

g main verb

b three times a year с once a week d twice a year

8e four times a week f twice a day g once a month

b sweet

с a (secret)

d a secret

e me, you

f never, always

g love, fun

h want, is, stop, see, love

i can, might

j your, my

baseball, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, rugby skiing, swimming, ice-skating, snowboarding cycling, horse-riding, snowboarding, skateboarding boxing, gymnastics, judo boxing, judo

basketball, boxing, volleyball, rugby



2 Is your family here with you?

3 Does your wife enjoy athletics?

4 Do you like life here in Italy?

5 Are you worried about the Italian champion, Giacomo Zanetti?

6 Do you have any advice for young athletes?

9 =      
2 read S listen to 8 watch
3 eat gor for a  
4 get do  
2 does get 8 eat
3 rent watch  
4 listen to go for a  

b с d e f

b Which с Where d What


do you want knows

do you already know told

When Who

How many

do you live lives smokes broke

did you phone


m n

How long Why

did you go gave you happens

go to the play play the
shopping skiing ice-skating dancing gym cinema park beach football table tennis computer games guitar violin trumpet piano

They don't live in the same country, they live in different countries.

She doesn't live in the United States, she lives in London.

She doesn't work in the evening, she works in the morning.

She doesn't play golf, she plays tennis.

She doesn't stay in a hotel, she stays with her sister.

They don't see each other every weekend, they see each other

two or three times a year.

b How much does this cost?

с What time is it?

d What's your dote of birth?

e Where are you from / do you come from?

f Where ore the toilets, please?

g How do you spell your name?

h Sony, could you repeat that, please?

i Which part of Turkey are you from?

| Where's the nearest post office?

к How long Нитё are you going to stay?

I Do you speak English?

What time does she get up?

What time does she finish work?

Where does Rosemary Wilson live?

How often does she come to England?

Why does she come to England?

Yes, they do. Ves, they do.

Who does she stay with? / Where does she stay?

1 No, they don't.

2 No, they don't.

never pro-fessional exce-llent
  fal   fal fal   falfal
am-bi tion lei sure о pponent
  fal   fal   fal fal
com put er footballer oft en
  fal   fal   fal
exercise popu-lar terrific
  fal   fal   fal
yoga referee    
  fal   fal    

'Everybody thinks I'm a typical English woman,' actress Kate Thomson told Go.' magazine. T really don't know why When she was eighteen, Kate left England. She lived first in Canada, then Morocco, where she met French film producer Serge Roux. The couple now live in Paris with their three children: Patrick, |ames and Lucie. 'We're so happy here. It's nice to have children who can speak both English and French.'

a cartoon the news
a soap opera a game show
a comedy a documentary
a drama a talk show
a sports programme a cookery programme

module 2 1

drive - drove go - went make - made begin - began eat - ate

happen - happened meet - met buy - bought fall - fell take - took

- knew


- came felt lived

-read cost found looked

die - died get - got lose - lost write - wrote invent - invented think - thought forget - forgot stay - stayed sing - sang

7 Basil Fawlty

8 more than thirty years ago

9 John De Mol
10 1999

feel like feels cold feels sick

h feel / well

e felt / embarrassed f feel about g feels hot

a believed d dropped g married
b cried e hurried h phoned
с continued f used i stopped

ь was met I got q wrote made came gave paid
с began h fell m hud r looked went fell felt met
d played i wo 5 n cost s read cost got lost was
e went i knew made     wrote sold spoke told
f died к found P was     bought sow thought wore

b It didn't begin in October 1936, it began in October 1946. с li wasn't about a rich farmer who moved to New York, it was

about a rich woman who moved to the country, d The woman didn'l fall in love with her cousin, she fell in love

with a handsome young farmer. в Her lover wasn't married to her cousin, he was engaged to her


f The producers of the programme didn't have a lot of money,

they had very little money, g The assistants didn't write the actors' words on pieces of paper,

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