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Hotel Waitress Job Location; Region:

Job Description:


Island of Sark, Guernsey, Channel Islands UK

Hotel Beauchamp, situated on the beautiful, small island of Sark in the Channel Islands, requires waitress from end of May until mid-September. 16-room private hotel with restaurant. Good salary and working conditions, live-in accommodation at the hotel. Experience not essential.

Mr & Mrs M. Robinson

Hotel Beauchamp, Sark

Via Guernsey, Channel Islands GY9 OSF

Phone: 01481 238046

Fax: 01481 238469

e-mail: hotbe@isiand-of-sark,co.uk

b Now read the advertisements again and complete the table below.

  You need to ... Salary
SBeak fluent English  

%%.осй ш

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Address:[V] | www.jobsearch.corri


W Jobs for students, recent graduates and people looking for adventure

Chamont Hot-Air Balloon Ground Crew

Job Location: Region:

Job Description:



France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy

The Chamont Balioon Adventures team travels to France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic and Turkey, from May through October and the Swiss Alps, in January through February. Since 1977, we have offered hot-air balloon flights to an international clientele.

To be a ground assistant, you must be fit, with a cheerful personality: knowledge of spoken French, Italian and/or German is an advantage. Driving licence essential.

Accommodation and food included, as well as a small salary. To apply send CV, ID photo and photocopy of driving licence.

We are currently hiring for our summer season (24 May through 30 October).

Michel Chamont

Chamont Balloon Adventures

Chateau de Labourde

Dijon, FRANCE 21200

Tallinn, Estonia. Qualified chef needed for period of approximately six months in busy Chinese takeaway restaurant in Tallinn, Estonia. Salary $800-1000 per month. Please contact us by e-mail. Peking Garden Chinese Restaurant Pronksi 8-45 Tallinn, Estonia 10421 Phone: (372) 25023896 FAX: (372) 26184588 e-mail: peking@ievr.ee

e-mail: mchamontiacompuserve.com


Vocabulary Personal characteristics

a b с d e f 9

Use the clues to complete the grid below. The words all come from page 00 of the Students' Book.


If you lose this, you may not finish your work or achieve you goals. (10 letters) You are this if you want something very much and you work very hard to get it. (9 letters)

Some singers have a lot of natural_________ ,

others have to practise and study hard. (6 letters)

if you are well-________ , you know where

everything is, and you make good use of your time. (9 letters)

You need a lot of self-_______ if you want to

follow a diet and lose weight. (10 letters)

You are this if you tell the truth and do not steal

things. (6 letters)

You are this if you try to understand other people's problems and help them. (11 letters)

Someone who is a good____________ is patient and

pays attention to what the other person is saying. (8 letters)

Most people would rather have an___________ pilot

than someone who has never flown a plane before! (11 letters)

Completely (7 letters)

This will not help you to pass exams or get a good job. (8 letters)


answers a-k.
1 ______

your sister feeling after her


2 Mr Takamoto? George Harvey.__________________

3 I'm hungry._________________ stopping at that

cafe for some lunch?

4 ___________ people have you invited to the

it is to the
nearest petrol station? 6_______ pronounce this word? Is it /ei/ or /ai/? 7 What a beautiful building. Do you know ________________ it is? ______________ have you had that ring? I've

wedding? 5 Does anyone know

8 ______________

never seen it before.

9 I love your new haircut, pay for it?

10___________________ does it take to get to the coast

from here?

11 Hello Frankie. Haven't you grown!
. ______________ are you now?

12 _________________ tortilla? Eggs, potatoes, and

what else?

a I don't think there's one for at least 50 km. b I'm 1.21m.

с Nothing. My brother did it - he's doing a

hairdressing course, d She's out of hospital, but she's still very tired, e Onions, I think. Haven't you got a cookery book? f I'm not sure. At least 100 years old, I'd say. g Only about twenty minutes by car. h How do you do? I'm pleased to meet you. i Not many. About thirty so far. j I've had it for years - I don't wear it very often, к I don't know. Why don't you ask the teacher? 1 Good idea. Breakfast was ages ago!

b СШЭ Listen and check.


Some 'hard to pronounce' words

a Look at the words beiow. Is the sound in bold pronounced the same as the word in A or в?

Improve your writing Error correction (1)

a Read the letter below. Find:

  a в
lawyer how / four
discipline / sit ship
honest not home
patient pan painting
psychiatrist here fire
awful more now
health fell feel
architect children headache

1 five punctuation mistakes (full stops, capital letters, etc.).

2 three layout mistakes (where things are on the page).

3 four spelling mistakes.

4 two mistakes of politeness.

b Write out the letter in full, correcting all the mistakes.

Listen and check. Practise saying both


374 Upper Road Islington London N1 2XG

Tel. 020 7359 1410

March 26th 2001

hello Sir!

I am writeing to apply for a job as a member of your chamont balloon adventures ground crew. I inclose a CV, ID photo and photocopy of my driving licence as requested. I am avalable to start work immediatly.

Curri'«"um Vitae

Jean Gufna

Thanks a lot

Jean Guinard.



Michael Chamont Chamont Balloon Adventures Chateau dc Labourde Dijon

FRANCE 21200



Past perfect

■л a Put the verbs in brackets

into the Past perfect to complete the sentences below.

1 Nadia said she was very sorry for what she

had done (do).

2 When Sam

________________________ (pay)

the bill, we left the restaurant and went home.

3 It wasn't surprising that she was tired: she

(not / sleep) for two days.

4 The children were very excited because they

(not / see) a tiger before.

5 The road was blocked because a

lorry _______________________

(break down).

6 During the afternoon, David lost all the money he

________________________ (win)

in the morning.

7 My mother felt very nervous on the plane because she

(not / fly) before.

8 When the police arrived to arrest him, Thompson


b GED Listen and check. Practise saying the sentences.

Past perfect and Past simple

Complete the text about Justine Klaus with the correct form of the verb in brackets: Past simple or Past perfect.

When Swiss millionairess Justine Klaus (a) died

(die) in Geneva at the age of seventy-nine, most of her

family (b)_______ (come) to hear the details of her

fflfevWill, hoping the old lady (c) _____ (remember)

Justine (e)_______ (live) alone for many years, and most of her family (f) _______ (not/see) her for several years. Her relatives (g)___ (be) amazed when they (h) _________ (hear) that the old lady _______ (leave) £370,000 to her favourite house plant! Justine said that for all those years the plant _______ (be) her best and only friend. In contrast, her family only (k)_____ (receive) £100 each.

(get) a real shock.

Irregular past forms

Circle the correct form of the verb to complete 1 the sentences.

The show had already began /(begun)when we got to the stadium. It was a marvellous show, and Maria sang / sung beautifully. I was very tired because I had drove / driven all the way from Edinburgh to London.

While I was swimming in the sea, someone stolen /stole my clothes. When she died in 1999, the novelist Iris Murdoch had wrote / written twenty-seven novels. The X-rays showed that Laurence had broke I broken his leg. I had never saw / seen anything so beautiful in my whole life. When we got home, the children had fell / fallen asleep in the car. I didn't think you knew / known about the company's money problems. I couldn't try any of the cake, because Alice had took / taken the last piece.

Past time words: already, just, never ... before

Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.

a been / before / abroad / had / Carla / never

Carla had never been abroad before.____________

b When / closed / shop /1 / there / just / the / got / had

с you / met /1 / already / had / brother / thought / my

d doorbell /1 / when / had / finished / just / the / rang / dinner

e before / way / knew / We / because / been / had / the / there / we

f the / got / left / plane / airport / When / had / we / to / already / the

Past time words: Past perfect or Present perfect?

Tick {/} the correct ending for each of these sentences.

a That meal we had last night was delicious.

1 I've never tried Lebanese food before.

2 I'd never tried Lebanese food before. /

b I didn't need to tell Jake to do his homework because

1 he'd already done it.

2 he's already done it.

с Who's that girl talking to Sophie?

1 I've never seen her before.

2 I'd never seen her before.

d Sorry I didn't answer the phone:

1 I've just gone to bed when you rang.

2 I'd just gone to bed when you rang.

e 'You look happy.'

1 'I've just won £2000 in the lottery!'

2 'I'd just won £2000 in the lottery!'

f You can't go in now, madam.

1 The concert has already started.

2 The concert had already started.


Rewrite the sentences using already, just or never... before.

a Martha had finished the report a short time before Mr Harris asked for it.

Miirthfi had just finished the rqjprt when___

Mr Hiuri.s asked for it._______________________

b It was the first time I had been skiing.

с I wanted to speak to Philip, but he had gone home earlier than 1 expected.

d Eating frogs' legs was a new experience for Sally.

e My friends had ordered their food some time before I got to the restaurant.

f I had left the house a few seconds before it started to rain.

(257$Г module 14



1 Complete the gaps to make sentences which have the same meaning.

The computer was too expensive for me to buy.

I couldn't afford the computer.

Philip borrowed £1,000 from his friend Gill.

Gill___________________ £1,000 to her friend________________

In this job, your salary will be £30,000 a year.

In this job, you will_________________ £30,000 a year.

1 forgot that I borrowed £10 from Joseph.

1 haven't___________________ the £20 that! borrowed from Joseph yet.

1 was very disappointed by the holiday. It wasn't a good way to spend my money.

I was very disappointed by the holiday. It was a money.

In the TV Programme Millionaire you can receive up to £1 million by answering simple questions.

In the TV Programme Millionaire you can___________________ up to

£1 million by answering simple questions.

I'm going to spend less money so i can buy a motorbike.

I'm going to___________________ money to buy a motorbike.


Complete the gaps with the correct preposition.

a I tried to bonow some money from my parents, but

they said no. b When I have enough money

.___________ the bank, I'll


с Thomas spends about £150 a
month ______________ clothes.

d Can 1 change this money

____________ US dollars,


e Last year the company made a
profit____________ £200,000.

f I'm afraid you can't pay

____________ credit card in this

restaurant: they only accept cash.

g 'How would you like to pay,

madam?' 'I'll pay____________


h Can you wait a minute? I need to get some money

the bank.

Be careful if you lend money

____________ Richard. He

never pays it back.

Mick sold his laptop to Patrick

____________ £500.

8 When the company closed, all the investors' money disappeared.

When the company closed, the investors____________________ all their


П period of time Luhen a shop sells things at louier prices than usual Is: а a sale. b a reduction.
If you buy something for a good price, it Is: a a discount. b a bargain.
If you are looking In shop uilndrjujs but not intending to buy anything, you are: a Luindouj buying. b cuindouj shopping.
If uou put on some clothes In a shop to see If they are the right size, you: a try them on. b try them out.
LUhen you pay fur something, the shop assistant gives you: a a receipt. b a ticket.
If something is faulty and you take it back Id the shop, you can ask fur: з a payback. b a refund.
Я big shop Luhich sells different types Df goods such as clothes, furniture, stationery, etc.. is: a a shopping mall. b a department store.
R boutique is a small shop ujhich sells: a food. b clpthes.
If you buy something mhich Is a present for someone, you can ask the assistant ra: a cover it. b wrap it.
The crime of stealing things from shops is called: a shpplifting. b shoptaklng.

Wordspot make

Complete the sentences with the correct form of make and a word from the box.

a mistake laugh a decision some sandwiches sacT a noise stay £15 a speech feel


a It really makes me_____

when I see all those homeless people on the streets.

b Sshl Don't_______ .______ - we shouldn't be here.

с I hope I don't have to_____________ at the

wedding: I hate public speaking,
d Josh's mum and dad___________


at home all weekend because he

got such bad grades at school.

e I've_______________ to eat on the journey.

f Tom_________________ by selling some of his old

play station games to his friends at school.

g Sony, I_______________ . It's £15, not £20.

h What are you going to do about the problems in the

factory? Have you________________ yet?

i Let's invite Harry. He's got a lot to say and he

always________________ everyone________________ .

You really think I was wrong to say that? Now
you're________________ me_________________ guilty.


The sounds /ei/ and /е/

b Complete the sentences with words from part a.

1 I took the shoes buck to the shop but they wouldn't
give me а_____________ because I'd lost my

While I was shopping in the supermarket yesterday,

this week.

a woman was arcested for________ _ .

David Jones are having a______

4 1

1 bought this coat for £30: a real
haven't got time to_________

this shirt

. I hope it's the right size.

5 A good choice. Your niece will love it, madam.
Would you like me to______________ for you?

6 When we were in California we went__________

a ____ Listen to the leil and /е/ sounds in the following words.

/е/ lend bread spend /ei/ break day make

b Look at the sentences. Mark the /ei/ and lei sounds.

1 I've made about ten phone calls today.

W Ы /е./

2 They wasted all the money we gave them.

3 Have you read the book I lent you, by the way?

4 She said she'd pay me back at the end of April.

5 Jane made a terrible mistake.

in Rodeo Drive where clothes were incredibly expensive.

с ШЮ> Listen and check. Practise saying the sentences. 87

t t. t

But they weren't used in Europe a thing of the past Hew much money began to appear a £10 bank note about 2,700 years ago pieces of paper as people became rich

ft *

W How muc\\ money have you got with you today? How many coins? How many notes? Why is money so important anyway? ff you think about it, coins are just discs of metal, and bank notes are

just Щ______________________ . Money is only money if we agree

that it's worth something! Nowadays, governments print bank notes and guarantee their value. As well as the Queen's head, all British bank notes carry the words: I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of... Originally that meant that it was possible for you to take

(3) ______________________ to the Bank of England and ask for £10

of gold in return.

Over the years, money has taken many forms. In China people used precious shells; hundreds of years later the Vikings in Northern Europe used jewellery, and the people of ancient Tibet once used blocks of dried tea! People from ancient Lydia (Turkey) were the first

to make coins, Щ________________________ . The coins were made

from electrum, a mixture of gold and silver. It wasn't until the

eleventh century that paper bank notes Ш________________________

in China. Щ_________________________ until the Middle Ages when

traders and bankers used 'bills of exchange' instead of cash. The

modem industries of banking and insurance soon followed

W.________________________ through trade between East and West.

With the growth of the 'virtual economy', some people predict that, within twenty years, coins and notes will be

w_________________________ : we will all use 'smart cards' to buy

things. No more worries about losing your wallet or purse ... but what if you lose the card?

b Щ££Э Listen and check.

с Answer the questions below about the text.

1 Can you really change a £10 note for £10 of gold at the Bank of England?

2 Can you exchange dollar bills for gold in the USA?

3 What did people use for money in:

a) Ancient China? .___________

b) Viking Europe?_____________

c) Ancient Tibet?_____________

4 Who made the first coins? When?

5 When did the first bank notes appear? Where?

6 When did bank notes first appear in Europe?

7 What do some people predict will replace money?


Real life

Dealing with money

* q Match the beginnings of the sentences in A I о with the endings in В and write them in the correct places in the dialogues below.


I'd like to included?

Can I have ties?

What's the exchange to the pound.

Is service \ open a bank account.

Can I pay one.

It's 2.4 dollars the bill please?

I'll take this 1 do I need?

If I could just V by credit card?

How much are these rate for Australian dollars?

What documents see your passport.

a a: Can 1 change some money here? в: Yes, certainly.

a: (1) Wlirit's the exchange rate for Australian

dollars? в; (2)

Improve your writing Paying online


л Michael Sheppard is booking a flight on the T" Internet, using his credit card.

- His address is: 144 Acorn Avenue, Toronto, Canada M3V 4B1.

- His phone number is: (416) 43789103

Look at the information below and the booking form he completed and find six mistakes.

ч ■*, о с si a a BK* :■«. H-r Tavkrln Malory S ft*H«rl*ll ft 4 a' » jis m *rch -..■ГШ LBflT brtil*1 Fr.ni ЧЫ1 PtiIkwmx
  в1Щ494849С3 - vaud -____________________________________ from 0!*™eXP1reS0B№ Ip^±jj
PASSENGER INFORMATION (please complete all boxes|
Title Ms
First name Sheppard

a: b:

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