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Luck is crazy about surfing thf Internet.

  1. A. Do pre-reading tasks before each abstract, then read and translate the abstracts about the basics of management.
  2. A. Match the facts about the UK with the places on the map.
  3. A. Read the additional texts with interesting facts about Canada and discuss this information with your partner.
  4. A. Read the text about takeover and choose one of the three connectors to fill each gap.
  5. About Eating Out in Britain
  6. About My Family and Myself

2 When I was young, collecting stamps interested me. (interested in)

3 I'm very sorry, I just can't remember people's names! (not good at)

4 They left the restaurant; they didn't pay the bill, (without)

5 Why don't you do something and not just sit there? (instead of)

6 Does walking alone at night frighten you? (frightened of)

7 Katrina doesn't think about anything except making money, (obsessed with)

8 My father didn't have a problem with lending me the car. (OK about)

9 My sister loves shopping for clothes, (mad about)

10 My husband doesn't like shopping for clothes very much, (not very keen on)

b um Listen and check. Practise saying the sentences.

Verbs of liking and disliking

The symbols on the table show what two children think of the things below. Write sentences to describe how they feel, using the phrases in the box.

really loves doesn't mind it's OK doesn't really like really hates is keen on is not very keen on really enjoys/likes is crazy about can't stand likes

гл it).

Joseph Jessica

a maths

b playing football

(CO O;

с singing

d reading

e playing computer games

f cooking

© ©

g chocolate

h doing homework

a tfifiggb trailer (ikes maths, hut _____ can't stand it.
b Then both like placing football. / Thfu arc both
keen он piquing football.


h like doing and would like to do

a Circle the best form: like or woutd like to complete the sentences below.

1 What do you think lan(wouldlikey likes for his birthday?

2 Annette likes / would like Brad Pitt so much, she's got all his films on video.

3 I'd like to speak 11 like speaking to Mr Shizuko, please.

4 Would you like to go / Do you like going for a coffee after class today?

5 One day, I love going / would love to go to Florida.

6 Jenny always drives to college because she doesn't like walking j she wouldn't like to walk.

7 I would love to be I love being a professional ballet dancer, but I'm too tall.

8 It's late and I'd like to go 11 like going home. Can you phone for a taxi?

b iiuf Listen and check.

Read about Christopher Coleman. Correct the verbs in bold which should be in the -ing form.


addicted to something isn't so unusual; some people can't lb'live without tclsmoke; others enjoy ""shop; many people say they are addicted to (e|eat chocolate; but Christopher Coleman has a more unusual addiction. 'I've always loved "'drink cola,' he said, 'but a few years ago I began l9lbuy more and more. I couldn't (h,sleep at night, and I needed five cans in the morning to stop shake! In a normal day, I drank about forty cans. IjlGet enough cola every day was the only important thing in life! My girlfriend told me to stop spend all my money on cola, but I didn't "listen. So in the end, she left me.

Would you like ...? and Do you tike...?: short answers

Vocabulary Hobbies and interests

Read the clues and complete the words.

a They are both board games; two people can play.

с_____ and b_______________

b You try to watch them every week, whether they are

playing at home or away.

your f____________ f___________ t_____

с You collect them, but you don't use them to buy



d You can take them off your old letters or you can buy special ones at the Post Office.


e You can make them out of plastic, wood, or even
paper. People often make boats or aeroplanes,

f You can comb their hair, change their clothes, and even make them talk.


g You might find it difficult to hear after one of these,

especially if you stand near the front.

r____ с__________

h If you can't afford to buy a lot of it, you can get

some silver or gold and make it yourself.

2 Do you like windsurfing?

3 Would you like to hove a big family?

4 Do you like toffee apples?

5 Do you like rap music?

6 Would you like to go to see the film with me?

b Answer these questions about yourself.

1 Would you like to fly a helicopter?

2 Do you like dancing?

3 Would you like to appear on TV?

4 Do you like rain?

i Actors sing and dance, and often wear colourful

j Children buy and sell these in the playground at

school; adults might prefer to use the Internet!

t_________ с______

к Some people buy and collect things connected with

Princess Diana: cups and plates, key rings, books,



Vocabulary booster: -ed and -ing adjectives

Listen and check. Practise saying the

a Match one of the adjectives with a face.

bored interested surprises tired relaxed excited frightened worried с How do you feel when:

1 you listen to classical music?________ .

2 you watch a football match on TV?___________

3 you see a spider? _________ .

4 your best friend doesn't phone you for a few days?


you stay up after 2 a.m.? _______

6 someone talks to you about cars?

Some adjectives have

both -ed and -ing forms, for example:

bored / boring.


1 surprised

The -ing form describes the way something is. The -ed form describes the way it makes you feel.

V_________________________________________________ У

d Circle the best form, -ed or -ing.

1 Driving for a long time can be fired /(tiring)

2 A long walk in the park can be relaxed / relaxing.

3 If you have nothing to do, you may be bored I boring.

4 A piece of news can be surprised I surprising.

5 You can be interested / interesting in football.

6 Going for a swim can be relaxed I relaxing.

7 A film can be excited / exciting.

8 People can be worried I worrying about losing their job.

9 Hard work can make you tired / tiring.

10 Some people find the dark frightened / frightening.

11 You might be shocked / shocking if you get a very big phone bill.

12 Some English grammar rules are confused I confusing.



Wordspot like

a: Is your food OK? в: Oh yes, it.____

a Complete the sentences with a phrase with tike.

used to make. Delicious!

a: Do you______________ going for a walk?

b: Not really. I think it's going to rain.

a: You're lucky - you never put on weight.

в: I know - I can eat____________ and 1 don't

get fat!

You've got a lot of bags there - I'll carry some

for you, if_________ .

Oh thank you, that's very kind.

I met our new neighbours yesterday.

Oh yes -______________ ?

They seem very friendly.

Look at that man over there - don't you think

7 a: b: 8 a: b: 9 a: b: 10 a: 8!

he______________ . Robert de Niro?

Not really - he's too young.

What's this dress made of? It__________

- so soft.

It is silk, actually. It's a good price, isn't it? I'm collecting money for a leaving present for

Sasha.______________ to give something?

Oh yes, of course. Here's $10.

Patrick's arriving on Saturday and he's got

nowhere to stay.

Tell him he can stay with us, if.__________ .

We've got lots of room.

So this is a traditional recipe for fruit cake?

Yes, we always make it______ ._____ in our



Words ending with -ion

a All these verbs have a noun form ending with -ion. Write the nouns.


fa__ ion ambi _ ion obse__ ion con versa _ ion profe__ ional

b Complete these -ion words.

6 rela _ ionship

7 tradi _ ional

8 revi _ ion

9 na _ ionality

Pronunciation Words ending with -ion

a COS Listen to the pronunciation of these -ion words. Is the -ion syllable strong or weak? underline the stressed syllable in each word.

collection permission
education traditional
discussion occasion
relationship revision
decision fashion
conversation nationality

b Listen again and practise saying the words. Pay attention to the stress, and to the weak pronunciation of the-ion syllable.

Listen and check.

Improve your writing Replying to invitations

a Georgina is from Ireland. She is studying Italian in Rome. Read three invitations that

she received while she was there and match them to her replies. Write the names in the gaps.

Hi (beorjuia

KiJe'rg. cjcvTq (or a puLnui. tn the park after jJass tcxia._i. Da .уси u/aur tj? ййлпе? Brwq semetbtsiq to eat anrf drisk, ojvi meet us rhe reception area ar У p*n. See

Frank Ьэтт^е

from: christinal 12@optusnet.com to: qeorai-a@vahoD.com

Dear Georgina

How are you? 1 know I haven't been in touch for a while, but I've been so busy, and guess what? Marc and I are engaged! We are going to get married next year some time, but we're having an engagement party on Saturday 21st June, from 6-11 pm. I do hope you can come: it's at my parent's house in Dublin (you remember how to get there, don't you?). Really looking forward to seeing you again. Christina

Via Spiga444/13 B



Dear Georgina.

I don't know if you will remember me: my name is Lucia Cotvti, and 1 was a friend of your mothers at university. My husband and I stayed at your house for a few days several years ago. when we were on holiday.

Anyway, I heard that you were studying here, and 1 was wondering if you would like to come and stay wilh us for the weekend, maybe next weekend or the one after that? We would love to see you. and I know whal it is like to be away from home in a different country. You would also be able to try some authentic home-cooked Italian food - my husband is a great cook!

I'm looking forward to seeing you -just let me know when you can come and we will pick you up. Best wishes.

Lucia Conti



First of all, congratulations! I am very happy for you. However, I'm afraid I won't be able to come to your engagement party because I am in Rome, studying Italian, until the end of August. What a shame! Have a wonderful time, and I hope to see you when I get back. All the best Georgina



Thank you very much for inviting me to stay, it was so kind of you. I'd love to come, but next weekend 1 am going on an excursion with the school, so the one after that would be best for me.

I'm looking forward to trying your husband's cooking.

Best wishes




That sounds great. I'll get some cola, and some bread and cheese. See you at 4 Georgina

b Which invitation does Georgina refuse? Why?

с Without looking back at the replies, write complete phrases for accepting and refusing invitations. Then look back and check.

1 That / sound / great

2 Thank you very much / invite / me / stay, it / so kind / you

3 I / afraid / i / be able / come / your party

4 I / love / come, but I / go / on an excursion

5 I / look / forward / try / your husband's cooking

6 What / shame!

d Imagine that you have received one of the following invitations. Write a repiy, accepting or refusing the invitation.

- an invitation to your cousin's wedding

- an invitation to lunch with some elderly relatives

- an invitation to go and stay with some friends in a house by the beach


Passive forms Identifying passive forms

Put the verb in brackets into the Present simple passive.

Present simple passive

a About 300,000,000 photocopies

are made____________ (make)

in Europe every day.

b The word 'the'

______________________ (use)

63,924 times in the Bible, с 4,250 postmen



by British dogs every year.

d 3,822 cars

______________________ (steal)

in the United States every day.

e 112 different languages

______________________ (speak)

in the Russian Federation.

f Seventy-one percent of the world

______________________ (cover)


Rock star Bob Goldhart has been one of the USA's favourite rock stars
for more than thirty years. Here are the titles of some of his songs.
Write P next to the song titles which include passive forms and A next to
the songs which include active forms.

a 'Am I Forgiven?' "P

b T was Made to Love You' ___

с 'You Told Me You Loved Me (And That was a Lie)'

d 'Rock'n'Roil will Never Die'

e 'My Heart was Stolen (By a Disco Queen)' .

f 'The Man who Bought the World'

g 'My Heart is Made of Glass'

h 'It Wasn't Easy (But 1 did it Anyway)'

i 'Tonight is the Most Beautiful Night'

j '1 Am Adored (By all the World)'

by water.

9 In a normal year, five people

______________________ (kill)

by lightning in England and Wales.

h 2.4 litres of water

______________________ (lose)

by the human body every day.


Put the words in the correct order to make questions and find the answers in the box below.

to see in the dark in supermarkets and pharmacies

to stop it melting water, sugar and a secret ingredient

to mobile phones in Brazil and Portugal

over your eyes with 'be' and the past participle

a is / sold / Where / shampoo ivlicrc is shampoo so\dm?

In supermarkets and pharmacies.

b spoken / Portuguese / is / Where

с made / cola / What / of / is

Active or passive?

y| Tick (/) the correct sentence.

1 a Twenty people arrested at the demonstration. П

Twenty people were arrested at the demonstration.

d are / sent / Where / text messages

e freezer / is / Why / ice cream / a / kept / in

f used / What / for / torch / a / is

g sunglasses / worn / usually / are / Where

a Mona Lisa painted Leonardo da Vinci. П

□ □ □ □ □

b Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo da Vinci.

a Magellan sailed around the world about 500 years ago.

b Magellan was sailed around the world about 500 years ago.

a Steven Spielberg directed the film Schindler's List.

b Steven Spielberg was directed the film Schindler's List.

□ □ □ □ □ □ □

a Romeo and Juliet wrote William Shakespeare.

b Romeo and jullet was written by William Shakespeare.

a Unfortunately, our dog was killed in a road accident.

Unfortunately, our dog killed in a road accident.

7 a

The cathedral in our town built about 400 years ago.

b The cathedral in our town was built about 400 years ago.

8 a All her clothes are made in Italy.

b All her clothes made in Italy.

h is / passive / made / the / How

Past simple passive

Complete the biography of the designer Gianni Versace by putting the verbs in brackets into the Past simple passive.


Designer f t!e Decsde I

Ш. -V- *


a Use the prompts to make questions and find the answers on pages 108 and 171 of the Students' Book.

1 Who / shampoo / develop / by Who was shampoo developed


lolin Brrvk__________________

2 Who / jeans / design / by


Italian Gianni Versace was one of the best-known fashion designers of the twentieth century.


Sometimes his clothes (a) were criticised (criticise), but they

(b)_____________ (buy) by the rich and famous - particularly

people from the worlds of pop music and film.

Versace came from Calabria, in the south of Italy, where his mother was a dressmaker. He moved to the northern city of

Milan in the 1970s, and his first collection (c)___________

(launch) in 1978.

Soon, his brother Santo and his sister Donatella

(d) (give) jobs in the growing Versace empire.

He bought homes in Milan, Paris, New York and Miami, which

(e) (fill) with works of art from all over the world.

In 1994, the English actress Elizabeth Hurley wore a Versace

dress on the first night of the film Four Weddings and a Funeral in London. The simple black dress which

(f) (hold) together by a few safety pins was a

sensation. The next day, the photos (g)_____________ (see) all

over the world and from that moment the name Versace

(h) (know) everywhere.

His clothes (i)____________ (wear) by superstars such as

Elton John, Madonna, Courtney Love, Princess Diana and the supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Versace 0) (murder) on 15 July 1997 outside

his home in Miami Beach. His memorial service in Milan

Cathedral (k)_____________ (attend) by 2,000 people: millions

watched on television as a tearful Elton John

(I)_____________ (comfort) by Princess Diana - who herself

died tragically just a few weeks later.

4 Who / Chanel No. 5 / introduce by

5 When / first DVD player / manufacture

6 When / disposable razor / invent

7 How / 'Nike' / pronounce

Listen and check.

Listen and read

Listen to and read the text Diamonds are Forever.


'Diamonds,' sang Marilyn Monroe in the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, 'are a girl's best friend.' You might not agree, hut we can be sure of this: diamonds are not only the hardest substance in the world, they are also the most expensive. A single diamond cost $16.5 million when it was sold in Geneva in 1995!

Diamonds are found in a number of countries including Australia, South Africa and Brazil. In fact, there are two types of diamond; colourless diamonds (about 25% of those found) are the hardest and are often made into jewels. Black diamonds - the remaining 75% - are usually used by industry. Industrial diamonds are also produced artificially.

The latgest diamond in history is the Cullinan diamond. It weighed 620g and was mined in South Africa in 1905. It was bought by the Transvaal government for £150,000, and then it was presented to the King of England, Edward VII. The diamond was cut into smaller jewels, which are now part of the British Crown Jewels, which belong to the Queen of England and are kept in the Tower of London.

Diamonds are also used for decoration. Between 1885 and 1917, the Russian jeweller Peter Carl Faberge made a number of decorated Eastet eggs for the tsats and their families. The most valuable of them is decorated with more than 3,000 diamonds. It was sold at Christie's, Geucva for $5.5 million.


b Using the information in the text, complete the sentences below with either the active or the passive form of the verb.

1 Marilyn Monroe / sing / Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

MfiriluH Mfurot,1 sang 'Diamonds are a_____

Girl's best friend'._____________________

2 A $16.5 million diamond / sell / in Geneva / in 1995

4 Colourless diamonds / make / into jewels

5 Black diamonds / use / in industry

6 The Transvaal government / give / the Cullinan diamond to King Edward VII

Vocabulary Everyday objects

See how many questions you can answer, then look at page 106 of the Students' Book to check.

Real life

Making suggestions

Correct the mistake in each conversation.

a Which с do you use to keep your hair tidy? с omb

b Which с с can you use instead of cash to buy

things? с_______ с_____

с Which d 1 do you need if you want to hire a car?

d________ I

d Which i с can you use to prove your age?

i________ с________

e Which к do you need to start your car? к______

f Which m p can you use to call, send texts, or even

take photos? m_________ p_________

g Which p do you put on a cut or scratch? p._____

h Which r is used to take away hair? r________

Which s f is also used to help a r to take away

hair? s________ f________

Which u do you put up in the rain? u________

Spelling / Pronunciation Silent 'g' and 'gh'

a a: Shall I to come and pick you up at the station?

в: Yes, that would be great, b a: There's nothing on TV - do you want to go out somewhere?

в: OK, let go to that new cafe opposite the cinema, с a: I'm so tired, and I really don't feel well.

в: Well, why don't you take the rest of the day off. a: Yes, maybe I do that, d л: It's my wife's birthday on Friday and I don't know what to do to celebrate, в: You take her to a concert, then go for dinner

afterwards. a: Mm, good idea, e a: I've got to get Melissa a present for looking after my cat.

в: Well, what about get her a box of chocolates? f a: Come on: why we don't go down to the river for a walk? в: Oh no, it's much too cold.


Listen to these words.

In the word design, the g is silent.

In the word sunglasses, it is pronounced as l%\.

In the word night, the gh is silent.

In the word cough, it is pronounced as Ifl.

b How are 'g' and 'gh' pronounced in these words? Write silent, Igl or Ifl by each word.


lighter laugh bought sign enough signature height greengrocer

g a: 1 really don't know what to wear to Carl and Linda's wedding, в: You've got lots of nice clothes: how is this suit? a: Hm, I don't know ...

Listen and check your pronunciation.

Vocabulary booster Outdoor equipment

л л a Label the picture with words from the box.

stent some matches a sleeping bag a tin opener a blanket

some insect repellent a coolbox a thermos flask a penknife a torch

a fishing rod a back pack a portable stove a waterproof jacket

b Which of the items can you use:

- when you prepare food?________

- to keep you warm and/or dry? _

- to carry things?______________

- when you need a light?________


Present perfect continuous

Time phrases with for and since

r_ Write for or since next to these time phrases.

ж Ж  
  ~7т Ьг^Ж

a week 1990

twenty minutes he was born Thursday then

g h
к 1 m

last week nine o'clock this morning you left school six months an hour twenty years

Present perfect with for and since

a Choose one of the phrases from Exercise 2 to complete each sentence in a logical way.

1 Today's the last day of our holiday: we've been
here tor a week________ .

2 She left home two days ago, and no one has seen
her______________________ .

3 You probably haven't studied mathematics

4 I'm not surprised you're hungry - you haven't
eaten______________________ .

5 The American singer Stevie Wonder has been
blind .__________ ._______ ..

6 Germany has been re-united_________________

7 Excuse me, waitress. Is our meal coming? We've
been waiting______________________ !

8 I've been driving_____________________ and I've

never had an accident!

b Ш1 Listen and check.

Read the text below. Use the prompts to write questions, and write answers with for or since.

Success from abroad__________________

Thomas Eckhardt: Thomas came to London from Germany almost four years ago. After doing a course in theatre costume design, he began working at the National Theatre in London a year ago. 'I really enjoy designing clothes, and I've always loved the theatre, so this job is absolutely periect for me,' he says. 'I started work on a new production of Romeo and Jufef two weeks ago and I'm really excited about it'

Bianca and Richard Jones: Bianca Jones is originally from Lima, in Peru. She came to England in 1997, and a year later she got married. For the last two years she has been manager of La Finca restaurant with her English husband, Richard. 'We were London's only Peruvian restaurant. It's been so successful that last week we opened a new restaurant - La Finca IV

Kerry Paterson: When Kerry first came to England from Australia in 2000 she was a backpacker, travelling round Europe. She came back three years later and started working as a swimming coach about a year after that. Nowadays, she has a second, part-time job - playing in a jazz band. 'About a month ago, a friend heard that I could play the piano, and asked me to join his band. We play every weekend in local cafes and restaurants.'

a How long / Thomas / live / in England?

How lony has Thomas been liviny in €т)\апА?

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