Yes, I do. 6

  1. 1
  2. 1
  3. 1
  4. 1
  5. 1
  6. 1
  7. 1

e able / will / We / next week / be / to give / definitely / you / an answer

Vocabulary Modern and traditional

g a Put the words in the box into one of the categories below.

cash a stove a credit card a text message book online

central heating a letter play computer games a microwave oven

download files a coal fire queue up for tickets an electric fan

a charge card a street market a dishwasher a fax air conditioning
a shopping mall a washing machine

1 places where you go shopping: __

2 things you can do on a computer:

Pronunciation The letter 'i'

a The letter V can be pronounced:

hi as in big / at / as in microwave

b mv & mHow do we pronounce the ' in these words? Listen and check. Write HI or Iml for each word.

1 file / Ai /

2 traditional ____

3 nightmare _______

4 credit ____

5 definitely_____.

6 mind ______

7 online______

8 decision _____.

9 mobile ______

10 equipment ______.

11 might ______

12 electric ____

Listen again and practise saying the words.

3 things in the kitchen:

4 things you can send:

5 things you can pay with:

6 things that keep you warm:

7 things that keep you cool: _

8 something you might do outside the cinema: ________________

b Complete the sentences with a word or phrase from the box.

1 It's quicker to cook food in a____________ than in a normal oven.

2 It's fun to go shopping in a .___________ if the weather's good.

3 Can you turn that________________ off, please? It's blowing all my

papers off my desk.

4 There are some clean glasses in the______________: it's just finished.

5 That store offered me a_______________, but their interest rates are

really high.

Vocabulary booster: technology

a Label the items in the shop window with a word from the box.

answering machine keyboard laptop computer mouse mat screen mouse digital camera video recorder printer

Listen to the pronunciation of the words. Practise saying them.

i Which of the items:
1 needs paper? ______

2 can you record something on? .

3 do you connect to a computer?

4 do you carry around with you?

5 is the smallest? ____________



Complete the sentences with ff and a word or phrase from the box.

I asked my teacher Do you mind Does anyone know possible I wonder you like l do not know I were you necessary What

a___________ .___________ I open

this window? It's so hot in here.

b We'd like to have room with a balcony and a sea view,


number 455 bus has gone yet? d I'll cook dinner tonight,

______________________ I'd

have some lessons before you take your driving test.

_____________________ I had

passed the exam, but she did not answer!

____________________. my

husband has remembered that

it's Valentine's Day tomorrow, h 'What about the Carlyle report?'

'Well, _____________________ I

can work late this evening and

finish it. '
i_______________________ it rains

on the day of the picnic?
j_______________________ I'll be

able to mend your bike, but I'll


Improve your writing Saying thank you

a Look at the letter and e-mail.

Which one is to thank someone for a birthday present? Which one is from the owner of the Paradiso Cafe?

Paradiso Cafe Elm Street


Dear Maria. Gerard. Kurt and Minako,

[Am writing to ihank you for the wonderful job you did on the cafe. It is like a completely different place. Since its 'facelift', the number of customers has kept going up and up. and we now have regular customers who comment on the warm and welcoming atmosphere, the comfortable armchairs and the soft lighting and music. I hope you will all be able to come and have lunch here one day next week: on the house, Of course. The menu you designed is very popular especially the chocolate cake and the home-made ice cream!

Thank you once again.

tqeor ^ e PradoS

Glossary on the house means you do not have to pay

From: To: Date: 30.3.05 Subject: thank you!

Hi Sandra!

This is just to say thanks so much for the DVD - where did you get it? I could not find it in the shops in town.

Anyway you know I loveRowan Atkinson, and this is definitely his best -1 spent half my birthday watching it!

You must come round one evening for something to eat, and we could watch it together, if you like. Thanks again, Jo

? ? ? ?

b Put these parts of the thank you letters in order:

saying why they are pleased with the present or with what the other person did

saying thank you again

saying why they are writing

inviting the other person to do something

Write a letter to someone for a present you received or for something he / she did for you.

used to

used to / did not use to

Roger Curry lives with his wife and three children in a castle in Scotland. He drives a Rolls Royce car, has a private plane and always wears expensive designer clothes. But things were not always so good for Roger. Write six sentences with used to and one of the verbs in the box.

Rewrite the sentences with used to where possible.

a As a child i was very healthy. I did not have many colds, and I only went to hospital once, when I broke my leg.

As a child I was vera heatthu. I did not use to have

| colds and I onlu went to hospital once, when I broke wi | \ Cg.

wear have be work

b Claudia had a bicycle, but she sold it when her parents gave her a motorbike.

My little brother hated vegetables. He always put them on my plate when I was not looking!

d Last weekend we stayed in a little hotel by the sea, where I stayed every year on family holidays.

e There was a sweet shop on the corner of the street: 1 remember we bought sweets on the way home from school every day.

a He used to have longhair._ (long hair)

b ______________________________ (moustache)

________________________________ (old T-shirt)

d_______________________________. (A very boring job)

e __________________________ (hamburger restaurant)

f _________________ .__________, (poor)

Write some negative sentences about Roger Curry using the words in brackets.

a (be / rich)

He did not use to be rich.

b (live / Scotland) (drive / Rolls Royce)

d (have / private plane)

e (wear / designer clothes)

f (have / good life)

f There were not many fast food restaurants in this town twenty years ago - now there are at least ten!

Past continuous Important moments in history

Complete these sentences using the Past continuous form of the verbs in brackets.

When SS Titanic hit the iceberg ...

a people were dancing(Dance) in the ballroom.

b the captain ______________ (read) a book in his


When John Lennon met Paul McCartney ...

John______________ (play) with a group called The

Quarry men.

d rock 'n' roll music________

in England.

When Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon ...

e the other astronauts______________ (sit) inside

Apollo eleven.

f millions of people_____________ (watch) it on


When Nelson Mandela left prison ...

g his wife Winnie______________ (wait) for him.

h his supporters______________ (sing) outside the


Past continuous and Past simple

1 I

a Put the verb in the correct tense, Past continuous or Past simple.


(Watch) TV at home, when

2 My mother

_______ (Come) to the door.

_________ (Phone) while I

Read the story of when Dave Mascott met his hero, and put the verb in brackets in the Past simple or Past continuous.

The famous American rock star Bob Goldhart

(A) was doing(Do) a tour of Britain when he

(B) _______________ (meet) British rock star Dave

Dave (d) ____ house and (e) But Bob (f) _

Wells at a party. As he (c) ____________ (leave].

_______ (Invite) Bob to come to his

____________ (Tell) him the address.

__________ (Made) a

mistake as he (g) ______________ (write) down the

address: he wrote 'Addison Street' instead of 'Addison Road'.

The next day, Helen Mascott of 145 Addison Street,

London (h) ________________ (listen) to the radio in her

kitchen when the doorbell (i) ____________ (ring). A

(Stand) outside.

____ (Think) the man (look) familiar but _ (not say) anything.

man with long hair (j)
She (k) ___________

(I) ___________



'Is Dave in?' the man (n) politely. The woman - whose husband's name was also

Dave - (o) _______________ (explain) that Dave

(P) _______________ (do) the shopping, but he would

be back in a few minutes.

3 When we

4 Asl______

5 When I

(Prepare) dinner.
________ (Arrive) home, some

(Wait) for us.

___ (Walk) along the street, I

(See) an old friend.
.______ (Wake) up, everyone

She (q) ____________

in and wait. While Helen (r)

some coffee, he (s) ____

living room and (t) ____

see all of his albums!

6 fane


(Look) at me.

____ (See) another guest who

(Wear) exactly the same hat!

Listen and check. Practise saying the

A few minutes later, Dave (u) _________

home. 'You've got a visitor,' Helen

(V) _______________ (tell) her husband.

When Dave - a big, big fan of Bob Goldhart -

(W) ________________ (open) the living room door and

(X) _______________ (see) who

(Y) _______________ (wait) for him ... he

(Z) _______________ (faint)!


Questions and short answers

Questions and short answers with the Past continuous

Was I / (s) he / it going? Yes, I / (s) he I it was. No, 11 (s) he / it was not.

Were you / we I they going? Yes, you / we / they were. No, you / we / they were not.

Vocabulary Health and accidents

Complete the sentences with a word from the box.

allergic antibiotics bandage burrr come round dizzy faints plaster rash sting swelling symptoms

po = Police Officer mr a = Mr Adams

po: Now, Mr Adams, what (a) were uou doing
(You / do) between 7 and 9 p.m. last night?
mr a: (b) ________________ (I / watch) a film at

ro: mr a: po: mr a: po: mr a: po: mr a: po: mr a: po: mr a: po:

the Odeon Cinema.

(C) __________________ (your wife and

children / watch) it with you?

(They / do)?
(They / visit) my .__________ (it / rain)

No, (d) __________________.

What (e) _________

(0 .____ ._______


I see. Now, (g) _____________

when you went into the cinema?

Yes, (h) _________________ -

(I) __________________ (you / carry) an


No, ___________________.

Hmm. What about when you left the cinema,

(K) _________________ (it / rain) then?

Yes, I mean, no, (1) ________________.

And (m) _______________

(Your wife / wait)

for you outside?

No, of course (n) _________________.

I think you're lying. Someone saw you outside the cinema, in the rain, carrying an umbrella, with your wife - and it was 7.30 p.m!


a Be careful not to _

use the iron, b Has anyone got a


My mum always _

when she sees a

spider. Last time I had to throw a bucket of water at

The doctor gave me some to take them yesterday. Let's take the_________

her to make her______________.

__________ But I forgot

there's still a lot of. I think I'm ______

off your ankle: hm,
____ From the fall.

to the washing powder.
_______ All over my back.

I've got this horrible__

you? I
. to me, Mr Arnold.

Where exactly did the bee can not see anything.

a: Describe your________

: Well, I feel________

all the time - as if the

room's moving round me.

Verb + noun / adjective combinations

Complete the phrases with the correct verbs.

an aspirin pills

a course of antibiotics

on it.

a plaster some cream a bandage




a rash

a temperature a cold




Vocabulary booster: at the doctor's

a Which person in the picture:

has got a bad cold? has cut himself? has got a toothache? is bleeding?

has got a bad headache? is sneezing?

b Label the picture.

? ?

? ?

has got a bruise?

has got a stomach ache?

has broken his leg?

has got backache?

is coughing?

has got a swollen hand?


? ? ? ? ?

Listen and check. Practise saying the phrases.

When baby Thomas james Ellis grows up, he will have a great story to tell his grandchildren about the day he was born.

On Tuesday 6 January 2004, Thomas was born several weeks early on a Flying Doctor aircraft as it landed at Tamworth Airport. Thomas 'parents, Genienne and James Eltis, live in the outback, A long way from any towns.

This is the third time the Flying Doctors have come to my aid. It's a wonderful organisation and I do not know what I would have done without them, 'Genienne said.

The Flying Doctor service started in 1928. It was the idea of ??Reverend John Flynn, a church minister who was working in the Australian outback. He had many stones to tell about how necessary an aerial medical service was, including one about Jimmy Darcy. Jimmy had a bad fall, and it took his friends twelve hours to take him thirty miles to the nearest town. The only person there who knew first aid was the Postmaster, and he performed a seven-hour operation without anaesthetic, following instructions in Morse codefrom his first aid teacher, who was 2,000 miles away. Unfortunately, Jimmy died ten days later.

In May 1928 Dr St Vincent Welch made the first official flying doctor visit. In the following year he saw 255 patients. He had no radio, and used a compass and landmarks like rivers and fences to find his way. Nowadays the Royal Flying Doctor Service has forty-six planes, attends about 500 patients each day and services an area of ??7,150,000 square kilometres. The service is available twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. Modern technology is also available: the doctors have digital cameras and video conferencing facilities. However, a pilot might still need the help of ordinary people on the ground when he is landing the plane in the outback: sometimes he asks them to do a 'roo run', which means driving up and down the landing area to frighten off kangaroos and other wild animals!

People who have never been to Australia have often heard of the Flying Doctors. In the 1980s a TV series was made about them, and shown in fifty countries. Also, next time you have an Australian $ 20 note, look more closely - the Flying Doctors and their founder, John Flynn, are on one 'face' of the note.


outback is countryside far from towns, where few people live

Morse code is a way of sending messages using dots (...) And dashes {- -)

Listen and read


Read and / or

listen to the text opposite about the Flying Doctors of Australia. What do the numbers in the box refer to? Match a number to a fact from the text.

Pronunciation The letter 'C

a How do we pronounce 'c' and 'ch' in these words?

Before e and f we usually pronounce as 1st: circle Before , and we usually pronounce as / /: cough We usually pronounce ch as 11: choir In some words we pronounce ch as / /: stomoch

The number of hours per day thai the Flying Doctor service is available.

The number of times that the Flying Doctors have helped Genienne Ellis.







7 backache

8 children

9 school

10 chest

11 cure

12 accident

The year that the Flying Doctors started.

The number of countries that had the Flying Doctors TV series.

e The number of patients visited in the first year of the service.

b Listen and check. Practise saying the words.

Improve your writing Time phrases

Complete the sentences with a time phrase from the box.

The number of hours that the operation on] immy Darcy lasted.

always as as quickly as possible at the age of seventy eventually immediately later soon then until

g The year that Thomas Ellis was born.

h The value in dollars of the note with the picture of the Flying Doctors on it.

i The number of hours that it took Jimmy Darcy's friends to travel thirty miles.

The number of patients that the Flying Doctors see every day.

a Jeff and Carta argued and Carla ended their engagement. later ,

Caria was sorry and asked Jeff to come back.

b I will not leave ._____ you tell me exactly what happened.

My mother_____________ told me that I would be rich and famous one

day, but t did not believe her.
d We waited nearly twenty minutes by the side of the road .__________

a car stopped.

e My grandfather is amazing: _____________ he still goes for a swim every


f This is for you. I noticed it_________ I was passing the jeweller's. Do

you like it?

a Please come_____________. There's been an accident!

Joe was so tired that when he got home he went to bed

It started snowing heavily in the afternoon and_____

everything was covered in white.

Gwen put her necklace back in its box. her diamond ring was missing.

she noticed that

Gerunds {-ing forms) after verbs of liking and disliking


Use the prompts in box A and the sentence
endings in box to write sentences that are true
for you.

look / after young children walk / in the country drive / very fast sunbathe work / on a computer swim / in the sea jog go I to the gym travel by plane study / English climb / mountains drive / on the motorway


... Helps you to relax ... is very boring

... Makes you tired ... is good for you

... Is hard work ... is good fun ... is dangerous

... Is bad for you

Li'i'kiiUj idt.v i |L'nnt [iliililiyn\ _ gtvd fun. Looking after ijouna children is hard work.

Gerunds after prepositions

a Rewrite the sentences, using the words in brackets. Keep the meaning the same.

1 jack really loves surfing the Internet, (crazy about)

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