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d They / going / sell / their car, but they / not / going / sell their house. A friend of theirs / going / rent / it.

e The children / plan / take / their dog with them, but Rob and Sofia / plan / leave / him in England. They / going / buy / another dog in California.

f In California, Sofia / like / buy / a house by the beach, but Rob / rather / have / an apartment with a big garden. The children / like / live / next door to Cameron Diaz!

g Emily says she / like / have a horse, but Todd / rather / get / another dog.

h Emily / like / learn / to ride, but Todd / rather / learn / to surf.

IVlim' are then nlann'ma
to move?
To California.
In a film studio.  
No, not for the first few months.
Yes they are, but not their  
A friend of theirs.  
No, they're planning to leave  
him in England.  
No, he'd rather have a big  
Next door to Cameron Diaz.  
A horse.  
He'd rather learn to surf.  

Read the newspaper column. Choose the phrases from the box to fill the gaps.

Predictions will and won't

Glamorous actress, Sophie de Roy, has said that she is in love with Argentinian dancer Hector Castagni. 'He's the perfect man for mc,' she told me, 'It's not easy being a single girl, but I hope that's (a) going to change soon." 'Sophie and I are both very young.' said Castagni in an interview with КО magazine. 'I

would (b)____________ wait for

a few years before we make any important decisions. I'm

(c)___________ to get married

till I'm thirty.'

Ex-footba!ler Jim Norton is in Hollywood hoping for a career in films. And the good news for Jim is that he has found his first film

role - (d)__________ going to

play the part of 'Badger' - a violent criminal - in the new Mo Amos film. Gun Runner. 'I don't think there's a big difference between acting and playing football,' he said to me,

'so I'm (e)__________ move

here to help my film career.'

Angry that his last film Smash!! did not win the Academy Award, film director Donald Braine has said that he's going

(f)___________ from show

business. 'If no one likes my films, that's not my problem,' he said. 'The film world is not important to me. I'm more interested in my new restaurant (also called Smash!.').' And he has more news:

'(g)___________ to open another

restaurant (Smash.'.' 2) in Los Angeles next year," he says.

Holly Pratelli - star of the TV Soap Opera Hope Street -

(h)___________ to leave the

series. She says it's because she doesn't iike her new co-star, Chuck Ryder. 'I don't think he's' handsome at all,' she told me.

'One day, (i)__________ like to

have a big romantic scene with British actor Roy Thinn - he's gorgeous!'

Put will or won't in the best place in the sentences.


a It/be difficult to find

accommodation - there aren't many tourists at this time of year.

b Do you think we be able to buy tickets when we get there?

с I'm sorry, but there be any time for us to have lunch.

d You be all right if I go out for a couple of hours?

e I'm going to Michelle's party on Sunday. You be there too?

f Don't worry. I'm sure there be any problems getting a visa.

g How long it take for us to get there?

h There be any food at your party?


gossip - conversation or writing about other people's behaviour and private lives

Short answers with wilt, won't and going to

Will you / (s)he I it I we I they be here tomorrow? Yes, I / (s)he / it / we / they will. No, I / (s)he / it I we / they won't. Are you / we / they going to be there? Yes, I am.

Yes, we / you / they are. No, I'm not.

No, we're / you're / they're not.

Is (s}he / it going to be there? Yes, (sthe/itis. No, (s)he/ it isn't.

Write in the correct short answer.

a Will Antonella be at the party on Friday?

b Are you going to say sorry?

с Is it going to be a nice day?

d Will you be at home if I phone you at ten?

e Are Jill and Rory going to come with us?

f Are you going to see Frank this afternoon?

g Will it take a long time to get to the airport?

h Will you be here next month?

Real life Social chit-chat

В on holiday? time in Madrid? for the weekend? to be back?

a Match the beginnings of the questions in A with the endings in B. A

1 Is he feeling

2 Horrible day,

3 Did you

have a Did you get

Have you got good weekend? any plans nice weather? Is it your first better now? Are you glad isn't it?

4 5

6 7

8 Are you here

b Write the questions from part a in the correct place.

1 Have ijou got апц pWis for

the weekend ?

Yes, we're going to visit my aunt and uncle.

Pronunciation '//, will and won't

/ a Listen to how we pronounce 'II, will and won't.

It was very busy. I had friends for lunch on Sunday.

Terrible. I hate the rain!

■II: I'll go, I'll see, It'll be. There'll be

will: Will you see ...? Will there be...? Will it be...? Yes, I will, Yes there will won't: I won't stay, It won't happen. They won't go, There won't be time -

2 3 4 5 6 7

В Listen and complete the sentences. Then listen and repeat.

I'll see you after my holiday.

_______ have a great time!

_______ be at home tomorrow.

_______ be at home later?


be crowded?


be here soon.

be time to go to the zoo?

10 No,

No, actually I'm working here for a few days.

5 How's your little boy?

_______________ 7

Oh yes, he's going back to school tomorrow.

6 How was the holiday?

___________________________________________ ?

Beautiful. It was lovely and warm every day.

7_______________ _?

Not really. I've got so much to do at work now.


No, 1 came here once when I was only ten - 1 don't remember much.


Vocabulary Holidays

a Choose a word from the box to match one of the definitions below.

a cruise a nightmare an excursion crowded delayed luxurious nightlife peaceful polluted self-catering tasty -warm

1 between hot and cold warm

2 comfortable, beautiful and expensive___________ .

3 damaged by gases or chemicals ______________

4 a holiday on a large ship ._______ .

5 good to eat or drink ____________

6 entertainment in the evening______________

7 you cook your own food . ____________

8 too full of people or things ___________

9 calm and quiet ______________ .

10 a short journey to visit a place___________ .

11 late because of something like bad weather or

12 a bad experience or a bad dream

b Complete the sentences with a word from the box in part a.

1 When we visited japan, we had a dish called
teriyaki which was very tastij__ .

2 At the weekend, the beach got so_____________ ,

there was nowhere for us to sit.

3 Let's have a swim! The water's quite___________

4 Have you booked_______________ today? I'm

going to visit the castle.

5 Your flight is____________ by about two hours.

6 Unfortunately, the lake near the industrial plant is
now so______________ that all the fish have died.

7 We stayed in a cabin in the mountains, far from
any roads or towns. It was very____________ ..

8 I hope the__________ is good in this place. I'd

really like to go dancing.

9 I hate_____________ . holidays: I want someone

else to do the cooking for a change!

10 The Hotel Metropole is a five-star hotel; one of the
most______________ hotels in the city.

11 We're planning to go on______________ round the

Mediterranean next year.

12 My handbag was stolen at the airport, and then I
missed my flight - what a_____________ !

Vocabulary booster: things you take on holiday

a Dave is going on holiday. Look at the picture and tick (/) the items in the box that he has remembered to pack. What has he forgotten?

passport sun cream sunglasses guide book swimming trunks shaving foam phrase book towels credit cards plane tickets toothbrush travel sickness pills

b ШШ9 Listen and practise saying the words.

с Put the words into one of the columns below.

Things you Things you Things you Other
need during need for need in a  
a journey the beach strange  
passport sun cream    

Listen and read

questions below:

m_i__j Read and listen to the information about holiday offers. Find the answers to the

a Which is the cheapest holiday destination? g Can you buy a cheap ticket to Sorrento after

March 31?

b If you want information about cheap flights to Hong

Kong, what number should you phone? h Where do you learn salsa dancing?

с How long is the holiday in Sorrento?

i What is the shortest time you can stay in Hong Kong?

d Which hotel do you stay at in Boston?

j What's the price of the trip to Lille?

e How much does the holiday in Spain cost?

к Which holiday is cheaper for children?

f On what date does the holiday in Syria begin?

I How many days does the tour of Syria last?

0 Bargain flights to Hong Kong

Trailfinders (020 7938 3366) has cut-price fares to Hong Kong for only £310 on KLM. Departures are from Stansted Airport until 10 April. The minimum stay required is seven days, the maximum is one month.

Time Off (0870 584 6363) has two nights at the Grand Hotel Bellevue in Lille £179. This price includes return Eurostar tickets, accommodation and breakfast.

Bargain in Boston

Virgin Holidays (01293 456789) hasthre9 nights at the two-star Midtown Hotel in Boston for £299 until 28 March. Flights depart from Gatwick and children under 11 pay half price.

Tour of Syria

The Imaginative Traveller (020 8742 8612) has a nine-day tour of Syria. The trip, which includes Palmyra and Damascus, leaves on 24 March and costs £695, with flights, hotels and guides.

Week in Sorrento

Citalia (020 8686 5533) has seven nights in Sorrento for £399. This includes half-board accommodation in the Hotel Bristol and flights. The offer applies to departures on 31 March.


B&B = the hotel price includes bed and breakfast half-board = the hotel price includes bed, breakfast and dinner

Improve your writing More postcards b Write a postcard from one of the places in part a to your teacher/someone in your class. Use some of the phrases from the box.

a Read the three postcards below. In each case, find out:

1 who sent the postcard, and from where.

A_____________________ ._____________

В____________________ _


the relationship between the sender and the receiver.

A___________ .________ "_______________

В _______________________________________

С _______________________________________

is the sender enjoying her/himself?

a_________ В ________________ g

Hi, everyone ! See you when l/we get back Dear... I'll be back soon / one day We're spending a few days in ... The weather has been ...

I can't believe we're here in ... Don't work too hard Here I am in ... All my love Lots to see ... Hope you're enjoying yourself on ... The food is... Give my/our love to ... Today we visited ... Tomorrow we're going to ...


Words with -ed and -ing

Hi ever^pne!

I can't be.lie.ve we're, finally in bangtot, it's fantastic, vary hot and crowded (a brt lite, the offtoe really Д lots to see arid do; the. food Is really good (some dishes almost as hot as the ujeathar!). Today we visited the famous fi-olden Temple and tomorrow we're going on an excursion to an island called KLo Sithang.

Don't wort too hard! See yoo when we get bact. i Cvth

PS: йпче our love to the big boss!

Most of these words add -irtg or -ed to the infinitive form, interesting interested

Words which end in -e either: drop the -e in the -ing form

come coming or: add -d in the -ed form telephone telephoned

Verbs which end in a consonant, a vowel and a consonant, double the final consonant in the ■ing form.

put putting

Dear- Tanya,

Yo^r- fa+her- and I are. spending a. few days here. 0.+ +he seaside. TK« we.od-ue.i- has been very wti so for, and unfof-ii*najt-e.ly dad has ga+ a. bad Cold so we. cni\'+ яр оч+j no-f muth fresh air: We've seen some ^ood programmer on TV, fhough. Hope you're enjoying youj-seif in London,


How do you spell the -ing and -ed form of these verbs?


a climb b plan disgust surprise relax stay cycle

Dear Jo,

I'm sure you'll be surprised to qet a card from me, but here I am.' Last niqhr u/e spent our first riqht out Щ the desert, _r\d I must say it was fatftastie, I ziever \<yiew there, were so many stars, hnd that it could be so tjuUzt, 1 mission, da.rllnq, as\d you knew I'll be baeJk one (fay. I just ^eea" some, nme, that's aJ). I hope _jou understand. All my love,

К У.



Present perfect Positive, negative and question forms

have hasn't

Complete the gaps in the dialogues below with a word from the box. Use each word twice.


've 's haven't

а А: ГЩ vt

friend of mine on TV.

(2) you ever

appeared on television?

B: No, but my brother

(3) . He was in a

video a few years ago.

A: Really? Was it good? В; I don't know. I

(4) seen it.

Present perfect and Past simple with for

2 Circle the best tense, Present perfect or Past simple.

q The Earth existed /(jwsjxtete^or more than 4,000 million years, b Dinosaurs have lived / lived on Earth for 160 million years.

с Humans have been I were on the planet for just 50,000 years, d In the past, people thought I have thought that the world was flat, e The first Australians - the Aborigines - have lived I lived there for about 40,000 years.

f For many years, the USA has been I was a British colony.

g The USA has been / was an independent country for over 200 years.


b My friend Florence

always wanted

Present perfect: short answers


с Has Rodolfo appeared on television?

d Has Hiroko been to the USA?

e Has Hiroko appeared on television?

f Have Adam and Rachel been to the USA?

g Have they passed their driving tests?

h Have they appeared on television?

Present perfect with just, yet, already and never

We often use just, never and already with the Present perfect. These words come between have and the past participle.

They've just arrived.

I've already done this exercise.

I've never been to Australia.

Yet comes at the end of the sentence.

They haven't arrived yet.

a Put just, already, yet or never in the right place in the 'B'sentences

1 A: What's the difference

between Great Britain and

the UK? already B: 1've^told you twice!

2 A: Why are you looking so


B: I've heard that my cousin is coming to stay!

3 A: Do you like Thai food? В: I don't know. I've tried it.

4 A: Is Ernesto here?

B: No, he hasn't arrived.

5 A: Would you like to go and

see X-Men tonight? B: Not really, I've seen it twice.

b щилш Listen and check. Practise saying the sentences.

Present perfect and Past simple with time phrases

_____ (visit) the USA about twelve years ago. (go) to the cinema lately? No, I__________

In the sentences below, put the verb in brackets into the correct form: Present perfect or Past simple.

(not/have) the time. The plane_________ I_________________ It________________

ei sited

(take off) at 8.15 ... exactly on time.

_ (never/see) anything so stupid in all my life!

_ (be) a bad day in the shop: so far this morning we

(not/have) a single customer.
__________ (get married) when they

f My parents

(be) only nineteen years old.

(be) really

I hope the weather gets better soon - it___________

terrible this week.

Our son___________________ (arrive) in Australia three weeks ago, but he

__________________ (write) to us yet.

(go) out a few minutes ago.


been or gone

Write been or gone in the following sentences. mm

She's gone to school. = She's at school, or on her way to school now. She's been to school. - She's not at school now.

a 'Where's Roberto?' 'He's

b I've___________ to South America three times in my life.

с I'm sorry, you can't speak to Erik - he's________ out for lunch.'

d I left my umbrella here half an hour ago, and now it's ________________ !

e How many times have you______________ to the supermarket this month?

f He's nearly forty years old, and he's never________ . abroad.

g Anna was here a minute ago. Where's she_____________ . ?

h Teresa is on her way to the station and Marc has__________ with her.

i Where have you______________ ? We've got to finish this work by 5.30.

Present perfect and Past simple

a Complete this text about Cher, using the correct tense, Present perfect or Past simple.

Few stars W have had (have) careers as long and varied as Cher, in a career of more than three decades,

she Щ______________ : {be) successful both as a singer

and as an actress.

Born Cherilyn Sarkasian LaPier in В Centra, California, on

20th May 1946, she________________ (leave) home for

Hollywood at the age of sixteen. When only seventeen she

(4)______ 1______ (marry) songwriter and record

producer, Sonny Bono. As Sonny and Cher, they

(5)_____________ (have) several hits in the 1960s,

including 'I Got You Babe' in 1964. But in the 1970s,

success Щ______________ (be) more difficult to find,

and Cher and Bono W______________ (get) divorced in

1975. Soon after, Cher <8).__________ (marry) rock

star Gregg Ailman, but the marriage only

Ш______________ (last) until 1979. She


(have) a

(not / marry) again.

Since the mid-1980s, Cher (11>_

second career - as an actress, appearing in films like The
Witches of Eastwick and Faithful. In 1988, she

_____ (win) a Best Actress Oscar for the

film Moonstruck. More recently, Cher

(Щ_____________ (return) to singing once more, and

with great success - her single 'Believe'

*14)_______________ (become) US Number One in

(last) for over
farewell tour which (16) two years!

March 1999. In 2002, Cher (15)____________ (start) a

Past participles wordsearch

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

a There are twenty more irregular past participles in the box below. How many can you find? Write the past participle and the base form below.

heard hear

(H F_ A R D) R В s A T С
M A D E О С R E К s
W T О L D S E T p jVj
R E s L D U N С о E
I N E S U N G F к D
T P U T N С H О s E N
T D R и N К T U T N T
E G О T G W N Y С s
N D F Y P A D D A w

b Mtfcm Listen and check. Practise saying the past participles.

Listen and check.

Vocabulary Ambitions and dreams

r\ Complete the phrases with the correct verbs.


■ on a cruise to university . abroad


to speak a foreign language how to fly a plane how to drive a car


a degree married a job

a millionaire good at something " famous


an interesting job children a large family

Г a novel a book L a computer program

a house or flat a car

a holiday home

Pronunciation The sounds fml and /л/

а ШШШ We often pronounce the letter 'a' as Isti. Listen to the example words. Underline the /a;/ sound.

b ШЮШ We often pronounce the letter'u'as/л/. Listen to the example words. Underline the /л/ sound.

country just understand money

с Щх&Ш Listen and write down the words you hear. Does each word have an ffl sound or an Ш sound?

1 sat /ее/__________

2 _____________

3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

a musical instrument a sport in a band

d Listen again and practise saying the words.



Vocabulary booster: celebrity jobs

a Match the jobs in the pictures to the words in the box.

fashion designer film director film star international gymnast musician pop star professional footballer supermodel TV chef TV presenter

с Make five pairs of jobs which have something in common.

pop star and musk\an; both work in the musk industry

Put for in the correct place in the sentences.


a Jan's been in Poland^six months and she still doesn't speak any Polish!

b 'What are you looking?'

'My wallet - I had it a moment


с Look - my husband gave me

this lovely watch our wedding

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