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U ГК. s7KlZ,<Lis*-Cf

g dinner / in / evening / Who's / your / cooking / house / this

i/.-.x /и i .-: ;i /■ i- -A
yp.Cj "r-( л ■- '■

h anyone / the / month / Is / this / dentist / your / going / family / in / to

Akt CUJi Li-L ЯАи?

Practise saying the sentences.

Vocabulary Special occasions

Choose the correct word from the box to complete the sentences.

Real life

Phrases for special occasions

In the dialogues below, tick (/) the phrases that are correct, and change any that are not.

b It was your cousin's birthday yesterday. Did you

remember to__________________ her a card?

с During the week, I have to be at home by eleven,

but at the weekend I can________________ up late.

d People in Britain often____ ._________ relatives

on Christmas Day. After lunch, they often *'-■- presents, e At the end of the course, our teacher

' ■ ■ everyone in the class to her house

for dinner.

I don't feel well today. I'm going to

________________ the day off work.

it's Valentine's Day tomonow so don't forget to

' - ■-' - . some flowers for your wife!

Charlie's mum is going to fa. ft'4_____ a

special cake for his birthday.

I haven't gc^enough money to ■. ■ -_____

out at the moment: Christmas was very expensive! When I passed all my exams, my mum - J - ? me a special meal.

a a: Julia's twenty-one today, Oliver.

в: Happy anniversary, Julia. ##p-py b a: I can't come in to work today, I've got the 'flu.

в: Oh well, good health! 'ho^-e. >/r>t-j с a: We've just been to the hospital - we're going to have a baby.

в: Congratulations! d a: Turn the music down, it's midnight.

в: Merry New Year, everybody! !~Qpj>i-e a: I brought you these flowers - shall 1 put them by your bed? .

в: Thank you very much, it's lovely, f л: Thank you for coming.

в: Thank you for inviting us: it was a lovely ceremony.

g a: It's our fortieth wedding anniversary today.

в: Really? Many happy returns! Щрш ^rSaiiy h a: Well, goodbye, and the good luck for the future.

в: Thank you for teaching me, I really enjoyed your lessons.



a Complete the sentences with a word/words from the box.

I hope I'll be famous I do some exercise_ I had a_____ ho ?..

3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

The day _ I'm going I stayed at home______ i I saw a good film 'iV1. I don't often have a day


3fter-temorrow all bad before yesterday every off one out for the seven the other twice

b Change the sentences where necessary so that they are true for you.

Vocabulary booster: special occasions

a Look at the pictures and label the numbered items with the correct word from the box.

b Listen and practise saying the words.

presents paper plates candles someone blowing out candles glasses the host and hostess birthday cake guests decorations paper cups sandwiches cards

Religious festivals around the world

Islamic festivals - Ramadan


Because the Islamic religion uses a calendar based on the moon, not the sun, the exact date of religious festivals changes from year to year. The Islamic calendar begins with the hijra, the year when Mohammed left the city of Mecca for Medina. The New Year is a time for peaceful prayer for most Muslim people. Every year, in the month of Ramadan - the ninth month of the Islamic calendar - all Muslims fast from early morning until evening. By living without everyday comforts, even for a short time, a fasting person better understands the life of poor people who are hungry, and also grows in his or her spiritual life.

A Hindu festival - Diwali

In Poland, there are many customs at Easter: for example, the 'blessing basket', containing (among other things) coloured eggs, bread, salt and white sausages. Everything in the basket has a meaning: the eggs represent Christ, the bread, salt and sausages good health and enough money in the coming year. The family Easter breakfast on Sunday morning is as important as Christmas dinner for Poles. And there is one more Polish tradition connected with Easter Monday: 'watering'. People throw water at each other, and this is a wish for good health, too. Even strangers on the street are not safe from a bath of coid water on Easter Monday!

The festival of Diwali is one of the most important religious festivals in India. It lasts for five days around the end of October. It is the festival of Laxmi, the Goddess who, in the Hindu religion, brings peace and prosperity.

Preparations for the festival begin several weeks before the festival itself. People clean and decorate their homes, prepare special food and buy new clothes and jewellery to welcome the Goddess into their homes. Ail over India, people light up their homes with oil lamps and colourful lights, The celebrations take place on the darkest night of the lunar month, Amavasya. In the evening, fireworks fill the sky to make Diwali a true 'Festival of Light*.


fast = to eat no food or dink


а Ш1 Read and listen to the texts on the opposite page about three different religious festivals. In which festival do people:

1 clean and decorate their homes?

2 throw water at people in the street?

3 try to understand the problems of the poor?

4 have a special basket of food?

5 not eat between morning and evening?

6 buy new clothes?

7 put bright lights in their homes?

b Read again and listen to the texts. Answer these questions.

1 Are Islamic festivals at the same time each year?

2 Which month is Ramadan?

3 What does the 'blessing basket' contain?

4 Which meal is very important to Poles at Easter?

5 In which country is Diwali celebrated?

6 How long is the festival of Diwali?

7 Which Goddess is it the festival of?

Spelling -Ing forms

л r\ Look at the spelling rules on page 150 of the I <£. Students' Book. Tick {/) the correct spellings and correct the ones that are wrong.


celebrateing Л ffiVbi-.itimj cooking driveing getting giveing inviteing liveing putting studying taking writeing visitting

Improve your writing A letter of invitation

а Listen to the underlined sounds in

these words and phrases from module 4 and put them in the correct column: IN or 101.

Write out the letter below with capital letters and correct punctuation.

10 fife road norton

7th October dear tony

sorry i haven't written for so long but i've been really busy with the new job I hope you're well and still enjoying life at university

the main reason i'm writing is to tell you that valerie and I are staying at uncle frank's villa in Spain for the Easter holidays would you like to come and stay for a few days the villa is in a really beautiful place very near the beach you can fly to malaga airport and get a bus from there

can you give me a ring to tell me if you're interested our new phone number is 01804 742 3812 we'd love to see you. see you soon

Mother's Day Father's Day birthday twenty-fifth fourth rhirty-first the other day the day before yesterday neither of us together your good health Thanks for coming!

Mother'<. Pgu

b Listen again and practise saying the words.


Comparative and superlative adjectives

Comparative forms

a Read the profiles of Paul Chang and Mike 'The Monster' Morton. Use the adjectives in brackets to complete the questions and answers below.

6 (slow)

7 (heavy)

8 (aggressive)

9 (powerful)

10 (popular)

b CEKB Listen and practise saying the sentences.

Superlative forms

r\ Put the adjectives into the superlative form.

Who is ...

1 (old)

2 (young)

3 (tall)

4 (fast)

5 (experienced)


(tall) US President was

Abraham Lincoln, who was lm 93, and the

_________________ (old) was Ronald Reagan, who

was 69 when he became President in 1981.

The__________________ (fast) winner of a London

Marathon was the Portuguese runner Antonio Pinto - fourteen minutes better than the

_______ .________ (quick) woman, Ingrid

Kristiansen from Norway.

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, Sultan of the Arab state

of Brunei, is the world's_______________ (rich)

monarch. Many people think that Queen Elizabeth

of Great Britain is the_______________ (wealthy)

female ruler.

Elvis Presley - who died in 1977- was probably the

_____________ (popular) singer of all time. He

always said that the_________________ (important)

person in his life was his mother.
Queen |ane had the___________ __

______ ._____ (short) time

on the throne of any English Queen - just five days!
King Louis XIV of France was King for the
_________________ (long) time: seventy-two years!


Ш| Here are some famous sayings which contain a comparative or superlative adjective. Listen to the sayings and underline the comparative and superlative forms.

Making comparisons with nouns

I- Circle the correct form in the sentences.

/ Democracy is the worst form of government... V apart from all the others.

We compare nouns using more and the most.

You've got more CDs than me.

My brother has the most CDs in our family.

Winston Churchill

The reason I wanted to be an actress was to play people much more interesting than I am, and to say things much more intelligent than anything 1 could think of myself.

Actress Prunella Scales

George Orwell in Animal Farm d

a My dog's got a lot $ф__\У the most energy than me!

b Sylvia wears more / the most jewellery in the class.

с All my friends spend more / the most money on clothes than me.

d There are more / the most books on the floor than on the bookshelves.

e Radio FM123 plays more /the most rock music of all the stations.

f Who has more / the most brothers and sisters: Alice or Fatima?

g Your team lost more / the most games than mine.

h Which person in your class watched more / the most TV programmes last night?

Describing people

Questions about appearance

Unknown teacher


Being funny is much more difficult than being clever.

Editor of a comedy magazine

Prepositions in comparative phrases: as, than, from, like, in, to

a Marie's dress is very similar. b She has the same taste in clothes Anna is older ______ ___ she looks.

Complete the sentences with as, than, from, like, in or to.



Helen is the tallest person _________ our class.

Do you look__________ your parents?

f Who's the youngest person__________ . your family?

g Our lives today are very different____ ___ the way


our grandparents lived. Are these glasses the same

a Write the questions for these answers

about Donna. ШШ

Ною old is she?  
  She's in her twenties.  
  She's slim and athletic-looking.  
  About lm 75.  
  She's very friendly.  
  No, it's quite long.  

They're dark brown.

Listen and check. Then listen and repeat.

is or has got?

Complete the sentences with is {'s) / ore or has i's) I have (Ve) got.

That's him!

Complete the conversation with words or phrases from the box.



a My grandmother is

she_____________ a very young face. She

____________ lovely teeth and skin and she

(not) any white hair!


b My brothers and sisters
look at - they

d My dad

few weeks ago!


с The baby

= Mrs Ogden po = Police Officer

So, tell me about the man who stole your neighbours' car.

(a) What did he look like?
Well, he was tall ...

(b)_____________ me?

Oh yes, and he was (c)_____________ you - only

about thirty, I'd say.

Humph! And (d)_______________ his hair?

It was blond, and short ... it was (e) yours, actually.

at these photos - can . exactly like this one

I see. (f)____________ a beard?

No, he was (g)_____________ .

OK. Now (h)___________

you see him?

Oh yes, he (i)________


But that's Frankie 'Fingers' Farnham -

(j)_____________ a beard, and he's very short! Do

you remember anything else about the man?

Yes, (k)____________ thing was that he was very

(1)_____________ - he was wearing a suit... not

like a thief at all. Hm, like this photo? Yes, that's him!

That's Bill 'the Businessman' Mahony: he's in prison! Are you sure you saw the thief?

Well, er, it was very dark ...

Order of adjectives

Physical appearance

when we use more than one adjective before

a noun, the order is:

size shape colour noun

long dark hair

opinion a pretty
noun woman

big square glasses

other adjectives


We do not use and:

She's got long anddark hair.

V Put a cross (X) if the word order is wrong, and correct it.

Tick {-/) the sentence if the word order is correct.

ng, and

big blue long blonde

a Sue's little daughter's got/blue-big eyes and/blend-

long hair.

b Kerry wore a very elegant, long, black dress to the theatre.

с Harry's got a grey short beard and a moustache, d 1 saw some silver gorgeous earrings when I was

shopping today, e You know Jon - he's got short dark hair and he

wears small round glasses f ! always wear old casual clothes at home, g Cindy's tall, and she's got pale beautiful skin, h We saw a strange-looking old man waiting at the

bus stop.


Adjectives to describe appearance

Cross out the word that does not belong in each group.

a pretty attractive ugly good-looking
b blond dark-haired dyed long
с enormous young old in her twenties
d pale fair-skinned tanned clean-shaven
e elegant sophisticated polite casual


Students' Book.

Eighteenth-century ladies - and men - often wore a

b с

____ on their head. (3 letters)

Physically strong and good at sport. (8 letters)

You are this if you have a lot of courage. (5 letters)

When your skin goes brown because of the sun, you have one of these. (6 letters)

In the ttmes of Queen Elizabeth [, fashionable ladies wanted their faces to be this colour! (5)

If you eat something which is____ , you will be very

ill. (9 letters)

The opposite of blond is dark- (6 letters)

it's between your head and your shoulders! (4 letters)

For skin colour, the opposite of dark. (4 letters)

Thin, in an attractive way. (4 letters)

People put this on their face to look more attractive. (4 letters, 2 letters)

b с d e f 9 h
к I

People put this liquid on their skin: it has a pleasant smell. (7 letters)

    w I a  
  ? *  

1 module 5

Vocabulary booster: parts of the face and body

<j2aLabel the pictures.

с How many does a person usually have? Write the words from part a next to the correct number below.

I: head , , , ,





Wordspot look

л q Use an expression from the box to complete I О these sentences.

looking forward look for look at look up look like Look out -ioefcirrg look after looks good

a He was a very good -lwking

he wasn't very intelligent,
b Could you help me_______

can't find it anywhere,
с I hope Mandy doesn't ask me to._____________

her children today,
d I'm really__________________ to my summer

holidays - we're going to visit my cousin in Rio.
e Tim___________________ really_______________


Improve your writing Writing a description

a Read the description a student wrote of someone in her family. Which sentence talks

1 who the person is, and the writer's
relationship to her?_____________

2 her general appearance? _____

3 her build and height? _____

4 her eyes?

5 her hair? _____

6 her age? _____


She's a very at-trattwe let-tie. girl - she alujays took-s happy and she's apt a lovely smile.

in that suit, doesn't he?
f______________ ._____ ! There's something in the

middle of the road,
g You could______________ .

the phone number

on the Internet if you're not sure.

h He loves to__________________ himself in the




Her eyes are. blue, jus+ №.e her father's.

She's about average, height -for her age. ... and she/s quite, slim.

She's got beautiful, ЫопОе hair ... s.nd it's her natural colour!

Pronunciation The letter 'o'

Louise Is my youhges-t cousin, and she. lives not -Far from my family.

а Щ___9 There are a number of different ways to pronounce the letter 'o'. Listen:

She'll be. -ten next birthday.

/э:/ e.g.: more /эо/ e.g.: most /0/ e.g.: got
both old morning toe modern popular local sport

b ШЦ_Ш Listen to the pronunciation of the words below. In each pair, is the sound in bold the same or different? Practise saying the words.


the same

important slow dog nose

photograph organised strong your

b Make some notes about someone you know well, or someone in your family. Write a paragraph using the suggested order in part a.

Useful phrases

X is my ..., and (s)he lives ...

(S)he's a very ... man/woman/girl/boy and (s)he's got a lovely ...

(S)rte's got... hair/eyes.

His/Her eyes are ... / and (s)he's got long/short, dark/blond hair.

(S)he s about... tall / about average height. (S)he's ... years old / (S)he'll be ... next birthday.

Intentions and wishes: going to, planning to, would like to, would rather

Positive and negative forms

Question forms

Here are some answers about the Craven family. Write the questions.


Write sentences about the Craven family.

a Rob and Sofia Craven live in England but they / plan / move / to California.

Rob and Sofia Craven \ive in England hut tUeg arc pUnni»tj to move

to California.__________________________________________________

b Rob is a cameraman and he / going / work / in a film studio there.

Sofia is a music teacher, but she / not / plan / work / for the first few months.

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