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  4. Been solved and in the future it would be possible via satellite and cable TV to use more channels on a TV set at every home in the world.
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1. Замените прямую речь косвенной. Укажите источник информации (см. в скобках):

1. "In the light of the recent events in Norway surveillance must be enhanced!" (Defense Minister)

Например:According to Defense Minister, surveillance must be enhanced in Norway.Или: Defense Minister claims for enhancing surveillance in Norway.

Или: Defense Minister believed surveillance had to be* enhanced in Norway.

2. "In today's world, the smartest place to invest is in Dubai." (The Economist online - July 27th 2011)

3. "On the dollar, the currency seems to be changing its role as the "risk-off" asset." (Jens Nordvig of Nomura)

4. "The dollar has weakened. This is bad news for foreign investors (notably the Asian central banks) who are losing money on both the currency and their fixed income positions." ( July 27th 2011, 13:27 by Buttonwood)

5. "Twenty years after India's historic economic reforms, it's time for another big effort." (Readers' comments)

6. "Voting intentions were, indeed, affected by seeing the flag. Thus the Stars and Stripes may change the outcomes of elections." (Melissa Ferguson of Cornell University report)

7. "Can I really check in for Delta Air Lines flights on my phone?" (blog post)

8. "Who's the greatest innovator of the past decade?" (The Economist Quiz)

9. "Robots don't complain. Or demand higher wages, or kill themselves. We plan to hire 1m robots by 2013." (Terry Gou, the chief executive of the Taiwanese-owned company, Hong Kong)

10. "So the real reason for the success of British Rolls-Royce or Japanese Hitachi is that the respective governments have helped them with funding." (The Economist: A tale of two industries)

*Не забывайте о согласовании времен, где это необходимо.

2. Используя словарь, устно переведите статью с английского на русский язык. Письменно сформулируйте на английском языке свое отношение к прочитанному:

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