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Unit III

Lexical material.

The essence of land use planning

Exercise 1. Read and translate following words:

Border, elimination, researching, substances, soil, waste, estimation, establishment, connect, certificate, pollution, restoration, carry out, boundary, protection, site, conduction, researchers.

Exercise 2. Read and translate following word combinations:

Technical registration, country boundaries, publicly discussed, wind erosion, projects for reclaiming the soils, interfarm land use planning, elimination of inconveniences, tilled soils, waste products, arrangement of land, irrationally used, number of interconnected elements, radioactive substances, land property .

Exercise 3. Read and translate the text:

Land Use Planning Activity

The basic directions of land use planning in Russia include:

- Development of federal and regional forecasts, programmes of use and protection of land resources, a scheme of land use planning in view of town-planning, ecological, economic and other features of the territory;

- Survey with establishment (restoration) on land the borders of administrative-territorial formations, the borders of land sites under general state system and their technical registration;

- Drawing up new land use planning projects, existing landed properties and land uses ordering with elimination of inconveniences in the arrangement of land;

- Delimitation of the land areas, establishment of borders and allotment of land sites in districts, registration of plans (drawings) of borders, preparation for the certificate of rights to the land sites;

- Development of the projects for reclaiming the tilled soils, soil protection from water and wind erosion, mudflow, landslides, flooding, bogging, pollution by waste products of manufacture, chemical and radioactive substances, for improvement of agricultural lands, for development of new areas , preservation and increase of soil fertility;

- Substantiation of borders accommodation and establishment of especially protected territories;

- Fixing and change on district of city, country and rural settlements boundaries;

- Conducting topographical and geodetic, cartographical, soil, agro- chemical, geobotanical, historical, cultural and other researching

- Development of land use planning documents connected with estimation of resources, use and protection of land, preservation and development of historically used economic activities of small people and ethnic groups;

- Drawing up maps and atlases of land resources conditions and use;

- Land inventory, regular revealing unused, irrationally used, area used not on a special-purpose designation.

Land use planning activity is carried out in all areas irrespective про their special-purpose designation and forms of ownership according to scientifically proved, publicly discussed and in accordance with established order authorized by land use planning documentation (including forecasts, programmes, schemes and projects, materials of inspections and researches).

Exercise 4. Find synonyms among these words:

Activity, regulation, special, particular, order, demarcation, define, arrangement, work, organizing, delimitation, determine.

Exercise 5. Find antonyms among these words:

Misunderstanding, irregular, understanding, unnatural, regular, legal, respective, natural, illegal, irrespective.

Exercise 6. Translate following word combinations into English:

Захист ґрунту від ерозії, поліпшення с / г земель, встановлення меж, рівні права, основні засоби, матеріали перевірок і досліджень, цільове призначення, етнічні групи, земельні площі, публічно обговорені проблеми, опис (інвентаризація) землі, відповідно до, комп'ютерна наука , детальні топографічні дослідження.

Exercise 7. Answer the following questions:

1. How many kinds of land use planning do you know?

2. What are they?

3. What is the purpose of land use planning?

4. Are there the basic directions of land use planning activity?

5. Land use planning activity is carried out in all areas, is not it?

6. What tasks does local land use planning solve?

7. What laws does land use planning study?

8. Who can participate in land use planning work?


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