Ex.3. Read the words in the groups bellow. Pay attention to the word stress.

  1. A) Choose the correct word. (b) Give synonyms to the underlined words
  2. A. 1. Read and translate the following international words
  3. A. 1. Translate the following international words
  4. A. 2. Learn new words
  5. A. 2. Read new words
  6. A. Match the following words with their definitions.
  7. B) Think of situations or microdialogues consisting of a statement (or a question) and a reply to it using the words mentioned above.

a) words with the stress on the first syllable:

mechanism, utilize, private, enterprise, difference, social, value, motivate, consequence, innovator, satisfy, borrow, voluntary, contract, surplus, shortage, rationing, indicate;

b) words with the stress on the second syllable:

identical, produce (v), unique, involve, considerable, occur, component, economy, resource, society, objective, creative, productive, pursue, decision, determine, incentive, employer, consumer, possess, potential, competitive, maintain, abundant;

c) polysyllabic words with the main and secondary stress:

economic, manufacturing, beneficial, occupation, employee, inability, artificial, interference.

Ex.4. Practice reading the following words.

Identical, mechanism, utilize, occur, private, creative, highly, efficiency, pursue, beneficial, artificial, determine, extremely, reward, consequence, scarce, purchase, sovereignty, entrepreneur, necessarily, interference, coercive, guide.

B. Word formation

Ex.5. Study the following typical endings of nouns. Using one of them, change each of the following words into a noun.

Membership; socialism; sadness; information; government; beauty; marriage; excellence.

Kind, real, move, human, elect, intelligent, permanent, confuse, leader, improve, equal.


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