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C) слово-заменитель

1. We discussed one of the problems. 2. One can't read such books. 3. I left my book at home. Give me another one. 4. Take one text more. 5. He returned me an English book and a Russian one. 6. One of my friends lives in Moscow. 7. I have translated this text and the one you gave me. 8. One can easily understand his words. 9. One of you must go there. 10. One can't agree with his arguments. 11. One must study English regularly. 12. Such an excellent room, the one you live in. 13. The room was a pleasant one, at the top of the house. 14. One of those plans is easy to carry out. 15. He prefers a boy of his age to an older one. 16. The next one was a Chinese delegate. 17. One never knows what his answer may be.

3. Выберите предложения, в которых слово «one» переводится:


1. Why don't you take these flowers? - I want some better ones.

2. One of the books he gave me is very interesting.

3. This book is not interesting, give me another one.


1. Are there many mistakes in one of his exercises?

2. One must remember his duty.

3. One can't say that she has already finished school. She is so small.



1. One must listen to the news over the radio.

2. One mustn't forget these rules.

3. There are thirty one days in December.

Никогда не знаешь

1. He knows one of these men.

2. One never knows when she comes home.

3. I know one detail.

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