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Ex.11. Read the dialogue and answer the questions given below.

  1. A. Look at the picture and answer the questions below.
  2. A. Make up short dialogues expressing your opinion, agreeing or disagreeing. Use the prompts given below.
  3. A. Read the texts below.
  4. Answer the following questions
  5. Answer the following questions on the text
  6. Answer the following questions.
  7. Answer the questions

Announcer: Hello, everybody and welcome to our weekly radio program "Business People". Today we have invited a person who has headed the European division of the successful international company Maggate for many years, - Mr. Spencer.

Spencer: It is my pleasure to be here today, Nick. I guess, I will answer some of the questions concerning my business experience and my company business activities. But, please, call me Jason if you don't mind.

Announcer: OK, Jason. Our listeners are ready for your advice to young businesspeople who have just set up their businesses. As we know, your division brings 40% of the total sales of computer software.

Spencer: Exactly. But to achieve these figures we have done a lot of work.

Announcer: What is crucial if a company wants to make an effort to go global?

Spencer: First of all, you set up research centers to investigate closely your potential market and plan your annual budget: it's rather expensive to run foreign subsidiaries.

Announcer: Jason, I know that your German subsidiary has done very well this year again. Could you share the secret of your success on the German market?

Spencer: Certainly. We are very pleased with the efficiency of this subsidiary, but it is the result of joint efforts of our company and our German partners. When we started ten years ago, we agreed to hold regular meetings with regional managers and our German partners to exchange information on the new developments in computer industry. We also agreed on arrangements to plan and monitor project management.

Announcer: You visit Germany quite often, don't you?

Spencer: My mission is to maintain efficient feedback with our German partners. So, I visit Germany every month. It allows me to get to know the staff, to find out all about their working style and to help them settle the strategic problems.

Announcer: One last question, Jason. Do you think business gains a lot from good personal relations between partners from different cultural groups?

Spencer: By all means! You get down to business only after you have established friendly relations and trust. I think learning about a foreign culture is not a waste of time. It makes or breaks your deal.

Announcer: Thank you very much, Jason and we hope to see you again on our program "Business People".


1. to investigate - исследовать

2. joint - совместный

3. to maintain - поддерживать

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