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A. Match professions with their definitions.

  1. A Canadian agency firm entered into contact with Soyuzexport to discuss the lines of their future business.
  2. A. Match pictures 1-4 to a)-d).
  3. A. Match the facts about the UK with the places on the map.
  4. A. Match the following words with their definitions.
  5. Any topic in psychology can be approached from a variety of perspectives, thus there are many approaches in psychology. Match the following approaches with their descriptions.
  6. B) Ask your fellow-students to give their responses.

Professional people

architect teaches in a university
lawyer plans for buildings of roads, bridges, machines, etc
engineer controls the financial situation of people and companies
accountant designs buildings
university lecturer buys and sells stocks and shares
broker (stock market) works for the government
civil servant represents people with legal problems

Medical professions

doctor animal doctor
nurse operates on people
surgeon gives medical treatment and tries to solve medical problem
dentist helps people to solve personal problems
vet practices dentistry
psychologist looks after and takes care of others

Manual jobs (these jobs are done with hands and all the examples given

below are skilled jobs and need a lot of training)

bricklayer makes things using wood
carpenter repairs cars
plumber fits and repairs electrical things
electrician builds walls
mechanic fits and repairs water pipes, bathrooms etc.

Armed forces and emergency services

soldier serves in the navy
sailor is in the police service
pilot works in the fire brigade
police officer serves in the army
firefighter flies the aircraft

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