На головну

My usual day-off

  1. K. Say a few words of your own experience in this respect, describing the usual occasions and the last time you had small talk.
  2. Most people living in towns consider it a usual thing that streets are lit at night. But street lights need a power supply (источник
  3. Read the passage and describe the strategies usual in your environment.
  4. Say the prices of different things you usually buy.

I am very busy with a lot of homework, but I still have some household duties to do.

Everyday I do my room and my bed, wash up the dishes, dust the furniture, and usually go shopping after I have dinner.

Once a week I help my mother to do all other work about the house.

We do the laundry, clean the flat, vacuum the carpets, mop the floors. It's not very difficult to keep the flat tidy if you do the rooms regularly.

Sometimes when my mom is away I do some cooking and washing up. I like to do the work around the house, that's not difficult for me at all.



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