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  1. A. Study the topical vocabulary
  2. A. Study the topical vocabulary and say which bank services you employ.
  3. A. Study the topical vocabulary.
  4. A. Study the topical vocabulary.
  5. A. Study the topical vocabulary.
  6. A. Study the topical vocabulary.
  7. A. Study the topical vocabulary.

pretty - хорошенький, симпатичный

eyelashes - ресницы

warm-hearted - добродушный

gentle - нежный

to be in need - нуждаться

to adore - обожать

selfish - эгоистичный

to be ruined - быть испорченным

Answer the questions

1. What is Zheniya's girlfriend's name?

2. How old is Olga?

3. Where does Olga study?

4. What is Olga's appearance like?

5. What is Olga's personality?

6. When did Zheniya and Olga begin dating?

7. What is Olga's family like?

8. How often do they meet?

9. What does Zheniya think about his life without Olga?

10. Is Zheniya happy to have Olga as a girlfriend?

II. Make up your own sentences using the vocabulary given after each text

III. Make a short summary of each text using the vocabulary

IV. Role play "Tell me something about your friend". Make up dialogues between:

· Zhenya and Jessica

· Jessica and Daniel

· Daniel and Zheniya

V. On the basis of the texts make up a story about your friend using the questions:

· What is your friend's name?

· How old is your friend?

· Where does your friend live and study?

· What is your friend's appearance?

· What is your friend's personality?

· What is your friend's hobby?

· What do you do with your friend together?

· What is your friend's family like?

· Why do you like to have such friend?

VI. Write a composition about your friend using the vocabulary, the lexical material and some addition information.

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I. Read and translate the texts given below. Answer the questions. | Vocabulary | Vocabulary | Образование множественного числа у существительных | EX. 7. Put the following sentences into singular form. Translate. | I. Translate the texts into English | IV. Write down a list of questions you want to ask to your group mate about his or her family. Then changes the lists, write down the answers and give it back. | VII. Read and translate the text. | VII. Look at the family pictures and describe them like it was done in the text given above. | Vocabulary |

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