Look at the pictures and say what the people are doing.

  1. A. Complete these sentences so that they refer to other people.
  2. A. Match pictures 1-4 to a) -d).
  3. About ten people got into the bus and went away.
  4. B. Describe the pictures. Use the suggested phrases.
  5. Bits for pictures
  6. C. Listen to three people planning a day trip. Write down three things they decide to do.
  7. C. Read the text and find out how many people Callum, Meera, n and Trudy share a house with.

Example Action
The baby is crying.The people are singingnow. ij , .
I am studying English for three months.We are going in for sports since September. ij , ' .
Remember! Present Continuous 䳺 to be 䳺 -ing.
I am listening to music now.You are listening to music now.He (she, it) is listening to music now.We are listening to music now.They are listening to music now. I'm not listening to music.You're not listening to music.He (she, it) is not listening to music.We are not listening to music.They are not listening to music. Am I listening to music? Are you listening to music? Ishe (she, it) listening to music? Are we listeningto music? Are they listening to music?


a) 䳺 -- .

come - coming lose - losing live - living

b) 䳺 , , .

swim - swimming hit - hitting get - getting

c) 䳺 -ie- -y.

lie - lying die - dying

Remember! 䳺 Continuous. 䳺 . : see hear smell taste feel likehate love remember believe know understand

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