1. A. Study the topical vocabulary
  2. A. Study the topical vocabulary and say which bank services you employ.
  3. A. Study the topical vocabulary.
  4. A. Study the topical vocabulary.
  5. A. Study the topical vocabulary.
  6. A. Study the topical vocabulary.
  7. A. Study the topical vocabulary.

1. Complete these sentences by choosing the correct phrase from the given options.

1. The average time it takes the read/write heads to move and find data on a disk is called the seek time /transfer rate 2. Access time/ Transfer rate is another way of saying seek time. 3. Transfer rate /Seek time is the average speed required to transmit data to the CPU from the disk; it is measured in megabytes per second.
  1. Once formatted, a disk's surface is organized into circular tracks/ sectors. Each of these is then divided into tracks/ sectors.
  2. When a disk is formatted, a directory/ partition is created by the operating system to record the location of files.
  3. If you have more than one directory/ partition on your hard drive, you can install more than one operating system.

2. Choose a term from the box to complete the sentences below.

hard disk access time magnetic storage floppy disk drive transfer rate portable hard drive backup sectors tracks
  1. The first rule of data storage is to make a ... of all important files.
  2. A ... is slower than a hard drive and can only hold 1.44 MB disks.
  3. The ... inside your PC is made of aluminium alloy covered with a magnetic coating. This makes the disk itself a rigid plate, hence its name.
  4. The ... are circles around a disk and the ... are segments within each circle.
  5. This hard drive is a 60 GB IBM model with a fast ... of 8 ms.
  6. The ... is the rate of transmission of data from the disk to the CPU.
  7. This is usually described in megabytes per second.
  8. Apple's iPod music player can double as a ... for transporting computer data.

3. Complete this conversation in a computer shop using words or phrases from the box.

storage head crash holds read/write back up hard portable platters external capacity formatted
Sales assistant: Can I help you with anything? Anna: - Yes, please. I need a new (1) ... drive. SA: - OK. Are you looking for an internal drive or an (2) ... one? Anna: - Well, I need it for moving files between home and work. SA: - Sure. Well, you've basically got two options. If you need a

lot of (3) ... for secondary (4) ... , then you could try this Freecom drive. It (5) ... 750GB. That's probably enough to (6) ... your whole computer many times оvеr. You'd probably have lots of space left for archiving any files that you don't need on a day-to-day basis. This one's £140.

Anna: - That's a little expensive, to be honest. And I probably don't need 750GB. My home computer only has a 120GB drive! And it looks a bit heavy to carry around.

SA: - In that case, you need something more (7) ...This might be what you're looking for: the ATMTHD160 Ultra-Portable. It's only 20GB, but it's light and relatively cheap - only £80.

Anna: - That sounds perfect. I'll take it. Is it already (8) ...?

SA: - Yes, it's all ready to use. Just bear a couple of things in mind if you're carrying it between home and work a lot. Inside the drive there is a stack of metal (9) ... that are used to store the information. Don't move the disk while the platters are spinning - you'll be able to hear them - or the drive could suffer a (10) ... That's when the (11) ... head touches the disk surface.

Anna: - Right, OK. Anything else I need to know?

SA: - Just a couple of things. You shouldn't unplug the drive without using the 'Remove hardware' command first. And you should check the drive regularly for viruses, especially if you're moving it between machines.

Anna: - OK, well thanks for all your help. Now where do I go to pay?

4. Complete these technical specs from an MP4 player by choosing the correct words from the given options. Use a dictionary if necessary.

  1. 1GB of solid-state flash memory storable/store/storage.
  2. 1.5"true coloured/colour/colourful LCD display.
  3. Screen unprotected/protector/protect for avoiding scratches.
  4. View digitized/digital/digit photos as well as videos.
  5. Decoding/decodes/decoder video AMV files as well as audio AAС files.
  6. Supportive/unsupported/supports multi music format: MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, WMV, ASF and WAV.
  7. Includes digital voice recording/recorder/record with up to 36 hours recorder/recording/record time.
  8. Building/built-in/builts FM radio.
  9. Offload/upload/download files direct from the Internet.
  10. Standby modular/mode/modal for power saving.

5. Complete the sentences with the right word from the group.

magnet magnetic magnetically magnetism magnetize magnetized

  1. ... is the science of magnetic phenomena and properties.
  2. Floppy and hard disks are considered as ... storage devices.
  3. Data is recorded on a disk in the form of ... spots called bits.

record recorder recording recorded

  1. All disks must be initialized before information can be ... onto them.
  2. The ... heads follow the tracks and magnetize the coating along each track.
  3. A disk drive works very much like a tape ... that can both play and record.

fragment fragmentation defragmented fragmented defragmenter

  1. In a ... disk, a file is stored in non- contiguous sectors. In a ... disk a file is stored in neighbouring sectors.
  2. After you create, delete and modify a lot of files, the hard disk becomes ... with bits and pieces spread all over the disk.
  3. ... slows down the speed at which data is accessed because the disk drive has to work harder to find the parts of a file stored in many different locations.
  4. To reorganize your hard disk, you can use a disk optimizer or ...; this will reorder your files into contiguous clusters.

6. Choose words from each line to make terms related to flash technology.

flash smart memory based state LAN card player drive technology card drive 1. flash ... 2. solid-... 3. wireless ... 4. USB ... 5. flash- ... 6. U3 ...

7. Complete these product descriptions using the terms from the exercise above.

1. With the 4GB Gridfire ... , you can back up, store, carry and offload large files with one affordable, convenient device. What's more, ... means no moving parts, and therefore less chance of damage if the device is dropped.

2. The 2GB One-Tech ... is the best choice for high-performance results from your digital camera and other handheld devices.

3. The STM ... gives you the ability to carry your files and your software on a secure USB drive, by using separate partitions to.

4. The Airlink ... connects your desktop PC to a network, using the latest advanced silicon chip technology.

5. With 80GB of storage capacity, the iSing ... is the only device you'll need for audio and video playback on the move.

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