A. Study the information below and do the task after it.

  1. A. Complete the sentences according to the information in the text.
  2. A. Look at the picture and answer the questions below.
  3. A. Make up short dialogues expressing your opinion, agreeing or disagreeing. Use the prompts given below.
  4. A. Read the additional texts with interesting facts about Canada and discuss this information with your partner.
  5. A. Read the texts below.
  6. A. Study the following.
  7. A. Study the following.
1) an enquiry a request of information (sent by the customer)
2) a quotation the price given for goods or a piece of work
3) an estimate an approximate calculation of the cost of smth
4) a counter-proposal a letter where the customer tries to get better terms
5) an order a request to supply goods (sent by customer)
6) an invoice a bill for goods or work done
7) a remainder a letter to a customer about an unpaid invoice
8) a receipt a document that proves you have paid for some goods
9) a statement a list of amounts paid and still owed, sent every month
10) a complaint a letter saying you are not satisfied about smth

B. In which documents from the above exercise would you find the following sentences?

1) I am afraid your minimum quantity is too high for our first order. Please let us know if you are able to reduce this.

2) When we opened the package we noticed that some of the goods were damaged.

3) We saw your advert in a recent issue of Engineering magazine. We are interested in...

4) Unfortunately it is not possible to reduce the delivery time, but we could offer a discount of 2% for an order of this size.

5) Thank you for a letter of 21 April asking about... We are pleased to enclose our current brochure and price list.

6) We note from our records that your account for the first quarter is still not paid. We hope to receive payment of this account as soon as possible.


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A. Study the topical vocabulary. | B. Read the text. | B. Read the text. | Classified Balance Sheet | I. Use the proper preposition. | B. Read the information and say if you were right in your guesses. | B. Now read the text and check if your guesses were right. | E. In pairs, make a list of what you think the principal advantages or disadvantages of globalization are. | C. Read the text. | Discuss these questions with your partner. |

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