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B. Speak about Management according to the plan.

  1. A. Complete the sentences according to the information in the text.
  2. A. Do pre-reading tasks before each abstract, then read and translate the abstracts about the basics of management.
  3. A. Match the facts about the UK with the places on the map.
  4. A. Read the additional texts with interesting facts about Canada and discuss this information with your partner.
  5. A. Read the text about takeover and choose one of the three connectors to fill each gap.
  6. About Eating Out in Britain
  7. About My Family and Myself

Listening: An interview with a project manager

(Market Leader, Intermediate Business English CB by D. Cotton, Unit 8)

Reading 2: Business Management Styles

A. Do you agree with following quotations?

"People are definitely a company's greatest asset. It doesn't make any difference whether the product is cars or cosmetics. A company is only as good as the people it keeps". Mary Kay Ash

"Care about your people and they will care about your business. Forget that and watch profits go down the drain". Hal Rosenbluth

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D. Five of the departments in a box are described below. Fill in the gaps with the department names. | F. The organization is in trouble. Match the departments with their problems (1-8). | B. Read these extracts and decide which sections of the checklist above they come from. | Distinction between Mergers and Acquisitions | Synergy | Varieties of Mergers | A. Study the topical vocabulary. | G. Match the terms on the left to the definitions on the right. | A. Read the text about takeover and choose one of the three connectors to fill each gap. | A. Study the topical vocabulary. |

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