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тренувальні вправи

  1. III. Вправи і КЗ, що формують регуляційних-комунікативні вміння на прагматико-репрезентує стадії.
  2. вільні вправи
  3. Лікарський контроль як умова допуску до занять фізичними вправами і спортом
  4. Виконайте вправи.
  5. Виконайте вправи.
  6. Виконайте вправи.

[I?] [??] [ju?] [ai?]

deer air care cure fire

here pair Mary pure mire

engineer fair parents during tired

[Au?] [?:] [w?: - w?: - wou]

our work were - war - woe

sour word word - ward - wove

flour world work - warn - woke

worker worm - warm - will not

9. Прочитайте вголос слова, поясніть, за якими правилами вони читаються:

a. leer, beer, peer, veer; teem, fee, wee, bee, feel; air, fair, hair, stairs, pair; plain, Spain, faint; care, fare, mare, stare, bare, rare; pure, cure, during; fire, mire, tire, shire; here, sere, mere; our, flour, sour; world, worm, worship, word, worthy

b. fate, fat, far, fare; Peter, pet, pert, here; style, gyps, Byrd, tyre; file, fill, first, fired; tube, tub, turn, cure; bone, lot, form, store.


1.Літера Q, q[Kju:] завжди зустрічається в літеросполученні qu,яке перед читається гласною читається як [Kw],наприклад: quick [kwik].

2. буквосполучення al перед буквою k читається як звук [?:], Наприклад: chalk [t??: k]. Перед усіма іншими приголосними в ударному складі це буквосполучення читається [?: l], Наприклад: small [sm?: l], also ['?: lsou].

3.буквосполучення ewв більшості слів читається як звукосполучення[Ju:],наприклад: new [nju:].

4. Літера w на початку слова перед буквою rне читається, наприклад: write [rait].

5. буквосполучення igh читається як звук [Ai], Наприклад: light [lait].

6. буквосполучення ngперед буквами l, n, r, w читається як звукосполучення [?g], наприклад: English ['i?gli?], angry ['??gri], language ['l??gwid?].

10. Прочитайте вголос слова, поясніть, за якими правилами вони читаються:

c. quite, quick, quest, quiz, quaver, quits; small, fall, tall, call, all; chalk, walk, talk, stalk, calk; new, few, stew, pew, hew, pewter, hewn, news; write, wrest, wrung, wrist, wring, wreck, wrap, wry, wrong; English, angry, angle; high, night, bright, might, light fight

d. she, meek, reel, grim, happy, pony, sack, lad, darn, got, lard, pond, mule, bloom, butter, ugly, rudder, sink, mill, fuss, hobby, fly, cube, seep, pep, send, stove, made, Sam, pane, sand, plate, mean, heat, pine, sty, teach, close, clock, shelf, cock, tape, tone, bud, fun, fume, laid, bay, tube, far, hard, term, bird, skirt, thirsty, icy, free, party, peg, gent, peck, skin, single.

Прочитайте і переведіть текст

My Family

 My name is Victor Belov. I was born on the 19th of October in +1989 in Volgodonsk, Rostov region. Two years ago our family moved to Samara where I live now together with my parents.

There are five people in our family. My father is a businessman. He is a very serious man, so we call him Sergey Petrovitch. He is always very busy at his work and at home, sometimes he works even at weekends. My mother works five days a week and is off on Saturdays and Sundays. She is 40, but she looks young, everybody calls her Lena. She is an economist and works in a bank. She is a wonderful housewife. She does everything about the house: She cooks, does the cleaning and washing and goes shopping. In the evening mother likes to read her favorite book or watch TV.

My mother has much work about the house because I have a younger sister and a brother. They are both pupils. Lena is in the third form and Boris is a pupil of the sixth form. Our family is very united.

Sometimes at weekends we go to the country house where my grandparents live. They are pensioners. My grandmother likes to work in the garden where she grows different vegetables. She is also fond of flowers, and we always bring home a lot of beautiful flowers.

I enjoy playing chess with my grandfather, though I never win. My grandfather visited different countries when he was young, and he knows English and German very well. He can read books in the original. He says it's great to know foreign languages. I want to learn to speak English as well as my granddad does. A weekend with my grandparents is the happiest time for me.

In May I finished school No 102 in Samara. I always did well in the subjects and learned with great interest. I also took an active part in school life and was a good sportsman. My favorite sports are basketball and table tennis.

My favorite subjects at school were English and computer Science. My teacher of English was well-educated woman with good knowledge of her subject. At her lessons we learned to read and to speak English, read many English and American authors.

This year I have left school and now I am a student of the Samara State Academy of Culture and Arts.

As you see, my biography is not long. I can only add that I'm fond of reading historical novels and I'm fond of modern dancing.


to move - переїздити

to be busy at - бути зайнятим чимось

to be off - мати вихідний

housewife - домогосподарка

to do everything about the house - робити все по дому

to enjoy doing smth. - Любити чимось займатися

favorite - улюблений

to do well - добре вчитися

to be united - бути згуртованим

to be fond of - подобатися, любити

as well as - так само ка

to take an active part in smth. - Брати активну участь у чомусь

Дайте відповідь на питання

1. When is your birthday?

2. Is your family large? How many are you in the family?

3. What are your parents? Where do they work?

4. How long have your parents been married?

5. Do you spend a lot of time with your family?

6. What sort of things do you do together?

7. Do you go out with your parents?

8. Who runs the house in your family?

9. What are your household duties?

10. What is your father's hobby?

11. Can you describe your mother?

Fill in the missing information:

I am ..................... I am ....... years old. I want to tell you a few words about my family. My family is ............... I've got ............................ .................................................

There are ........ of us in the family.

My mother is a ............... She works in a ........... She is a good-looking woman with ........ .. hair and ............ eyes. She is .......... but she looks much younger. She is ........ and .........

My father is a ................... He is very experienced. He is a broad-shouldered, tall man with ......... hair and ....... eyes. He is ..........

 My parents have been married for ........ years. They have much in common, but they have different views on music, books and films. For example, my father likes ....... films and my mother likes ......... My father is fond of .......... My mother is interested in ... .......... But my parents have the same opinion about my education and upbringing.

My brother / sister is ......... He / she is a ............ He / she is fond of ...........

We've got a lot of relatives. We are deeply attached to each other and we get on very well.

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