Ex.2. Fill in the blanks with one of the following words. Mind your grammar.

  1. A. 1. Read and translate the following international words
  2. A. 1. Translate the following international words
  3. A. Match the following words with their definitions.
  4. A. Role-play the following situation.
  5. A. Study the following.
  6. A. Study the following.
  7. Answer the following questions
as to the quantity; statement of facts; force majeure; to correspond to; to reject; hatches; stems; cargo plan; draft survey; at sight; in bulk; samples; openings; master; draft; by sb's means; tightness; laytime; to lodge a claim; bill of lading

1. The weight stated in the Bill of Lading is determined by a ___ effected jointly by the ___ of the vessel and/ or his agent.

2. The Seller shall arrange three ___ of Cement, seven kilos each, to be taken during and after the loading by the Chamber of Commerce.

3. Payment out of the Letter of Credit shall be effected ___ against presentation of the Seller's Bank, within 10 days from the date of the ___, of the documents as specified in the Letter of Credit.

4. The Seller has sold to the Buyer and the Buyer has bought from the Seller ... metric tons (m/t) of Portland Cement 10% more or less at the Seller's option, ___.

5. The Cement shall be loaded by the Seller ___ and at his expense according to a ___.

6. The Cement shall be shipped by vessels capable of carrying 15 to 40 thousand tons of Cement each, with a ___ full laden at the port of Novorossiysk not exceeding 11.2 metres.

7. If at the Seller's or the manufacturer's fault the quality of the Cement delivered under this Contract is inferior to that stipulated in Clause 2, the Buyer may ___ not later than 45 days from the date of the Bill of Lading.

8. ___, despatch and demurrage shall be calculated on the basis of a ___ signed by the Master, the Seller's representative and the Ship's Agent.

9. The design of the openings and of covers shall secure a complete ___ of the ___ during the loading.

10. The quality of the Cement sold under the present contract shall ___ the requirements of the British standards.

11. The Cement sold under the present Contract is considered as deliveredby the Seller and accepted by the Buyer ___ as per the weight stated in the Bill of Lading.

12. The Buyer shall provide for the vessels to be fitted with ___ in the hatch covers for the connection of the Seller's loading equipment.

13. Before the 10th day of each month, the Buyer shall propose the vessels ___ for the following month.

14. Circumstances of ___ shall relieve the Seller and the Buyer from the responsibility for non-fulfilment in whole or in part of any obligations specified in this Contract.

15. Should a vessel not be properly equipped as above, the Seller shall have the right ___ the vessel, the Buyer being fully liable for the consequences.


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