Утворіть умовні пропозиції

  1. A) Складіть пропозиції, використовуючи наведені словосполучення.
  2. I. Узгодження головних членів речення
  3. IV. Доповніть пропозиції словами і виразами з тексту.
  4. IV. Доповніть пропозиції словами і виразами з тексту.
  6. UNIT 8 IMPERATIVE SENTENCES наказові речення
  7. VII. пропозиції комісії


 He drinks too much coffee. He does not sleep well. If ... If he did not drink too much coffee, he would sleep well.

1. You can not type. You are not able to operate a computer. If ...

2. They did not know the sigh language, so they did not understand the Indians. If ...

3. I will not phone them because it's too late. If ...

4. She does not understand the problem. She will not find the solution. If ..

5. The travelers lost their way because it was dark in the wood. If ...

6. He walked to the office in the rain, so he got wet. If ...

7. They ran out of money, so they returned from their holiday early. If.

8. It's so late and we have to go home. If ...

9. His house did not burn down. The firemen came at once. If ...

10. The weather is not sunny. They will stay indoors. If ...

8.1.7 Отреагируйте на дані висловлювання негативно, використовуючи умовні пропозиції. Поясніть причину:


 - I'd like to buy a motorbike.- If I were you, I would not buy a motorbike. It is so dangerous to ride it.

1. We are thinking of taking a mortgage to buy a house.

2. We might move to Europe.

3. We are thinking of going to Egypt.

4. I think, I will see a horror film tonight.

5. I'm going to give up my job.

6. I want to move to the country.

7. I think, I 'll sell my flat.

8. I'd like to go into politics.

9. I'm thinking of taking up yoga.

10. I might go on a walking holiday next winter.

8.1.8 Скажи, що б ти зробив в даній ситуації:

What would you do ...

1. if you found $ 100 in the street?

2. if you were a witness of a robbery?

3. if you saw someone shoplifting?

4. if your close friend asked you to say that he had spend the whole evening with you, though it is not true?

5. if you saw an accident in the street?

6. if you arrived at the airport without your passport?

7. if you found out that you did not have enough money to pay for the bill in the restaurant?

8. if you won a million dollars?

9. if you could take a year off work?

10. if you arrived in a deserted island?

8.1.9 Складіть умовні пропозиції, використовуючи дані ситуації:


 I do not have a car.If I had a car, I would certainly give you a lift.

1. I do not have enough money.

2. It's cold today.

3. I'm afraid I can not afford it.

4. I do not have a well-paid job.

5. I can not solve the problem myself.

6. Airplane tickets are very expensive.

7. I do not have a camera.

8. I'm very tired today.

9. I have a lot of work to do.

10. I do not have her telephone number.


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