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  2. А. Політична думка античності
  3. В. Політична думка Нового часу
  4. Вертикальна проекція кожного маршу буде
  5. Питання 19. Школа і педагогічна думка в епоху Відродження
  6. Питання 60. Педагогічна думка в першій половині XIX століття
  7. Виховання і педагогічна думка в Стародавньому Римі

2.2.9. Напишіть коротку анотацію тексту, використовуючи такі словосполучення:

Imagine being asked; something definitely wrong; be too happy; the aims of education; full of knowledge; adult society; a true version; give the opportunity; compare themselves with; practical advantage; healthy attitude to life; dispel illusions; the right conditions; hardly possible; to be fully prepared to enter society; years of experience in; to copy with many problems; to face the problem.

Розділ 2.3.

2.3.1. Прочитайте текст і визначте його основну ідею:

On April 21st 1,000 high school students will flock to Yale's Old Campus. With their admission to the university just secured, it is their turn to be feted with everything from meetings with famous professors to pizza parties.

Admission season has just concluded, and it has been another record of the year. The big four - Harvard, Princeton, Stanford and Yale - all took less than 10% of their applicants for the first time ever. Harvard accepted just 7.1% of those who applied.

Explaining the absurd competition at the top is easy. A population bump has increased the college-aged cohort for the past 15 years just as higher percentages of students have decided to enter university. Add to that two other factors: an intensifying obsession with big-name colleges rather than the ones that are cheapest or nearest to home, and the big financial-aid packages at the best universities.

These trends have profoundly altered the selection process in lower ranks. Such universities as Bowdoin and Middlebury also saw low admission rates (18% each). It is now as hard to get into Bowdoin, says the college's admission director, as it was to get into Princeton in the 70s. That has boosted the cachet of what used to be "safety schools".

Rarer in lower tires, though, are good financial-aid programmes. Fees will be an even bigger worry as the sub-prime mess savages family finances. And lenders are now unable to raise cash in uneasy debt markets. Even federally guaranteed student loans may become less accessible: Sallie Mae, the largest lender, has just announced that it will charge fees for loan applications.

Some congressmen want the government to buy up securities backed by student debt, and the federal education department may step in as a lender of last resort. Even so, outside the top tires, the big winners in this competition for applicants will be the ones who cause students least anxiety about how they are going to pay for all that learning.

Озаглавьте текст. Дайте не менше 3-варіантів заголовка.

2.3.3. Письмово переведіть текст зі словником.

2.3.4. Напишіть невелику замітку (10-12 речень) на тему: «Education: knowledge and examinations"


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