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1.2.9. Напишіть анотацію тексту, використовуючи фрази:

Exciting developments, visible proof, hardly value, the race for power, negligible, devote money to, limited budget, priorities.

Розділ 1.3.

1.3.1. Прочитайте текст і визначте його основну ідею:

When I was a child I seemed to spend half of my life in front of a television. Every day coming home from school, all day long at weekends when we were at home and for much of the summer holidays, we set in front of the box. Before the age of 10 I most enjoyed watching children's programmes. After this I had a period in which I enjoyed watching films and dramas, also soap operas, I shamefully admit.

However, as my views of the world changed, I found other interests, my attitude towards TV changed greatly. In the last few years I have very rarely switched on a TV, but often switched one off. In fact, for a couple of years I think I did not see a TV at all. I do not really think that it's good that all the people watching a television channel receive, learn and believe the same information, and are confronted with a very small selection of perspectives on things. I think it subconsciously influences people greatly, especially in their attitudes, and people become programmed in the way they think by what they absorb from the television. I do not know, you could say that if it was not for TV, they would receive a smaller amount of information about the world, about what's going on, but I feel that in these circumstances people would receive more information from their immediate environment and live more real, practical lives based more on first-hand experience and less on second-hand information. I also see that television has a strong influence on people's political ideas and very rarely offers any kind of religious or spiritual perspective on life, and I think that that's not healthy for the society. I think that a lot of time people spend sitting in front of televisions could be spent developing themselves in more direct ways - learning skills, exercising, reading, creating things or any of the number of more useful activities.

1.3.2. Озаглавьте текст. Дайте не менше трьох варіантів заголовка.

1.3.3. Письмово переведіть текст зі словником.

1.3.4. Напишіть невелику замітку (10-12 речень) на тему: «Advantages And Disadvantages Of Television».


· Cтрадательний заставу

· Присудок, виражене обротов "there is"

· Тема: Some Problems Of Education

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