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Quot; I have not any air inmy spare tire, either ".

"Have you any extratubes? "

"No, I have not, but Ihave a good tube in the spare tire. I had four new tubes when I met aman who was having tire trouble. Ha had not an extra tube. Ilet himhave my tubes. I suppose he was not a scientific person either. Hiscar was in a worse condition than mine is ".

How did it All Begin?

Do youever wonder why people do or wear, or say certain things? Why dothey shake hands when they meet? Many things you say and do couldhave reasons that date back thousands of years.

Forexample, it is very strange to think that shaking hands - a friendly custom(Звичай) today - was originally a means of keeping a stranger's (незнайомець)weapon hand where it could do no harm.

In primitive times,man never went about without some weapon of defense- usually aclub (кийок). Upon meeting a stranger a man could eitherstand and fight or turn away before discovering if the stranger was a friend oran enemy, or greet the stranger and possibly becomefriends.

But howcould he be sure the stranger would be friendly and how could thestranger trust in return? There was only one way to show friendly intentions and thatwas for both men to lay down their weaponsand hold out empty hands .. For added insurance, each would reach forthe other's right hand. As long as, both men's hands were

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Прочитайте текст. Використовуючи слова і вирази з тексту, опишіть свій стан перед іспитом. | Einstein had no such difficulty: he would break off and go sailing or play violin - not very well, he said, but it was very comforting. | Manufacturer. The revolution in industry made ... this machine was extremely great. | Passengers. 2 The project of such an aircraft was 2. a speed five to six times above the displayed at speed of sound. | Text 8B | Прочитайте текст. | If he had known about the lecture, he would have come. Had he known about the lecture he would have come. | Вправа 20. Знайдіть пропозиції з спілками before і after. | What do you think about it? Why? | Useful Words and Phrases of Scientific Communication at a scientific meeting, conference, round-table discussion, symposium, colloquium, seminar, session, congress, etc. |

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