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What do you think about it? Why?

  1. A. Do pre-reading tasks before each abstract, then read and translate the abstracts about the basics of management.
  2. A. Match the facts about the UK with the places on the map.
  3. A. Read the additional texts with interesting facts about Canada and discuss this information with your partner.
  4. A. Read the text about takeover and choose one of the three connectors to fill each gap.
  5. About Eating Out in Britain
  6. About My Family and Myself

Exercise 6. a) Read and say what you think about tea and what it does for you:


The English know how to make tea and what it does for you. Seven cups of it wake you up in the morning; nine cups will put you to sleep at night.

If you are hot, tea will cool you off, and if you are cold, it will warm you up.

If you take it in the middle of the morning, it will stimulate you 'for further work; if you drink it in the afternoon, it will relax you for further thought. Then, of course, you drink lots of it in off hours (вільний час).

The test of good tea is simple. If a spoon stands in it, then it is strong enough.

6) Use the following phrases:

1. If you ask me, tea ...

2. If you want my opinion, tea ...

3. I entirely / quite agree with the idea that ...

4. That's exactly my opinion / that's exactly what I feel ...

5. I do not like tea because ...

 Exercise 7. Read and smile:

A Fable from Aesop

While sitting together one time, a group of animals was discussing the popularity of the elephant. They all agreed that the elephant was the most popular animal in the forest, but none of them could give a satisfactory explanation of this fact. Yet they all had certain comments to offer.

The giraffe [d i'ra: f] said, "If the elephant had a long neck like mine, then it would be easy to understand his popularity. He would be the tallest animal in the forest".

The peacock (павич) said, "If he possesed my beautiful tail, it would be easy to understand. He would be the most beautiful creature in the forest".

The rabbit said, "If he could run as fast as I, it would be easy to understand. He would be the fastest animal in the forest".

The bear said, "If he was as strong as I, it would be easy to understand. He would be the strongest animal in the forest".

Suddenly the elephant himself appeared. He was larger and stronger than any of the other animals, and he was also superior in many ways. But he was always quiet and modest about his many accomplishments. This, after all, was the real explanation for his popularity.

An American lady got into a smoking carriage (вагон) where an Englishman was smoking a pipe.

She began doing everything to show him she objected to his smoking. At last, seeing that the man paied no attention, she said, "If you were a gentleman, you would stop smoking when a lady got into the carriage".

"If you were a lady", replied the Englishman, "you would not get into a smoking carriage".

"If you were my husband", said the American lady angrily, "I would give you poison (отрута)".

"Well," said the Englishman at last, "if I were your husband, I would take it".


Прочитайте текст і озаглавьте його. Дайте відповідь на наступні питання: а) Яку нову інформацію ви знайшли в тексті? б) За рахунок чого можна усунути недоліки в існуючих занурюються апаратах?

Now most submersibles are connected with a support ship on the surface.This connection is an armoured cable measuring an inch or two in the diameter and weighing up to 10 tons and it transmits power and navigational commands to the submersible, as well as sends sensor data and television images back to the support ship. Cables allow submersibles to transmit data at a great speed, but they limit the гапрг of territory studied and have many disadvantages in operation.

Autonomous underwater submersibles can move freely. Controlled by on-board microprocessors or by acoustic signals transmitted by a ship on the surface, battery-operated submersibles can cover much greater areas. They can operate under ice and in very deep water. Such three-ton unmanned crafts can submerge to the depth of almost 20,000 feet and stay there for up to seven hours. High quality images of the ocean bottom can be transmitted to the support ship in three to four seconds (because of the slow speed - about 5,000 foot per second through a water - acoustic data transmission is much less quick than signals sent via cable which travel at the speed of light).

But even these most advanced submersibles have definite disadvantages: batteries are heavy, data transmission is slow and computer programs are primitive. Future submersibles may overcome those difficulties. Some may be propelled by nuclear power or by fuel cells (паливні елементи) that use oxygen from the sea water. Many of them will rely on signal-compression techniques to speed up acoustic data links. Computerized systems will enable some submersibles to repair damaged telephone cables or oil platforms. If research work in this field continues to expand at its present rate, the number of radically different kind of more efficient crafts will appear very soon.


Прочитайте текст і назвіть особливості сучасного рятувального засобу па воді і принцип його дії.


Even though we now have ships of a kind unknown in earlier centuries, we are still very far from mastering the sea. The Greek sailor who was shipwrecked (терпіти корабля) on his way home from Troy and the sailor of tomorrow whose nuclear-powered cargo ship might be on fire both face the same dangers. They may drown (тонути), and so they need to keep afloat. They may die, and so they need to keep themselves covered and dry. Rescuers (рятувальник) may never find them, and so they need to send signals.

The Greek sailor at the time of the Trojan war had only a small chance of survival (порятунок). The sailor of tomorrow has a greater chance, especially if the ship has one of the new rescue crafts on board.

One such lifeboat looks more like a flying saucer (тарілка) than a boat. Sailors on board a ship which is in trouble can get into the capsule, close the water-tight doors and operate the controls which drop the capsule automatically into the sea. Made of glass fibre (скловолокно) the capsule will float on the sea and will not be dragged down by the sinking ship. It will protect the men inside from explosions, fire and extreme cold. It has a thirty-kilowatt diesel engine and so can carry survivors to the coast. To help rescue ship and

aircraft to find it the upper part of the capsule is covered with a special orange paint which can be detected by radar. Each capsule is large enough for twenty-eight men.


 Text 9D

Прочитайте текст і розкажіть по-англійськи, що ви дізналися про історію Грінвіча і його сьогодення.


Greenwich is on the river Thames, five miles from the middle of London, and its story is 2,000 years old. The first English people -the Saxons - were fishermen there and they gave Greenwich its name - "the green village".

You can still walk along the old Roman road in Greenwich park. But the river was the true road to the outside world for the Romans and for English kings and queens who later lived in Greenwich.

The King Henry VIII loved this place. He knew that England must be strong at sea. So two big shipyards were started at Greenwich and for 350 years the ships made there were the best in the world.

Many ships were lost at sea - their sailors did not know how to tell exactly where they were.

In XVII century astronomer Flamstead tried to find the answer. He worked in an Observatory on the high ground in Greenwich park. The walls of its big light-sided (неміцною) room shook when the weather was bad. But from it, with a telescope made by himself, Flamstead could look all round the sky. And he did look night after night for twenty years. Carrying on Flamstead's work a hundred years later, an astronomer called Harrison finally made a clock which told the time at sea and helped sailors to know where they were. You can see Harrison's clock, still working in Greenwich museum of the sea. Because of Flamstead's work every country in the world now tells its time by Greenwich time.

Every year a million people come to Greenwich to see its museums and palaces and its two famous ships: one old, one new. Both the big CUTTY SARK and the little GYPSY MOTH sailed through dangerous waters before they came safely back to their Greenwich home. At the end of the 1800's the CUTTY SARK was the fastest ship of its size. Carrying more than a million kilos of tea, she travelled the 25,000 kilometeres from China to England in only hundred days.

Next to the CUTTY SARK is the GYPSY MOTH - only 16.5 metres long, but full of newest equipment. Her captain Sir F. Chichester wanted his ship to sail as far and as fast as the CUTTY SARK. When he sailed round the world by himself in CYPSY MOTH in 1 966 -the first man ever do this-he took a flag from the CUTTY SARK with him.

Інфінітив, форми і функції

конструкція there + присудок

дієслова to cause, to make, to force

Text 10A. Laser

Text 10B. Optical Technology

Text. IOC. An Encyclopedia on a Tiny Crystal

Text10D. Science and International Cooperation

предтекстовие ВПРАВИ

Вправа 1.Визначте функції інфінітива в пропозиціях, переведіть: 1. Те ??develop a new submersible craft with a manipulator is not an easy task. 2. To develop the supercomputer highly developed electronics and new materials were required. 3. One of the best ways to keep the car speed steady is to use a computer. 4. Experiments helped Mendeleev to discover the properties of new chemical elements.

5. Francis Chichester was the first to sail round the world by himself.

6. Some materials with new useful properties may be produced in space. 7. A special electronic device signals the engine to stop. 8. Radar may control the brakes to avoid collisions with other cars. 9. High temperature alloys make it possible for jet engines to be operating under severe conditions for a long period of time. 10. Recently a radar to be mounted on cars has been developed. 11. In a new Japanese car the information to be recieved by the driver will come through -a navigation earth satellite. 12. To help helicopters and aircraft find the capsule, its upper part is covered with special paint which can be detected by radar. 13. To detect objects at a distance such as ships, aircrafts, buildings, mountains etc. is of great importance for navigation both at sea and in air. 14. The radar detects the stationary objects ahead of the car to warn the driver about them and slow down the speed.

Вправа 2. Переведіть відповідно до зразка: There are many ways ... - Існує багато способів ... There has appeared a new kind of vehicle. - З'явився новий вид апарату. There is no doubt - Немає сумніву ...

 1. There are unique conditions in space for producing materials with special qualities. 2. There exist different designs of submersible crafts in several countries. 3. There remains one more test to be carried out before using the device. 4. There has recently appeared a new way of communication through satellite network. 5. There is no doubt that soon we shall see the appearance of a new kind of superliners and space crafts. 6. We have read that there exists an international organization that makes it possible to keep telephone and telegraph communication via satellite with ships in any part of the World Ocean. 7. There is no doubt that mankind will be able to explore the solar system by using nuclear rockets. But there still remain a lot of problems to be solved.

Вправа З. Запам'ятайте значення дієслів to cause, to make, to force, переведіть пропозиції:

1. Weather changes are often caused by cyclons and anticyclons. 2. Work with deaf people made Al. Bell look for a way to help them and he began to study the theory of sound. 3. In internal combustion engines the pressure of gases forces the piston to go down. 4. The fact that Sofia Kovalevskaya could not continue her studies in Russia made her leave for Germany. 5. Heating causes the motion of molecules in a substance, the hotter it becomes, the quicker the molecules move. 6. Morse's interest in electricity made him start experimenting with it. 7. Sometimes bad weather forces the aircrafts to land. 8. In ordinary air it is possible to make electrons jump through space by means of pressure of high voltage.

Вправа 4. Переведіть пропозиції, враховуючи особливості поєднання прикметника з власною мовою enough:

1. Materials used for superliners structure must be strong enough to withstand the air resistance at high speeds. 2. The "night vision" system is to be small enough to be used in automobiles. 3. The film must be interesting enough since everyone has already seen it. 4. New materials for hypersonic craft should be light enough because the weight of the aircraft structure is of the greatest importance. 5. Infrared rays emitted by any object on the road are to be intensive enough for sensors to pick them up. 6. The Voice "Warning system for cars requires the connection of 18 wires, but it is simple enough to be installed in a car.

Вправа 5. а) Знайдіть російські еквіваленти для наступних словосполучень: before the turn of the century, fantastic story, sword of heat, mysterious sword of heat, has come to reality, the name stands for, light amplification, stimulated emission, mankind's oldest dreams , to make lead run like water, technological tool, thermonuclear fuel, to have no time to disintegrate, experiments in heating, required temperature, dozens of times greater, in just a fraction of a second.

технологічний засіб, змусити свинець литися як вода, назва означає, найстаріша мрія людства, посилення світла, в кінці минулого століття, індукована емісія (випромінювання), вогненний меч, таємничий вогненний меч, втілилося в реальність, фантастична історія, експерименти по нагріванню, необхідна температура , термоядерна паливо, немає часу для розпаду, в десятки разів більше, всього за частку секунди, б) Переведіть словосполучення:

a very pure colour, to vaporize the hardest materials, to vaporize any substance on earth, to combine two technological discoveries, limitless source of energy, practically limitless source of energy, thermonuclear fuel, thermonuclear reaction, controlled thermonuclear reaction, current estimates, a thousand -millionth of a second, to work hard.

Вправа б.Прочитайте і переведіть інтернаціональні слова: fantastic [faen'tajstik], Martians [ 'ma: / janz], to stimulate [' stimjuleit], laser [leiza], colour [Ие], thermonuclear reaction, controlled thermonuclear reaction, energy, plasma [ 'plae zma], dozens [dAznz], practice [' pnektis], practical [ 'praktikal], potential [pau'ten / al], intensive, intensity, principle, to vibrate [vai'breit], fraction, project [pra 'djekt], transmission, solar transmission, realise [' rialaiz].

Вправа7. Прочитайте, запам'ятайте вимова слів: world [wa: ld], turn [ta: n], earth [е: 9], invade [in'veid], sword [so: d], heat [hi: t], beam [bi: m], pure [pjua], mankind [maen'kaind], enough [i'nAf], vaporize [ 'veiparaiz], a lead [led], focused [' faukast], treatment [tri: tment] , vary [ 'vsari}, varied [' vearid], suggest [ss'd3pst], magic t'maedyk], problem [ 'problam], combine [kam'bain], source [sos], contribute [kan'tribju: t], duration [djua'rei / еп], pulse [p / ds], though [& au], encounter [in'kaunta], encode [in'kaud], surface [ 'sa: fis], therefore [' oeafo :], doubt [daut], entire [in'taia], heat [hi: t], weapon [ 'wepan].

Слова і словосполучення для запам'ятовування

 heat v, n - Нагрівати; тепло, теплотаheating n - нагрів heat-resistant а - Теплостійкий indeed adv- дійсно, насправді

amplification n - посилення as well adv - також approximately adv - Майже, приблизно

capacity n - Потужність, навантаження, продуктивність conduct v- вести, проводити

 cost n - Вартість installation n - Установка, збірка

duration n - тривалість involved p.II - Пов'язаний, рассмат-

enough adv- досить, досить Ріва, що має місце

entire a - Повний, цілий rapidly adv - швидко

exist n - Існувати represent v- представляти, оліцет-

fulfilment n - Виконання, здійс- Воря

організованого, виконання stimulate v - порушувати, індуці-

single a - Один, одиночний ровать

suggest v - пропонувати, радити treatment n - обробка

tool n - інструмент, знаряддя, середньо- vary v- міняти, змінювати

ство weapon n - зброя

to meet the demands, the requirements - задовольняти вимогам in order to - для того щоб power plant - силова установка, електростанція


Прочитайте текст і знайдіть абзаци, де йдеться про застосування лазерів. Переведіть.


In the "War of Worlds" written before the turn of the century H. Wells told a fantastic story of how Martians almost invaded our Earth. Their weapon was a mysterious "sword of heat". Today Wells 'sword of heat has come to reality in the laser. The name stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.

Laser, one of the most sophisticated inventions of man, produces an intensive beam of light of a very pure single colour. It represents the fulfilment of one of the mankind's oldest dreams of technology to provide a light beam intensive enough to vaporize the ^ hardest and most heat-resistant materials. It can indeed make lead run like water, or, when focused, it can vaporize any substance on earth. There is no material unamenable to laser treatment and by the end of 2000 laser will have become one of the main technological tools.

The applications of laser in industry and science are so many and so varied as to suggest magic. Scientists in many countries are working at a very interesting problem: combining the two big technological discoveries of the second half of the 20-th century - laser and thermonuclear reaction - to produce a practically limitless source of

energy. Physicists of this country have developed large laser installations to conduct physical experiments in heating thermonuclear fuel with laser beams. There also exists an idea to use laser for solving the problem of controlled thermonuclear reaction. The laser beam must heat the fuel to the required temperature so quickly that the plasma does not have time to disintegrate. According to current estimates, the duration of the pulse has to be approximately a thousand-millionth of a second. The light capacity of this pulse would be dozens of times greater than the capacity of all the world's power plants. To meet such demands in practice scientists and engineers must work hard as it is clear that a lot of difficulties are to be encountered on route.

The laser's most important potential may be its use in communica-tions.The intensity of a laser can be rapidly changed to encode very complex signals. In principle, one laser beam, vibrating a billion times faster than ordinary radio waves, could carry the radio, TV and telephone messages of the world simultaneously. In just a fraction of a second, for example, one laser beam could transmit the entire text of the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Besides, there are projects to use lasers for long distance communicat-ion and for transmission of energy to space stations, to the surface of the Moon or to planets in the solar system. Projects have also been suggested to place lasers aboard Earth satellites nearer to the Sun in order to trans-form the solar radiation into laser beams, with this transformed energy subsequently transmitted to the Earth or to other space bodies. These projects have not yet been put into effect, because of the great technolo-gical difficulties to be overcome and therefore the, great cost involved. But there is no doubt that in time these projects will be realized and the laser beam will begin operating in outer space as well.

Notes to the Text

1. to provide - отримувати

2. unamenable - не піддається

3. as to suggest magic - можна прийняти за диво

4. on route - на шляху

5. put into effect - здійснювати

6. in time - з часом


Вправа 8. Перегляньте текст 10А і дайте відповідь на питання: 1. What is this text about? 2. What does the word "laser" mean? 3. What is laser: is it a device or some phenomenon? 4. Who was the


 first to write about laser? 5. What writer from this country wrote a book about laser? 6. What can laser do? 7. Where can it be used? 8. What other uses do you know?

Вправа 9. Вкажіть, які твердження відповідають змісту тексту 10А. Неправильні затвердження виправте:

1. Laser means "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation". 2. Laser produces an intensive beam of light. 3. In the next few years laser will become one of the main technological tools.

4. Martians almost invaded the Earth before the turn of the century.

5. Laser and thermonuclear reaction can produce a limited source of energy. 6. The laser beam heats the fuel so quickly that the plasma disintegrates. 7. There are projects to transform lunar radiation into beams. 8. The laser beam will begin operating in outer space.

Вправа 10. Знайдіть в тексті ЮЛ інфінітиви в функції частини присудка і обставини мети (див. 3-й і 5-й абзаци).

Вправа 11. Знайдіть пропозиції, де інфінітив є визначенням, доповненням:

1. Те ??design, construct and operate a laser system is a great technological achievement. 2. To protect the water resources, forests and atmosphere several laws were passed in Russia in the 1970's. 3. A very interesting problem is to produce a practically limitless source'of energy. 4. There are projects to use lasers for long distance communication. 5. Automation makes it possible to obtain and develop new sources of energy. 6. To combine laser and thermonuclear reaction is a very interesting problem for the scientists in many countries. 7. To conduct physical experiments with laser beams Russian physicists have developed large laser installations. 8. Some Western experts consider that it is practically impossible to protect big cities from pollution. 9. Lasers to be placed on Earth satellites will transform solar radiation into laser beams. 10. A special design bureau in St. Petersburg was the first in the world to develop production of superlong escalators. 11. To put some projects with lasers in operation great technological difficulties must be overcome. 12. One of the ways to make planes as economical as possible is to lighten the aircraft by using new composite materials. 13. Signals to be measured must be strong enough.

Вправа 12. Вкажіть, ніж виражено визначення, переведіть:

1. The new system developed increased the safety and efficiency of a car. 2. The laser's most important potential use may be its long distance communication applications. 3. Provided the problem of using laser for controlled thermonuclear reaction were solved, the capacity of the pulse received would be much greater than all the world's power plant capacity. 4. All a pilot needs to do is to tune to radio transmitters

and he will get direction signals he needs. 5. One of the problems scientists are working at is to transmit energy to space stations by using lasers. 6. Laser provides a light beam intensive enough to vaporize the hardest and most heat-resi-stant materials. 7. A hypersonic aircraft will require complicated cooling measures because of the extreme temperatures appearing. 8. A new electronic device to be installed in the car's panel will calculate how far one can drive on the fuel left. 9. The hardest materials laser beam is aimed at vaporize within a fraction of a second. 10. Aircraft designers are interested in all kinds of new materials that are strong enough to be used for high-speed airliners. 11. Noise and vibration are also the problems to be faced by designers of hypersonic craft. 12. Besides, there is one more problem to be studied - that of surface cooling. 13. The ordinary aircraft windows would make the future superliner structure too weak to withstand great stresses developed. 14. Every student of Cambridge is to go to his tutor once a week to discuss with him the work done.

Вправи для самостійної роботи Вправа 13. Визначте частини мови по суффиксам і префіксам:

encode, capacity, disintegrate, emission, widen, intensive, incredible, defence, stranger, reality, strengthen, fulfilment, indestructible, amplification, substance, entirely, vaporize.

Вправа 14. Назвіть похідні від наступних слів і переведіть їх: limit, transmit, approximate, success, science, relate. Вправа 15. Знайдіть англійські еквіваленти:

встановлювати - installment, installation, install; відмінність, різниця - differ, difference, different; розпадатися - desintegrator, disintegration, disintegrate; який можна застосовувати - application, applicable, apply; зміцнювати - strong, strength, strengthen; ефективно - efficient, efficiency, efficiently; підсилювач - amplification, amplifier, amplify.

Вправа 16. Знайдіть

а) синоніми:

rapidly, sophisticated, to conduct, demand, almost, quickly, to carry out, approximately, opportunity, requirement, also, use, to fulfill, complex, as well, to realize, application, possibility;

б) антоніми:

further, integrate, cooling, outside, powerless, uncontrolled, limited, disintegrate, nearer, capable, limitless, controlled, incapable, powerful, heating, inside.


 i. A laser can find2. It is very interesting to combine3. There is an idea4. In this case a laser beam5. The light capacity in a laser installation should be dozens of times greater6. To develop such a laser system in practice7. Scientists and engineers must work

Вправа 17. Переведіть пропозиції, звертаючи увагу на багатозначність make и light:

What makes a soap bubble (мильна бульбашка) rise and fall. If a soap bubble does not break at once, it will begin to fall. Why? To explain this we must remember a balloon which is filled with hot air. It rises for some time and then it falls again. A balloon rises because the hot air inside it is lighter than the air round it, and as it is lighter, it must rise. When the air inside a balloon cools, the weight of the balloon itself makes it fall. A soap bubble is really a little balloon filled with hot air. This air is much lighter than the air outside. It can carry the weight of the water which makes the skin of the soap bubble. But this can not last for a long time, because the skin of the soap bubble is very thin. The bubble becomes as cool as the air around it and it begins to fall. It is interesting to know that the early experiments with balloons were based on soap bubbles.

Вправа 18. Переведіть:

There is a large garage on Seventh Street that provides work for eleven men. There is.one man who meets the customers. There are two other men who take care of batteries. There is another man who washes cars. There are three other men who sell gas and oil. There is another man who repairs timers. There are two men who work with engines and there is one man who sells tires. There is no better place for automobile service.

Вправа 19. Заповніть пропуски відповідною формою дієслова to be:

I ... now in the garage on Seventh Street. There ... three cars here. One ... a Ford. There ... a man in it. He ... buying a tire. One car ... a Buick. There ... five people in it. There ... a third car. A man and his wife ... in it. Their battery ... dead. The two battery men ... looking at it. "I ... sure you will have to rent a battery", one man says. "We ... a long way from home", the man in the car answers. "We ... not here often. We must buy a battery. There ... nothing else to do".

Вправа 20. Дайте відсутні форми дієслів, запам'ятайте їх: chosen, fed, costing, put, overcome, coming.

Вправа 21. Прочитайте і переведіть без словника:

Те understand why light from the laser is so concentrated you must know that light travels in waves. Ordinary white light is made up of many wavelengths travelling in every direction. Laser light is essentially of one wavelength, with all the waves moving in one direction. Because the laser wavelengths intensify each other, they can remain in an unbelievably straight beam for a long distance. Almost any

substance can be forced to "lase" if you work hard enough with it. Gas lasers give off continuous beams of light. Tiny semiconductor lasers may be especially useful in computers for transmitting signals to replace the use of cables. Many lasers can give off invisible radiation, either infrared or ultraviolet.


Exercise 1. Answer the questions:

1. What is a laser? (A device producing an intensive beam of light). 2. What is its principle of operation? (Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation). 3. What light is produced by a laser? (Light of pure single colour). 4. What can be done by means of a laser? (Vaporizing the hardest materials). 5. What materials can be treated with a laser? (Practically any material and any substance). 6. What is the most promising use of laser? (The use in all kinds of communication). 7. What prevents putting into effect the projects to use laser more widely in space? (Great technological difficulties and great cost involved).

Exercise 2. Make a sentence out of the two parts:

1. must heat the fuel to the required temperature very quickly.

2. very wide application.

3. hard to overcome numerous
 technological difficulties.

4. is not an easy task.

5. to use a laser for solving the problem of controlled thermonuclear reaction.

6. laser and thermonuclear reaction to produce a limitless source of energy.

7.thanthecapacityofall theworld's power plants.

-Exercise 3. Read and learn:

I Want to Read Faster

Mary: I've read a detective story. It was not very good so I

wasted (витрачати час) much time. Jane: Oh, it takes me now not more than an hour to read

a novel.
 M .: Really?

J .: Two months ago it would have taken me about two days.


It is a pity you did not join me when I was taking

speed-reading course.
 M .: Two things hold me back.Doubts that any system could

radically and permanently increase my speed. And money

for the courses.
 J .: But I thought that if I could double my speed the sum

would not be so much. M .: Sure, you are right. By the way, some authorities say it

is not reading. Though a lot of unread newspapers, books and magazines about the house might fall on me. My present

work day reading is 200 words per minute, it is very
 slow. How are those speed reading courses?
 J .: Great, today 50,000 students a year take these courses.

M .: How long does this course last?
 J .: Eight weeks, a 2.5 hour session a week plus an hour

a day drill.
 M .: What is your speed now?
 J .: The final test showed that my speed was 1520 w.p.m.

The book was the same we have used for our entrance exam.

M .: But you can lose the technique

J .: It is another question. The only wide survey (опитування) of

ex-students - 1800 of them - showed that after a year

one third of the people were not using the method at all.

Another third said they use it sometimes and that

probably they have kept speed. But the rest of the

students said they were reading faster than a year later.

Answer the following questions:

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