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If he had known about the lecture, he would have come. Had he known about the lecture he would have come.

  1. A. Do pre-reading tasks before each abstract, then read and translate the abstracts about the basics of management.
  2. A. Match the facts about the UK with the places on the map.
  3. A. Read the additional texts with interesting facts about Canada and discuss this information with your partner.
  4. A. Read the text about takeover and choose one of the three connectors to fill each gap.
  5. About Eating Out in Britain
  6. About My Family and Myself

1. If it were possible we should begin this work at once. 2. If he had had all the necessary books he would have made his report in time. 3. If the books had been available in our library we could have done this work much earlier. 4. If there were no computers space

flights would be impossible. 5. If drivers were more attentive while driving there would be less accidents on the road, б) Переведіть безсполучникові умовні пропозиції:

1. Had he used new materials the device would have been more reliable. 2. Were electric motors used cars would not pollute the air would be practically noiseless and very easy to control. 3. Had they applied the new method, the result would have been much better. 4. Were the design of cars improved the fuel consumption would be greatly reduced 5. Had a less explosive gas been used in dirigibles at the beginning of the century they would have been in operation since that time. 6. Were it possible to learn how birds find their way people would use the principle to develop a navigation system for aviation.

Вправа З. Переведіть пропозиції і запам'ятайте значення дієслова to provide у всіх його формах і союзу provided:

1. The experiments conducted provided very good results. 2, Russian technological achievements that provided the launching of rockets are known all over the world. 3. A tirepressure display provides information for front and back pairs of tires. 4. Provided new composite materials are used, it will be possible to reduce overall aircraft weight. 5 ^ Provided with a new vacuum-controlled carburetor this car model h ^ s several important advantages. 6. Superliners could develop a higher speed provided some special cooling measures were used. 7. An aircraft pilot can get all the information he needs provided he contacts a radio navigation station. 8. The work done provided us with new data. 9. Having measured the distance between two points, it is possible to calculate the time during which a car can cover it, provided we know the car's average speed. 10. Our laboratory has been provided with the latest equipment.

Вправа 4. а) Дайте ступеня порівняння для наступних прикметників:

great, easy, good, far, many, difficult, possible.

б) Поставте much перед прикметником в порівняльної ступеня, переведіть:
late, simple, important, valuable, quick, reliable, useful, complex,

в) Переведіть словосполучення:

набагато (набагато) раніше, набагато (набагато) довше, набагато (набагато) важче, набагато еахректівнее, набагато легше.

Вправа 5. а) Знайдіть російські еквіваленти для наступних словосполучень:

as old as seagoing, a round container, Swiss National Fair, as primitive as marine life, so-called, to take people deep into the lake, underwater tasks, around the ocean floor, wrist of the manipulator, to lift 120 pounds, marine life, the world's deepest vehicle, underwatef helicopter.

 швейцарська національна ярмарок; підводні роботи; опускати людей на велику глибину озера; по морському дну; підводний вертоліт; зап'ясті маніпулятора; морський тваринний і рослинний світ; самий глибоководний в світі апарат; така ж примітивна, як і морське середовище (життя); так само старі, як мореплавання; так званий; круглий контейнер; піднімати 120 футів. б) Переведіть словосполучення:

round glass container, marine life people watch around them, centuries before, to take people deeper than before, difficult underwater tasks, mounted on a metal platform, it looks like an underwater helicoper, move like a sport car, video cameras provide vision, to lift up to 120 pounds, work for up to nine hours.


Вправа 6. Переведіть такі похідні слова за зразком:

прикметник + th - іменник

deep - глибокий - * depth - глибина

long - length, wide - width, strong - strength;

прикметник + en = дієслово

light - легкий ¦ ** to lighten - полегшити

deep- deepen, bright- brighten, less- lessen;

префікси sub- (суб), under- (під-, нижче), under- (недо-) submerse - занурюватися) - * submersible - підводний, занурюваної estimate - оцінювати - * underestimate - недооцінювати

subsystem, subsonic, subcommittee, subdivision, subsurface, submarine, undersea, underground, undercooling, underproduction, underdeveloped;

префікс поп- (не-)

non-conductor - ізолятор - * non-military - невійськова

non-effective, non-essential, non-standard, non-metal, non-stop. Вправа 7.Прочитайте і переведіть наступні інтернаціональні слова:

ocean [ 'ЕІ / еп], container, apparatures [ tx pa'reitas], machine [ТЕ '/ кп], spherical [' sferiksl], plastic, metal platform, helicopter [ 'helicopta], manoeuver [ma'nu: va], sport, mechanical [mi'ka niksl], manipulator [ma'nipjuleita], system, miniature [ 'minjat / е], microphone

[ 'Maikr f un], to lift, minerals, battery, stereo [' sti ri u], construct, cultivate, videocamera, titanium [tai'teinj m].

Вправа 8. Прочитайте і запам'ятайте вимова слів:

descend [di'send], legend [ 'led33nd], submerge [веЬ'те ^ з], submersible [sab'm3: sabl], da Vinci [' vint / i], national [ 'nae / anl], Geneva [ d3i'ni: va], Japanese [^ заере'т: г], technician [tek'ni / еп], extreme [iks'tri: m], precision [pri's3an], essentially [i'senjbli], cycloid [ 'saikfoid], particular [pa'tikjula], wrist [Vist], provide [pra'vaid], sample [' sccmpl], image [i'midj], scale [skeil], join [d3oin], politician [^ poli'ti / еп].

Слова і словосполучення для запам'ятовування

accurate a - точний particular a - даний, особливий,

almost adv - Майже окремий

advanced p.II- новітній, переді- penetrate v - проникати

виття precision n - точність

collect v - збирати promise v - обіцяти

construct v-будувати, споруджувати provided с / - за умови; в тому

crew n - екіпаж випадку, якщо

depth n - глибина realize v - здійснювати, реализо-

descend v-спускатися, опускатися вивать

due to prp - завдяки, через resist v - чинити опір, витри-

explore v - досліджувати проживати

find out v - з'ясувати, дізнатися sample n - зразок

image n - зображення submerge - занурюватися, опу-

instead of adv - замість скотитися вглиб

join v- з'єднувати, об'єднувати test v - перевіряти, піддавати ви-

lift v- піднімати (ся) випробуванні

mankind n - людство transparent a - прозорий

operate v- працювати, діяти try v- намагатися, намагатися
 battery-operated pll - працюючий на батареях


Прочитайте текст і дайте відповідь на питання:

1. В яких країнах ведуться роботи по створенню занурюються апаратів?

2. У чому відмінності занурюються апаратів нового типу?

Переведіть текст.

Descending to New Ocean Depths

We know litllc about the ocean yet. The dream of exploring under the waves is almost as old as seagoing. Legend says that Alexander

 the Great submerged himself in a round glass container, and Lenardo da Vinci designed a submersible vehicle in his notebooks centuries before Jules Verne wrote "Twenty Thousand Leages Under the Sea." If their dreams had been realized and such a craft had been constructed mankind would have known about the secrets of Ocean much earlier. However.already during the Swiss National Fair in 1964 a submersible vehicle took thousands of people deep into Lake Geneva.

Not long ago, the crafts that penetrated the ocean depths were almost as primitive as the marine life they watched around them. However, non-military deep sea ships, so-called submersibles, were progressing rapidly. Russian, French, Japanese and American scientists are developing crafts that can submerge deeper, stay longer and find out more than earlier apparatuses.

Soon, one of the most advanced crafts, a one passenger submerging ship, will be tested. It may be able to take explorers and technicians deeper than ever before (up to 3,300 feet) and perform difficult underwater tasks with extreme precision.

This new submersible is essentially a spherical transparent plastic hull mounted on a metal platform. It looks like an underwater helicopter and can manoeuver itself in its water environment with some of the

2 4

versatility of a helicopter due to the use of a cycloid rotor instead of conventional marine-propeller screws4. It is expected that this apparatus will move around the ocean like a sports car.

However, the breakthrough that will make this particular craft quite different from other manned submersibles is a mechanical hand called the sensory manipulator system. Miniature video cameras on the "wrist" of the manipulator provide it with vision and microphones enable the submersible to "hear". This manipulator system is designed to lift up to 120 pounds and will also be able to perform such accurate scientific work as collecting samples of ocean-floor minerals and marine life. When demonstrated, it lifted crystal glasses, drew pictures and wrote with a pen.

Some scientists are trying to develop the world's deepest manned submersible. When completed, it will be capable of submerging up to depths of 21,000 feet. Its crew will be in a pressure-resistant titanium-alloy cabin. This craft will be driven by a battery-operated electric motor and will work for up to nine hours. It will record images with colour television and stereo cameras and will collect samples by manipulaling two robotic arms.

If such crafts are constructed on a large scale, we shall be able not only to spend our holidays enjoing the underwater life, but also grow and cultivate sea plants, fish and pearls. It will be possible, provided scientists, designers and politicians from all over the world join their efforts and solve the most important problems in this field.

Notes to the Text

1. transparent plastic hull'- прозорий пластмасовий корпус

2. versatility - свобода пересування

3. cycloid rotor - несучий гвинт циклоїдного типу

4. marine-propeller screw - судновий гребний гвинт

5. breakthrough - радикальне рішення

6. sensory manipulator system - сенсорна система маніпулятора


Вправа 9.Перегляньте текст 9Л і дайте відповідь на питання: 1. What is the text about? 2. What is a submersible? 3. Who was the first to think of a submersible vehicle? 4.What writer wrote about a submersible? 5. What special systems will be used on a new submersible? 6. What are the characteristics of the manipulator system? 7. What kind of submersible is being designed at present? 8. What do you think of the future of such vehicles? 9. What is the name of the famous French scientist who is an explorer of the ocean? 10. Have you seen his film? Have you read his books?

Вправа 10. Вкажіть, які твердження відповідають змісту тексту 9А. Виправте неправильні твердження:

1. We know very little about the ocean yet. 2. The dream of exploring the underwater life is very old. 3. It was Jules Verne who was the first to write about a submersible vehicle. 4. Only Japanese scientists are developing deep water submersible crafts. 5. A new submersible craft looks and moves like an underwater helicopter. 6. A new submersible is provided with a manipulator that is designed to lift 120 tons. 7. When demonstrated, it lifted crystal glass and drew pictures. 8. When completed, the world's deepest manned submersible will be capable of submerging to the depth of 21,000 meters. 9. This craft will be driven by a battery-operated electric motor,

Вправа II.Знайдіть в тексті 9А додаткові умовні пропозиції; зробіть їх бессоюзной, де можливо.

Вправа 12.Знайдіть додаткові умовні речення, що виражають нереальні дії; перечекайте:

1. If a scientific research is closely linked with practice the results are always good. 2. If you looked at the equipment of 1 946 you would notice the difference with that available at present. 3. If there is a pressure change in the tires, a transmitter signals to adjust the pressure. 4. If we were tc? make a journey in a plane to the nearest star we should have to travel for several thousand centuries. 5. Were traffic controlled by computers cars could travel with safety and speed. 6. Had submersibles been developed since Alexander the Great mankind would have used natural resources from the ocean floor and cultivated plants and'fish there. 7. Had all submersibles had autonomous principle of operation they would have become much more useful. 8. If fire-arms had not been invented the secret of Damascous steel would not have

 been lost. 9. If we could make a non-stop flight around the sun in an airplane at a speed about 300 km per hour it would require 565 days to encircle it at the equator. 10. If the satellite speed is less than necessary it will go down from the orbit and enter the atmosphere. Вправа 13. Переведіть пропозиції з спілками provided, if, wliether: 1. Specialists reported that a miniature video camera provided the latest submersible with vision. 2. The speed of a satellite would be less provided it moved at a greater distance from the earth. 3. Drivers do not know yet whether radars wiH be mounted on the next car model. 4. If the weather is too bad for flying, passenger airplanes do not leave airports. 5. It was very important to find out if electricity could be used for long distance communication. 6. During the entire flight, the pilot is provided with all the necessary information about weather conditions. 7. Modern submersibles can remain at the depth of 20,000 feet for eight hours or, if needed, as long as two or three days. 8. A new system for motor cars can be provided with infrared sensors that can detect a human figure at night. 9. If underwater tourism continued to develop at the present rate, the number of passengers could grow up to millions in only a few years.

Вправа 14. Переведіть такі пропозиції з союзом unless і запам'ятайте його значення:

1. Isaac Newton stated that a body would continue moving unless some force was applied to stop it. 2. Space flights would be impossible unless special materials for space vehicles were produced. 3. We should have no radio, telephone, television or computers unless there were electricity. 4. The earth temperature would increase indefinitely unless heat were radiated. 5. Unless the temperature rises the speed of the molecules will not increase. 6. It would have been impossible to send satellites into orbit unless Newton's laws of motion had been studied. 7. With "heat generated by friction of the air on aircraft surface, the temperature inside the cabin would increase to almost 1,000 ° C unless it were cooled by mechanical means.

Вправи для самостійної роботи

Вправа 15.Утворіть від наступних слів

а) дієслова:

usage, subdivision, indication, complication, difference, large, systematisation, appearance, changable, measurable;

б) іменники:

noiseless, powerful, deep, dangerous, perform, realise, lighten.

Вправа 16.Утворіть похідні від наступних слів:

manipulate, compress, move.

Вправа 17.Знайдіть еквіваленти:

досліджувати - exploration, explorer, to explore;

; Очно - exactness, exactly, exact, exaction;

занурений - submergence, submerge, submerged, submersion; направляти - navigate, navigable, navigation; стійкий - resistance, to resist, resistant, resistor; ширина - wide, width, widely, widen.

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