Manufacturer. The revolution in industry made ... this machine was extremely great.

  1. An Overview of the Mining Industry
  2. Applications of Automation and Robotics in Industry
  3. Australia's food industry
  4. Automation in Industry
  6. Ex. 13. Commerce and Industry

Вправа 23. Дайте відсутні форми дієслів, запам'ятайте їх:

Held, flown, overcome, withstanding, lain, flow, burnt.

Вправа 24. Прочитайте і переведіть без словника:

" Even the birds are not flying today "is an old saying used to indicate that the weather for flying is extremely bad. And for man nothing has a greater effect on flying than the weather. And because of its changing so quickly and without warning an extensive network of weather stations has been established for helping the pilots get all the information about weather. Before flying pilots may get current weather information on changing conditions along their route or at their destination. The weather reporting system helps overcoming many difficulties in flying . In winter, eg, icing can cause the reduction of lift efficiency of airplane by changing the flow of air. Pilot's being informed about the weather allows him to avoid weather problems. The weather being too bad, pilots just stay on the ground like anywise (досвідчений) bird.

CONVERSATION Exercise 1. Answer the questions:

What kind of aircraft may begin a new age in aviation? (A hypersonic passenger liner).

What is the shape of a new liner? (An elongated fuselage witha sharp nose).

What distance can a new liner cover in less than two hours? (The distance between Tokyo and Moscow).

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TEXT 4D | визначення | Наприклад: The experiments which Popov made were discussed at the University meeting. The experiments Popov made were discussed at the University meeting. | During the course of study students carry out practical work in | Прочитайте текст і прокоментуйте його заголовок. Чи правий автор, давши такий заголовок? Знайдіть в тексті відповідні факти. Переведіть текст. | Вправа 16. Знайдіть у другому абзаці тексту 5А бессоюзное определительное підрядне речення і переведіть його. | Прочитайте текст і розкажіть про новий спосіб підвищення пластичності і зносостійкості різального інструменту з композиційної кераміки. | Причастя | Переведіть текст. | Прочитайте текст. Використовуючи слова і вирази з тексту, опишіть свій стан перед іспитом. |

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