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  1. Активні дієприкметники теперішнього часу.
  2. Чи не з повними дієприкметниками.
  3. Незалежні причетні обороти без причастя
  4. Відокремлені обставини, виражені дієприслівниками і дієприслівниковими оборотами
  5. Визначення деепричастия.
  6. Визначення причастя.
  7. Пасивні дієприкметники минулого і майбутнього часу.

Незалежний причетний оборот Значення слова since Суфікси -age, -ate Префікс en-Text 7А. Transport for Tomorrow Text 7B. Car of Future Text 7C. Talking Instrument Panels Text 7D. Testing Times

предтекстовие ВПРАВИ Вправа 1. Прочитайте, поясніть вживання часів:

"Have you seen a copy of Magna Charta: collection of old English Laws?" "I have not seen all of it. I have seen parts of it many times. I saw three or four articles from it yesterday". "Where did you see them?" "I saw them at the Public Library". "I saw you there. Did you see me?" "No, I did not see you. I did not see anyone whom I knew except the librarian. I did not see any of my school friends, I mean". "I have seen you at the library many times, but you do not see anyone. The teacher says she has seen you there too, but you see only the books which you are reading". "If I had seen you yesterday, you could have seen the article from Magna Charta. You could not have read the originals, the ones that I saw. I read them in the translated form. Old English is almost as difficult to read as a foreign language ". "If I see you in the library again, I'll speak to you".

Вправа 2. Заповніть пропускивідповідними формамидієслова to see: I ... a friend in the library yesterday. I ... him there many times before, but he was so busy that I did not speak to him. When I spoke to him he said that he ... never ... me at the library. He concentrates on his work. He ... only his book. The teacher ... him there many times, but he does not ... even her. He ... many important facts in books, however, and tells the class about them. He ... and read more important documents than all the rest of our class put together.

Вправа З.Переведіть такі словосполучення з дієприкметниками I і II:

developing industry, developed industry;
 changing distances, changed distances;
 a controlling device, a controlled device;
 an increasing speed, an increased speed;
 a transmitting signal, a transmitted signal;
 a reducing noise, a reduced noise;
 a moving object, a moved object; i

heating parts, heated parts.

Вправа 4.Знайдіть причастя в різних формах, переведіть:

1. We need highly developed electronics and new materials to make supercomputers. 2. New alloys have appeared during the last decades, among them a magnesium-lithium alloy developed by our scientists. 3. We are carried by airplanes, trains and cars with built-in electronic devices. 4. Computer components produced should be very clean. 5. Many countries have cable TV, a system using wires for transmitting TV programs. 6. The fifth-generation computers performing 100 billion operations a second will become available in the nearest future. 7. A videophone has a device which allows us to see a room and the face of the person speaking. 8. New technologies reduce the number of workers needed.

1. Driving a car a man tries to keep steady speed and watch the car in front of him. 2. Having stated the laws of gravity Newton was able to explain the structure of the Universe. 3. Being more efficient than human beings computers are used more and more extensively.

4. Having graduated from Cambridge Newton worked there as a tutor.

5. Having been published in 1687 Newton's laws of motion are still the basis for research. 6. Being invented the digital technology solved the old problems of noise in signal transmission. 7. Having published his book about space exploration in 1 895 Tsiolkovsky became known all over the world. 8. Built in the middle of the last century the British Museum is situated in central London.

Вправа 5.Визначте, якою формою дієслова є слово з закінченням -ів, переведіть:

1. The first television set produced quite a sensation in 1939. The first television set produced in 1939 was a tiny nine-by-lwelve inch box. 2. Newton's great work published in 1687 is called "Principia". Newton published his great work "Principia" in 1687. 3. The Russian Chemical Society organized more than a century ago is named after Mendeleev. The Russian Chemical Society organized an international conference devoted to the latest achievements in organic chemistry. 4. The energy possessed by the body due to its position is called the potential energy. The new material possessed good qualities. 5. The

 equipment required to perform laboratory experiments was very complex. The equipment required further improvement. 6. The car model developed a speed of 50 miles an hour. The car model developed bv our student design bureau will be shown on TV.

Вправа б.Переведіть виділені словосполучення:

1. When completedin 1897 Gefferson's building was the largest and costliest library in the world. 2. Though being a school teacher of mathematics all his life, Tsiolkovsky concentrated his attention on man's travel into space. 3. If ^ compared to today's TV program, the first black-and-white pictures were not very good. 4. While being a teacher of deaf people Bell became interested in sound and its transmission. 5. Thoughdiscovered, Newton's mistake had no influence on his theory. 6. Whileworking at a new transmitter for deaf people Bell invented a telephone. 7. If heated to 100 ° С water turns into steam.

Вправа 7. Вкажітьпідмет незалежного причетного обороту, пере
 ведіть пропозиції:.

1. Numerous experiments having been carried out at the orbital stations, it became possible to develop new methods of industrial production of new materials. 2. President Jefferson having offered his personal library, the foundation of the Library of Congress was laid. 3. Anthony Panizzi designed the Reading Room of the British Museum, the Reading Room being a perfect circle. 4. A beam of light being transmitted forwards.it is possible to measure the distance between the car and the other cars in front of it. 5. The distance having been measured, the computer adjusts the car's speed. 6. Two metallurgists produced a new superplastic metal, the new steel showing properties identical to Damascus steel. 7. The young physicist having discovered Newton's error, other scientists confirmed it. 8. The first TV sets having been shown in 1939 the news about it spread throughout the world.

1. With the first steam engine built in the 17-th century, people began to use them in factories. 2. The inventor was demonstrating his new device, with the workers watching its operation attentively. 3. With his numerous experiments being over, Newton was able to write his work very quickly. 4. With the current being switched on, the machine automatically starts operating.

Вправа 8. Переведіть:

1. Читаючи книгу, він зазвичай робить замітки (make notes). 2. Прочитавши текст, ми обговоримо його. 3. Відповідаючи на питання, він зробив кілька помилок. 4. Відповівши на питання викладача, ми почали переводити новий текст. 5. Будучи хорошим провідником електрики, мідь широко використовується в промисловості. 6. Побачивши

зелене світло, ми перейшли (cross) вулицю. 7. Купуючи газету, він втратив гроші. 8. Купивши газету, він пішов до метро.

Вправа 9. Визначте значення виділених слів:

1. The Reading Room of the Library of Congress houses a great collection of reference books. 2. The Houses of Parliament are situated in the centre of London on the banks of the Thames. 3. The fuselage of a new cargo aircraft can house large-size equipment. 4. Solar power can be used as a source of heat. When we heatwater, it turnes into steam. 6. Heat energy may be of a kinetic form. 7. A new computerized system monitors the produ- ction processes of this plant. 8. This plant is equipped with video and television monitors. 9. Our laboratory is developing an electronic monitoring system for cars. 10. In new cars instrument panels will have a means to display different objects on the road. 11. Liquid-crystal display was used in the first colour television set. 12. A special electronic device signals the engine to stop. 13. Now it is possible to send signals over long distances.

Вправа 10. Вкажіть, в яких пропозиціях only - Наріччя, а в яких -прілагательное:

1. The higher school today considers education not only as a collection of useful facts and theories but as a process which trains the mind to think, analyze and make decisions. 2. Halley's Comet is the only comet which has been regularly observed for more than 200 years. 3. Many experts now question the idea that environmental problems began only with the industrial revolution in the 19-th century. 4. As the operation of integrated circuits depends on microscopic components, the purity of all materials at the plant is the only requirement. 5. In the next few years since their first appearance in 1939 only few people owned television sets. 6. The collection of ethnography in the British Museum is so vast that only a tiny percentage is on show to the general public. 7. When we speak about the further development of computers we mean not only quantity, but also high technology and high speed.

Вправа 11. а) Знайдіть російські еквіваленти наступних словосполучень:

one thing is certain, public transport, the time is coming, from t home to office, a modern vehicle, in common use, to get into a car.a pack of cigarettes, how far one can drive, various objects ahead, directly above the bumper, get out of a car.

різні об'єкти попереду, громадський транспорт, сучасне транспортний засіб, приходить час, сісти в машину, пачка сигарет, від будинку до роботи, одне явно, в повсюдному використанні, вийти з машини, скільки (як далеко) можна проїхати, безпосередньо над бампером.

б) Переведіть такі словосполучення:

to go out into the street, a usual means of transport, to get information, to get the best economy, a decade ago, to play a part,

 the size of a pack of cigarettes, the vehicle's carburator, an electronic instrument panel, the car's position on a road, objects ahead of the vehicle, stationary objects ahead, ten miles an hour.


Вправа 12. Переведіть такі похідні слова за зразком: прілагат Єльня е

іменники + -age - іменник дієслово

short - короткий - * shortage - нестача, недолік mile - миля ~ * mileage - відстань в милях

usage, advantage, breakage;

суфікс дієслова -ate:

illuminate - висвітлювати - * sophisticate - ускладнювати

regulate, demonstrate, concentrate, separate, indicate;

префікс en- + прикметник = дієслово rich - багатий - * to enrich - збагачувати

to enable, to ensure, to enlarge, to enclose.

Слова і словосполучення для запам'ятовування

adjust v - регулювати guidance л - управління, наведе-

angle л - кут ня

apply v - застосовувати ignition n - запалювання

avoid v - уникати indicate v- вказувати, показувати

axis л - вісь make v - робити, змушувати

current а- сучасний, поточний mount v - монтувати, устанав-

destination п - пункт призначення ливать

detect v - виявляти only а - Єдиний; adv толь

directly adv - прямо, непосредст- до

венно place v - поміщати

engine n - двигун select v - вибирати

ensure v - забезпечувати, гаранта- size л - розмір

ровать sophisticatedp.p -складний

equip v - обладнати valve л - клапан

exceed v - перевищувати warn v - попереджати

exhaust л - вихлоп withstand v - витримувати

in many respects - у багатьох відношеннях

to look like - бути схожим

to turn on / off - вмикати / вимикати

Вправа 13.Прочитайте і переведіть наступні інтернаціональні слова: public ГрлЬНк], transport, future t'fju: t / a], pilot [pailat], role [raul], carburator [ 'kctbjureta], control [kan'traul], display, component [ kam'paunant j, model [modi], characteristics [, ka? rikta'ristiks], diagonally [dai'asganali], automatic [o: ta'majtik], automatically, automatically, automobile [ 'o: tamaubi: l], motor [ 'mauta], decade [' dekeid], gasoline [ 'gaezaulim], nature [' neit / е], project [pradsekt], Sahara [sa'ha: ra], ceramic [si'raemik], radar [reida ].

Вправа14. Прочитайте і запам'ятайте вимова таких слів: vehicle [ 'vi: ikl], drive [draiv], driver, arrive [a'raiv], arrival [a'raival], guidance [' gaidans], private [ 'praivit], motorway, motorcar, lane [lein], luxury [ '1лк / еп], exhaust [ig'zarst], device [di'vais], adjust [a'djAst], fuel [fjual], calculate [' kaelkjuleit], average [ 'asvarid3], since [sins], feature [' firtja], aerial [earial], directly [di'rektli], danger [ 'deind3a], observe [ab'za: v], warn [worn], buzzer [ Ьлге], Japan [d3a'pa3n], Japanese [djaspa'ni.-z], angle [ajngl], axis f'asksis], data [ 'deita], impassible [im'parsibl], valve [vaelv], 5 ° С [faiv di'griz 'sentigreid], engine [' endjin].


Прочитайте текст і дайте відповідь на питання: Які автомобіля найбільш перспективний для громадського транспорту майбутнього? Які приклади застосування електроніки в автомобілі наводяться в тексті?

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