Наприклад: The experiments which Popov made were discussed at the University meeting. The experiments Popov made were discussed at the University meeting.

  1. A Freshman at Brown University
  2. A thing which producer, consumer
  3. A. Study the topical vocabulary and say which bank services you employ.
  4. Alcot University
  5. B) Far Eastern State Transportation University
  6. B) the conditions in which you live and work, that affect your life. RESULT
  7. B. Read these extracts and decide which sections of the checklist above they come from.

Newton's great work which was published in +1687 is called "Principia". 2. The Russian Chemical Society which is named after Mendeleev was organised more than a century ago. 3. The subjects that the students study in the first and second years are very important for their future speciality. 4. The invention which Popov made did not interest the government.

Наприклад: The laboratory in which the students will workis in a new building Thelaboratory which the students will work in is in a new building The laboratory the students willwork in is in a new building.

The film about which we were told had been made several years ago.

The magazine in which a very interesting article is published is available in our library. 3. The material of which this instrument is made is a new one. 4. This is a subject about which we do not know much. 5. The cosmonauts about whom we heard so much have come to our town. 6. Have you seen the main components which the new device consists of?

Упражененіе 6.Знайдіть безсполучникові визначальні підрядні речення,переведіть їх:

The building our students live in is not far from the institute. 2. Bell

Was making his experiment in a room next to the room Watson worked in.

For a long time Bell could not get the results he was looking for. 4. The discovery of Newton's mistake we shall read about was made by a young physicist. 5. When Rontgen made his discovery the room he was experimenting in was dark. 6. The plant this material is produced at is in the Urals. 7. The problem this article deals with is connected with the subject we study. 8. It is difficult to imagine the world we live in without radio, television and telephone.

Вправа7. Визначте, чи є виділені слова іменником абодієсловом. Назвіть підтверджують це ознаки:

This means that; this means; it means; new means; this means is. 2.this increase is; this increases; it increases; nothing increases; its increase. 3. these results; this results in; both results; this result; both result in; it results from.

Вправа 8. Переведіть виділені словосполучення, звертаючи увагу нарізні значення слова carry:

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Прочитайте текст. Розкажіть по-англійськи про визначні пам'ятки сучасного Лондона. | Text 3D. Non-traditional Renewable Sources of Energy | Without, present. | At six o'clock at the laboratory. | Semester. 1 am sure that he (have) no language problem in the other countries when he (get) there. Many people in those countries (understand) English or French. | Він написав статтю про свою роботу. 3. Мене запитали, чи зробив я свою | Notes to the Text | Упражненіе18. Знайдіть синоніми і антоніми:. | He read all the books about sound that he could find and started to work on some of his own experiments. | TEXT 4D |

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