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  1. B) Explain the difference between the synonyms within each pair. (See Notes on p. 18.) When in doubt, consult dictionaries.

To have a look - поглянути, подивитися

To break out - початися, вибухнути

Pocket-size - кишеньковий

Liquid-crystal display - пристрій зображення на рідких кристалах

Once a week - раз в тиждень

High-definition television (HDTV) - телебачення високої чіткості

Width-to-height ratio - відношення ширини до висоти


Вправа 11.Перегляньте текст 4А і дайте відповідь на питання:

When did the first TV set appear? 2.Were people interested in the new invention? 3. Why was the TV production stopped in 1940? 4. What is cable television? 5. What is digital television? 6. What is high-definition television?

Вправа 12.Вкажіть, які з наступних тверджень відповідають змісту тексту 4А:

A lot of people owned television sets in the first years after its invention. 2. First television black-and-white pictures were excellent. 3. But only few people owned television sets in the next few years after their appearance. 4. Black-and-white television was rapidly replacing colour television. 5. First television black-and-white pictures were not very good. 6. Only a few years ago colour television was rapidly replacing black-and-white television. 7. When the war was over, TV sets stopped coming off factory assembly lines. 8. After World War II TV sets began coming off factory assembly lines.

Вправа 13.Знайдіть в тексті 4А пропозиції, в яких застосовано правило узгодження часів, і переведіть їх.

Вправа 14. Вкажіть способи приєднання придаткових додаткових пропозицій до головного:

It was reported in 1939 that the first TV set was shown at the World Fair in New York. 2. The students wanted to know whether colour television sets were produced at that plant. 3. After the war when the mass production of TV sets began people realized they wanted to have a TV set at home.

Experiments proved that electricity could travel instantly over a long piece of wire. 5. Can you tell me whether satellites are used for telephone communication? 6. It became clear television had a great influence on people's life. 7. Russian newspapers informed that about 2,000 satellites had been launched into the orbit. 8. We did not know whether the development of television had continued during the war. 9. We know he works at the problem of space communication. 10. We learnt from that text that B. Franklin had published his work about electricity in 1752. 11. Scientists wanted to find out if electricity could be used for a long distance communication. 12.Do you know if the "Moscow-Washington" international bridge will be shown on television today?

Вправа15. Прочитайте і вкажіть пропозиції, в яких діє правило узгодження часів:

Some years ago India began its Satellite Instructional Television Experiment. This experiment showed (that) satellite television programs had been a success with schoolchildren, their knowledge level had increased considerably. It was found ^ hat children could remember and speak about programs which they had seen several weeks back. 2. Many experts could not decide whether so much TV was harmful to the individual's health and mental activity or not. 3. Specialists did not know if it was possible to continue modernizing the electronic equipment of this kind - the costs were too high. 4. There appeared some reports that we had technical means to use much more channels on a TV set and we should be able to see many sports and news programs from all parts of the world soon.

At first it was not clear whether new telephone and teletype communication with ships via six satellites was economical and reliable or not. 6. It was announced that the cryogenic cable had been invented in Russia. 7. We have read that for the first time electricity had been applied for industrial use in silver workshops in Paris. 8. We know different transmitters are used in a television system - one for the sound channel and the other for the picture channel. 9. We learnt from the lecture that electricity was still considered the main source for new technological developments.

Вправи для самостійної роботи Вправа 16.Виберіть відповідний переклад наступних слів:

attention - уважно, уважний, увагу; surprisingly - дивовижний, здивування, дивно; recorder - записуючий пристрій, запис, записувати; 4 *

convenient - зручність, удооний, скликати;

numerous-незліченний, кількість, численний.

Вправа 17. Назвіть слова,від яких утворені похідні:

development, conveniently, communication, production, continuous, beginning, transmitter, action, recorder, electronic, simultaneously, different, usable, central, calculator, possibility, disconnect.

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