На головну

Without, present.

  1. Write a paragraph about your native city (town), its past and present.

Вправа 16.Поставте дієслово в дужках у відповідному часу:

My brother (enter) Moscow University (long ago, already, just, next

year, lastyear, thisyear, by the end of the month, when I came to Moscow)

Вправа 17.Знайдіть пропозиції зі словами to haw, one, that; переведіть їх:

Althoughthe US is a large country with many peoples the language is almost the same wherever one goes. There are two reasons for this. Onejs that people move around a great deal in the US. A man can grow up in one part of the country, go tocollege in another place, find work in another place andmarry a girl from still another part of the country.

The second important factor is public communication. Movies, radio and television all have standard way of speech. The southern part of theUS is probably the region with themost individual speech. Southernpronunciation differs from that in therest of the country. Southerns talkslowly and often do not pronounce "R" ora final "g". Another commonSouthern expression is the unusual use of the word "evening". In most partsof the country this means thetime after the sun goes down, the early partof the night,but to aSouthern itcan mean any time after twelve o'clocknoon. Inthe southern mountains there have not been new settlers fromother countries for two hundred years. They have ways of speech thatare like the English spoken centuries ago when the first people came there fromEngland. Many songs they sing today are those sung long ago in England.

Вправа 18. Поставте дієслово to be в відповідній формі:

Today is ..., ..., 19 ...

I ... at my English class. I ... reading a story about Thomas A. Edison. I ... learning that his laboratories are in Orange, New Jersey. I ... glad to read about such a man as Th.A.Edison. A young inventor ... in Thomas Edison's laboratory He ... looking at an invention that ... in a glass case. It ... an electrical invention. The young inventor's pencil ... in his hand. He ... drawing the part of the invention which he came there to study. An Englishman and his young son ... in Edison's laboratory. They ... looking at hundreds of inventions. Many of them ... in glass cases. The man and his son ... interested in all Mr.Edison's inventions, they ... the most interested in the electrical ones. Many of those ... in one room. Several tourists ... in this room, and among them ... the Englishman and his son. The man says to one tourist. "We ... interested in electrical ones."

Вправа 19. Вставте приводи to, with, about, at, for, on:

This morning father spoke ... my brother and me ... going to see our aunt this evening. It is our aunt's birthday. We wanted to surprise her family. Our mother was going to go ... us. We had to be ready ... seven o'clock. We wanted to be., Our aunt's house ... seven thirty. We left ... my aunt's house ... seven ... our mother and father. But the aunt was not ... home. Her children had taken herand the uncle ... the theater. Welaughed: wc had a surprise party, but it was on us. We left the presents and went ... a show ourselves.

We went ... Kuskovo yesterday. I went ... my mother and father. We took our lunch ... us. We reached Kuskovo ... noon. Father went ... a parking station, but it was full. He went to another and then ... another. Every parking station was crowded. Father drove for a while. ... One o'clock he found a place ... a car .... two o'clock our friends came, we sat down ... grass and ate our lunch. We did not see much because too many people were there --- Kuskovo. Next time we have a day to spend we shall go ... some other place.

Вправа 20. Дайте відсутні форми дієслів, запам'ятайте їх: becoming, set up, keep, understand, spoken, showing, built, left, light.

Вправа 21.прочитайте ипереведіть текст без словника:

Before Faraday's inventions in the field of electricity and magnetism theonly source of electricity that was used was the galvanic battery. It made possible some practical applications: the electric light and electric telegraph. The practical use of electricity on a larger scale became possible after developing electromagnetic machines, generators and transformers. It is considered that the development of the induction motor has become the most important technical achievement. At first, the induction motor had a constant and unchangeable speed (швидкість). Some years later a motor with two speeds was designed. Since its invention the induction motor has been considerably improved and its power increased. But the principle of operation still remains the same.

CONVERSATION Exercise 1.Answer the questions:

1. What is electricity? (A source of electric power used in every day life and industry). 2. What are the sources of electricity? (Batteries, generators, electric motors and many other devices) 3. What properties of electricity have made it widely used? (Electrostatics and electromagnetism) 4. What are the advantages of electricity? (Clearness, easy regulation, no byproducts, low cost, improved service) 5. What are home uses of electricity? (Lighting, heating, various time and labour saving appeiances, radio, television, video and many others) 6. What are the latest industrial applications of electricity? (Lasers and electronic devices)

Exercise 2. Make asentence out of the two parts:

1. Electricity 1. have long ago become universal.

2. The applications of electricity in 2. has completely transformed our the home and industry everyday life.

3. Electricity was used for the first 3. per capita is an indicator of the time state of development of a nation.

4. The generator, a new source of 4. the wide industrial use of elec-electricity tricity has begun throughout the


5. Since the beginning of the 20-th 5. was also developed in Paris, century

6. Today consumption of electricity 6. for industrial purposes in the

silver workshops in Paris. Exercise 3. Read and learn:

A Story about Edison

Edison: Oh, Ben, I'm glad to see you. How are you? Wilson: Fine, and how are you?

Ed .: So-so. A lot of work to doJust today I've begun some important work. Oh, excuse me, meet my assistant John Smith.

John, this is my old friend from my home town, Ben Wilson.
 Smith: How do you do, Mr.Wilson?
 W: How do you do, Mr.Smith? Glad to meet you.

Ed .: Will you come to my laboratory and have dinner with me and

John tonight? W .: Yes, I will. Ed .: Come at six tonight, will you? W .: I'll certainly come.

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