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Прочитайте текст. Розкажіть по-англійськи про результати дослідження, проведеного Всесвітньою організацією охорони здоров'я.

  1. I. Прочитайте текст. Складіть словник невідомих вам термінів,
  2. Read every third, fourth, fifth letter of the alphabet (Прочитайте кожну третю, четверту, п'яту букву в алфавіті).
  3. Read the following texts about four seasons. (Прочитайте наступні тексти про пори року.)
  4. Say these numbers in English. (Назвіть числа по-англійськи.)
  5. Z. Прочитайте наступні слова і поєднання слів 1-2 рази про себе, потім вголос і постарайтеся запам'ятати їх.
  6. А) Прочитайте вголос наступні пропозиції.
  7. Антикризове управління організацією, санація і банкрутство

Ecological Problems of Big Cities

There are over 150 super cities in the world with population from one to 15 million and more. Tokyo, New York, London, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro and Moscow are just a few of the cities which have become super cities.

People in the super cities suffer from polluted environment: bad water, bad air and noise. A new term, urban (міський) climate. is used now for such cities.lt means high temperature, oppressive atmosphere and intensive smog.

Some experts consider that it is practically impossible to protect the big cities from pollution. The World Health Organization (WHO) studied air pollution around the world for over eight years. It measured two things: the level of sulphur dioxide (ЗОгНп the air and the level of smoke.Sulphur dioxide and smoke pollute water and have serious effect on forest, buildings and health of people.

In the WHO report it is shown that the cities with the most considerable level of CO2 in the air are Milan, Teheran, Prague, Santiago and Sao Paulo. However, some cities with clean air get worse in winter. Helsinki, for example, becomes one of the cities with the largest proportion of it in the air in winter. This must be connected with the heating of houses. One can also mention (згадувати) Glasgow and Warsaw which suffer in the same way.


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