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Future Simple

  1. A Canadian agency firm entered into contact with Soyuzexport to discuss the lines of their future business.
  2. A. Read the short extract from the interview and recognize any constructions expressing Future Actions.
  3. At first, the oceans and the lands were teeming with large numbers of a few kinds of simple single-celled organisms, but slowly plants and
  4. B. Investing in your future
  5. Been solved and in the future it would be possible via satellite and cable TV to use more channels on a TV set at every home in the world.
  6. C) Future Simple - shall be, will be
  7. Complete the following company profile with either the present perfect or past simple tense of the verb in brackets.
Positive / Negative   Interrogative
I/we you/they he/she/it (shall('ll)/shall not/shan't) will('ll)/will not/won't be win eat come Will I/we/you/ they/he/ she/it be? win? eat? come?

The Future Simple tense denotes:

1. A predicted future action, a happening which is inevitable and out of anybody's control with the adverbials of time such as tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, in a week (month, year), next year, in 2008, etc. Next year I'll be 18. Spring will come soon. In 100 years' time there will be a lot more people than there are now. Spring has come, so the snow will start melting, the birds will come back home.
2. An action which the speaker regards as possible, probable or likely to happen in future. I'm sure he'll get better. I don't think I'll go out tonight, I'm too tired. No doubt you'll enjoy the performance. Do you think they'll win the match? I'll probably be a bit late this evening. I haven't seen Carol today. I expect she will phone this evening.
3. An action which is spontaneous, not part of a plan. Don't lift the suitcase. I'll helpyou. Itlooks like rain. I'll takemy umbrella then. What would you like to drink? - I'll havea coke, please.
4. A future action in complex sentences in the main part. But after when, while, before, after, as soon as, until / till we use Present Simple, Present Perfect I'll phoneyou as soon asIarrive.When you returnhome you'll noticea lot of changes. It's pouring down. We'll getwet throughifwego out. When you seeJane again, you won't recognizeher. Come on! Mum will be worried ifweare lateagain. Iwon't sendthe parcel untilIhear fromyou. As soon as Bob and Ashton have got married,they'll moveto California. Ishan't phoneyou untilIhave donemyhomework.


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