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зразок: Say how many subjects you had to take at the entrance examinations. -> I had to take four subjects.

Say1) what subjects you had to take at your entrance examinations; 2) what subjects you are to study in your first year; 3) what specializations your institute offers; 4) what subjects the students must study if they take a course of underground technology; 5) what subjects you study regardless of your specialization.

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 вання знайдіть групу «підмет - присудок».

In Russia great attention is paid to engineering education. Much depends on today's students. They will be tomorrow's engineers, geologists, designers, economists, etc. They will have to cope with the tasks which the country will set before them. Today a student is to get a much greater amount of new information and this amount is growing all the time. Future specialists must acquire professional knowledge and skills and get modern methods of scientific research, advanced production technology, its organization and management. Engineers of a new type can not be trained apart from modern production, science and technology.

They are to take an active part in accelerating scientific and technological progress.


Прочитайте текст У без словника. Коротко підсумуйте його зміст по-російськи.


In the USA the basic aim of technical higher education is the training of qualified specialists in a selected field of technology.

In the field of technical education they have a three-part programme: 1) The University programme for engineers and scientists. 2) The technical institute 'programme for engineering technicians. 3) The vocational trade programme.

The students can get mining education at special colleges and at mining departments of universities. For example, one of the oldest mining schools in the USA is the Colorado School of Mines. Early mining operations in the Territory of Colorado emphasized the need for a college to train mining engineers.

The Colorado School of Mines is situated in the mineral-producing area of ??the Rocky Mountains. The area is rich in non-ferrous metals such as molybdenum, vanadium, zinc and other deposits. Besides, Colorado has processing (dressing) plants, petroleum refineries and steel plants. Many coal mines are in operation throughout the area.

The field of study includes earth sciences (geology, geochemistry, geophysics and others) and engineering. The students may specialize in petrology, mineral deposits, mining engineering and other disciplines.

Field work is an important part of training. All students take part in a summer field course during their undergraduate programme. Geology laboratories are available within the Department of Geology for study and research.

The mining engineering students study the basic sciences, principles and technologies of mineral exploration, underground and surface operations, rock mechanics, mine ventilation, surveying, mine safety and operating research. The Department operates the experimental mine. It is a large and well-equipped laboratory for teaching and research in mining operations.

The education is fee-paying. The School collects fees at the beginning of each semester. Semester fees include fees for health service, athletics, student centre and others. A student will not be allowed to take final examinations or be graduated if he (or she) has debts (борги) to the college.

During their course of training the students may visit surface and underground mines, oil fields, dressing plants and regions of geological interest.

A study of current curricula shows that the average American engineer receives only 10% of geology and 25% of mining in his (or her) undergraduate education in mining. As a rule, mining engineering programmes include: Liberal arts - 20%; Basic sciences - 25%; General engineering - 20%; Geology - 10%; Mining - 25%.

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 двома предложеншп ».

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