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An ideal school as you see it.

  2. Camping Is the Ideal Way of Spending a Holiday.
  3. Churchmen and had been studying in Oxford, at the city of well-known schools.
  4. High school in Chicago, USA
  5. MBA diary: California dreamin ': Applying to business school can take over your whole life, says Temi Olatunde.
  6. Mining Schools

VI. Bead the jokes below. See how the verbs learn and study are used in the context. Consult a dictionary and find out the difference in their meaning and usage. Retell the jokes in indirect speech:

1. A young teacher just beginning his career asks advice of an older member of the faculty: "What have you learned in your years of experience?"

"I've learned one thing. Often you will find while you are giving a lesson in class that there is one young upstart who always disagrees with you. Tell me, would you stop him and try to make him shut up right then and there ? "

"I suppose I would."

"Well, do not. He's probably the only one who is listening to you."

2. A high-school girl seated next to a famous astronomer at a dinner party struck up a conversation asking, "What do you do in life?"

He replied, "I study astronomy."

"Dear me," said the young miss, "I finished astronomy last year."

VII. Translate the sentences using the words learn and study in their different meanings:

1. В молодості він вивчав хімію в університеті. 2. Діти легко вчать іноземні мови. 3. Я дуже засмутився, коли дізнався, що не здав іспит. 4. Весь вечір він займався в своїй кімнаті. 5. Вивчіть цю інформацію дуже уважно- вона допоможе вам зробити правильний вибір. 6. Моя сестра вчиться, щоб стати юристом. 7. На жаль, він так і не навчився читати і писати. 8. Вам ще належить навчитися, як справлятися з важкими проблемами на уроках.

VIII. Comment on the given proverbs. Make np a situation centered round one of them:

1. Better unborn than untaught.

2. Like teacher, like pupil.

3. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

IX. a) Fill in prepositions and adverbs where necessary:

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