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A. 1. Read and translate the following international words

  1. A) Choose the correct word. (b) Give synonyms to the underlined words
  2. A) translate the illustrative examples into Russian;
  3. A. 1. Translate the following international words
  4. A. 2. Learn new words
  5. A. 2. Read new words
  6. A. 5. Translate the sentences

Reservoir, aqueduct, transport system, modernize, plan, technician, hydrotechnician ['haidrəutek'ni∫ən], station, electricity, qualification, panel, central, geography, sculpture, specifications, operate, crane, position, gas

A. 2. Learn new words

air воздух annualгодовой drawingчертеж heavyтяжелый level уровень liftподнимать projectобъект pumpнасос purpose цель scale масштаб successуспех weldсваривать assembly сборка compress сжимать deliver доставлять irrigateорошать need нуждаться powerfulмощный qualityкачество quantityколичество range ряд, диапазон receiveполучать reduceуменьшать superviseруководить a great deal of много concrete[΄kɔnkri:t] бетон costстоимость, стоить distributeраспределять fundamentalsосновы handlingтранспортировка heating отопление modernizeмодернизировать nowadays сейчас, теперь operate приводить в движение paintingкартина, живопись transport['trænspɔ:t] транспорт
assembleсобирать, монтировать attractпривлекать, притягивать hydrotechnicianгидротехник introduce вводить, внедрять power station электростанция protect [prə'tekt] защищать realizeосуществлять, понимать aqueduct[΄ækwidÙkt] акведук, водопровод be familiar with быть знакомым с draw - drew - drawn рисовать, чертить improve улучшать, совершенствовать prefab = prefabricated сборный store [ stɔ: ] хранить, запасать, наполнять town planning градостроительство
property[΄prɔpəti] свойство purify[΄pjuərifai] очищать running water водопровод treat [tri:t] обрабатывать reinforced concrete армированный / (железо)бетон reservoir[΄rezəvwa:] бассейн, водохранилище transport[træns΄pɔ:t] транспортировать unit единица, узел, элемент (конструкции)

A. 3. Speak on the functions of engineers (a civil engineer, a road engineer, a sanitary engineer, a hydro-technician). Follow the models:

An architect specializes in designing of buildings.

The function of a design engineer is to design buildings.

A. 4. Express the following in one word, using the suffix - er / -or.Model: One who reads -> reader

l. One who builds - ... 2. One who is visiting - ... 3. One whose occupation is to construct - ... 4. One who lives in London - ... 5. One whose occupation is to decorate - ... 6. One who designs - ...

A. 5. Translate the following word combinations:

building professions, desert lands, irrigation systems, running water, sanitary engineers, city planning, irrigate lands, provide with conveniences, protect water, store water, treat water, distribute water, purify water, modernize buildings, deliver prefabricated units, assemble a house, reduce the cost of construction, erect pumping stations

A. 6. Translate the following groups of derivatives:

irrigate - irrigation, protect - protection, erect - erection, connect - connection, reduce - reduction, operate - operation, supervise - supervision, organization - organize, modern - modernize, special - specialize, paint - painting, heat - heating, pure - purify, fulfil - fulfilment, treat - treatment, improve - improvement, receive - receiver, weld - welder, store - storage, deliver - delivery, assemble - assembly, convenient - convenience, success - successful, common - commonly

A. 7. Translate the following sentences

1. The repair of the car cost him much money. 2. A new railway will connect some towns with the capital. 3. The traffic of this highway is heavy. 4. Such substance doesn't exist on the Earth. 5. In England plenty of houses are heated with coal. 6. We visited many lands and saw different people. 7. The computer stores a lot of information. 8. Did you receive a letter from your friend yesterday? 9. The bus service is convenient here. 10. We manufacture goods of various qualities.

B. 1. Choose the sentences which should be translated beginning with "чтобы"

1. To drive cars in a big city is very difficult. 2. To restore the building they used bricks. 3. To translate such article without a dictionary is difficult. 4. To extend the main street they had to destroy some old buildings. 5. To measure the vast distances between different planets scientists have to use special instruments. 6. To move along their orbit sputniks do not need any additional energy. 7. To design, construct and operate a radar system is a great technical achievement. 8. To translate such article without a dictionary one must know English well. 9. To translate a sentence is to discover its meaning.

B. 2. Translate the sentences paying attention to the infinitive

1. Practice helps to master theory. 2. They did everything to get necessary information. 3. People made efforts to find new sources of energy. 4. They used this method to achieve good results. 5. They used different techniques to construct the dam. 6. Polzunov was the first to construct a steam engine. 7. This method is not good enough to be used everywhere. 8. His task was to complete the work in time. 9. He wants to become an engineer because he likes technology. 10. To know English well you must work hard.

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