Exercise 4. More about word-building: Prefixes.

  1. A. Do pre-reading tasks before each abstract, then read and translate the abstracts about the basics of management.
  2. A. Match the facts about the UK with the places on the map.
  3. A. Read the additional texts with interesting facts about Canada and discuss this information with your partner.
  4. A. Read the text about takeover and choose one of the three connectors to fill each gap.
  5. About Eating Out in Britain
  6. About My Family and Myself

In the text given above find the words with prefixes: un-; under-; inter-; im-. Define their meanings if:

un- = not; lack of; do opposite of; release from:

do - undo = не делать

under- = beneath; lower; insufficiently:

developed - underdeveloped = плохо развитый, недоразвитый

inter- = between:

related - interrelated = взаимосвязанный

im- = in, into, against, over:

impregnate = насыщать

Here are the meanings of some words. Fill each blank with the most appropriate word.

undersell - to sell at a lower price

intervene - to come between

underpayment - bad, insufficient payment

immigrate - to move to a foreign country as a permanent resident

interval - a period between two events

1. A lot of Protestants . . . to America, because the Catholic Church was severely following them. 2. Because they buy in larger quantities at lower prices, chain stores are usually able to . . . goods to small shop-owners. 3. During the ... the students had their lunch in the university canteen. 4. Because of permanent .. . . she decided to quit the job. 5. The summer vacation . . . between the close of one school year and the beginning of the next.

Exercise 5.Translate at sight

Uranium. The heaviest of all elements, a radio-active metal used for nuclear power production.

Cadmium. Used to electro-plate iron for rust protection. Also used for control rods in the atomic reactors of nuclear power stations.

Chromium. Used to give a shiny plating to other metals, and used in alloys of steel to produce stainless steel.

Cobalt. Used in the manufacture of steel cutting-tools. It also produces the blue used in pottery such as the famous 'Sevres' products.

Magnesium. Mainly used in the production of strong, light alloys such as duralumin. Also used for photographers flash bulbs. It burns in air with a brilliant, white flame.


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