Comprehension Check

  2. B. Check your suppositions.
  3. B. Now read the text and check if your guesses were right.
  4. B. Read these extracts and decide which sections of the checklist above they come from.
  5. C. Check your translation of Exercise B with that of Exercise C.
  6. C. Check your translation of ExerciseB with that of Exercise C.
  7. Check your answers with the analysis below.

Exercise 1.There are some general statements about American immigration.

For each statement give as many details as you can (examples,

reasons, results, descriptions). Include only details directly

related to each statement.

1. There are changing factors in the pattern of immigration.

2. Earlier groups have suffered through some loss of their cultural heritage.

3. Immigrants have contributed much to the US economic development.

Exercise 2.Do you agree with the author of this article?

Give reasons for your point of view.

Exercise 3.Choose the word or phrase which best completes each


1. It had . . . implications for political development.

a) deep b) profound c) serious d) vague

2. I took a course in English with a(n) . . . to work as an interpretor.

a) intention b) purpose c) aim d) obstacle

3. The problems we . . . today are the direct result of your former mistakes.

a) come across b) meet c) face d) cope with

4. The society has no . . . of "rearing immigrants to a working age."

a) expenditures b) costs c) spendings d) finance

5. My former colleagues . . . me to take this course by promising a good job afterwards.

a) encourage b) advise c) consult d) impose

6. The government has spent $ 1 million on an advertising . . . to encourage energy conservation.

a) promotion b) operation c) enterprise d) campaign

7. It is . . . to work abroad without an official permission.

a) against regulations b) unloyal c) immoral d) illegal

8. It's only a small flat but it . . . my needs perfectly.

a) supplies b) fills c) meets d) settles

Oral Practice

Curriculum Vitae. A Job Interview

A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a kind of autobiography an applicant for a job should present. Usually the date of the last job is given before educational background.

Curriculum Vitae

Name: Patricia Flynch

Date of birth: 5 April 1968

Nationality: British

Address: 11 High Street, Ramsgate EH3 2LM, Kent, England

tel 01282-448-5612

1991 - 1994 Sheffield Silver-works, engineer

1986 - 1990 B. Eng (Honours), Imperial College of Science, Technology

and Medicine

1990 - 1991 London Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Diploma in

Public Relations

1994 to present National Trust Fund. In charge of relations with European


Windows and Excel user

Fluent French and fair German

Driver's Licence

Personal details: married, with one child

Exercise 1.Write your own CV, the CVs of your friends or parents.

Exercise 2.Here is a sample of a business interview. Learn it by heart

and make an interview of your own.

Interviewer: Who do you work for now, Ms Flynch?

Ms Flynch: The National Trust Fund.

Interviewer: How long have you worked for them?

Ms Flynch: I've worked for them for 3 years.

Interviewer: And what did you do before joining the National Trust?

Ms Flynch: I worked as an engineer for Sheffield silver-works.

Interviewer: Have you got any experience in organizing conferences?

Ms Flynch: Yes, I have actually. Why?

Interviewer: Your future job will require a lot of organizing meetings and


Exercise 4.Interview possible applicants for the following positions.

Make CVs which would suit the requirements.

Editor Sales Manager

up to 45 male, 25 - 40

degree in Linguistics University degree

PC trained PC trained

knowledge of Italian/English fluent English

over 5 years experience 3 years experience in sales

salary $ 500 + bonus salary $ 1000 + %

Unit 2

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