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Degrees of Comparison

  1. Comparison of adjectives.
  2. Degrees
  3. Degrees of Comparison
  4. Degrees of comparison of adjectives
  5. Exercise 19. Answer the following questions using the superlative or comparative degrees.
  6. Insert the appropriate degree of comparison of the adjective in brackets.

long - longer - the longest

important - more important - the most important

Special cases:good - better - the best

bad - worse - the worst

little - less - the least

many/much - more - the most

far - farther - the farthest

further - the furthest

With the help of the degrees of comparison we can contrast differences.

For example: Mercury has the lowest melting point.

The melting point of copper is slightly higher than gold

and lower than platinum.

We can contrast differences also with the help of the following patterns.

is unlike не похож на

Iron is different from отличается от alunimiun

differs from

Unlike iron в отличие от

In contrast to iron aluminium is light

Compared to iron

In comparison to iron по сравнению с железом

Note: The structure "the"+Comparative+"the better"

The sooner you finish this work, the better it will be for you.

Чем скорее ты закончишь эту работу, тем это будет лучше для тебя.

We say: Can you come as soon as possible?

Ты можешь придти как можно раньше?

This book is not as interesting as the one I gave you yesterday.

Эта книга не так интересна, как та, которую я дал тебе вчера.

This dress is twice (three times) as expensive than my new suit.

Это платье в два (три) раза дороже моего нового костюма.

Silver is less malleable than gold.

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