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Definition of Forensic Science 5

  1. A. Match professions with their definitions.
  2. A. Match the following words with their definitions.
  3. Add your own definitions of a spoilt child.
  4. B. Match the types of securities below with their definitions.
  5. B. Match the words with their definitions.
  6. C. Before you read the article, match the following words with their definitions.
  7. C. Match the words with the corresponding definitions.

Forensic science is the recognition, collection, identification, individualization, and interpretation of physical evidence, and the application of science and medicine for criminal and civil law, or regulatory purposes.
 (McGraw-Hill Science & Technology Dictionary)

10. Використовуючи вбрання Вами визначення в завданні 9 і ключові слова для опису основних видів судових експертиз із завдання 8, напишіть невелике есе про предмет судової експертизи (120-150 слів). Використовуйте логіко-граматичні лексичні одиниці, які поділяються на смислові класи:

1) з'єднання і логічна послідовність ідей (And, also, apart from, besides, further more, in addition to, moreover, simultaneously, thus, too, ...),

2) парафраз і накладення (As if, in the same way, in like manner, like, similarly, ...),

3) причинність (Accordingly, as, because, consequently, hence, once, since, therefore, as long as, owing to ...),

4) контраст і зіставлення (Alternatively, although, but if, however, nevertheless, otherwise, in spite of, on the other hand, ...),

5) обмеження(Except, impossible, occasionally, only, unless, if, only when, ...),

6) припущення(Conclude, confirm, consider, reduce, imagine, suppose, in principle,

it follows, ...),


Прочитайте текст і дайте відповідь на питання.

1. Does forensic science require a definite level of education in a definite area of ??science?

2. What should students decide early in the college?

3. Do investigation of crimes and analyzing evidence require the same type of education?

4. How long should students study to earn a Bachelor Degree?

5. Can undergraduates with B.S. degree apply for a job?

6. What are the advantages of MSFS graduate program?

7. How long does MSFS program last?

8. Is it easy for Bachelors to compete with Masters?

It is good to start planning early for any career, especially in forensic science. Forensic science is an interesting field since it spans so many areas, with each area requiring a different education path. Prospective students are most confused when trying to figure out what type of work a real forensic scientist actually does. Unfortunately, students must decide early in college whether they are interested in the lab side of forensic science or the investigative side. Investigating crimes and analyzing evidence in the lab are closely related areas of work, but most of the time each requires a different type of education.

In college, there are a couple choices to make. First, some colleges offer an undergraduate degree in forensic science. A B.S. in forensic science is basically a chemistry or biology degree with some classes covering forensic applications and criminal justice mixed in. The other undergraduate option is to complete a chemistry or biology degree at a 4-year university. After completing an undergraduate B.S. degree, you can start applying for forensic science lab jobs, or attend a 2 year MSFS (Master of Sciences in Forensic Science) graduate program. The advantages of completing a MSFS degree are that graduates can better compete for entry level jobs and graduates will be qualified for eventual promotions to supervisory positions. You will notice that MSFS students still enter crime labs at the entry level. This is one reason why it may be more difficult for a student with just a B.S. degree to find employment since they are competing with MSFS graduates.

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