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  1. A. Study the following.
  2. A. Study the following.
  3. A. Study the information below and do the task after it.
  4. A. Study the topical vocabulary
  5. A. Study the topical vocabulary and say which bank services you employ.
  6. A. Study the topical vocabulary.
  7. A. Study the topical vocabulary.

I. Find in the text "The Structure of Social Interactions" English equivalents for:

В конце концов; социальные модели; нормы поведения; в обществе; во главе; конечно; отчасти; несмотря на; во многом такие же; другими словами; окружение (среда); с готовностью; например; напротив; ограничить свободу; кроме того.

II. Arrange the following words into pairs of antonyms:

Disorganized Limited

Chaos Familiar

Infinite Quietly

In the presence Difference

Lose Emerge

Unfamiliar Organized

Leave In the absence

Finish Enter

Noisily Arrival

Departure In other words

Ordinary Uncomfortable

Similarity System

In the same way Find

Seldom Begin

Disappear Unique

Comfortable Often

Strong Weak

III. Make up sentences choosing an appropriate variant from 1) - 7):

1.The scientist was guided by ...

2.The room was filled with ...

3.His theory is built on ...

4.Human behaviour is defined by ...

5.Social interaction is patterned ...

6.His activity is encouraged by ...

7.He is in charge of ...

1) Cultural values and norms.

2) The working team.

3) The latest scientific discoveries.

4) The Sociology Research Institute.

5) Unfamiliar faces.

6) Empirical investigation.

7) As society is an organized system.

IV. Make up dialogues according to the following situations:

1) An odd person comes to you. He says you were friends years ago. You have never met him before and you suspect his motives.

2) Your friend is acting very strangely. You feel he has a secret worry. Find out what is wrong with him.

3) Ask your friend to prove that the qualityof personality is not inborn. It is a social phenomenon. Ask him whether we can predict a man's behaviour in a certain situation and what measurements of personality exist, what they are called.

4) You are an introvert by nature, you are unable to overcome uncertainty in taking decisions and often experience troubles in life. You are asked to organize a conference, but you are afraid to accept such an offer. Your friend tries to persuade you to agree.

Note: The following word-combinations may be helpful:

To be concerned with, to be interested in, to be guided by, to be encouraged by, to be in charge of, to be filled with, to be prone to, to make use of.


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