1. A. Study the following.
  2. A. Study the following.
  3. A. Study the information below and do the task after it.
  4. A. Study the topical vocabulary
  5. A. Study the topical vocabulary and say which bank services you employ.
  6. A. Study the topical vocabulary.
  7. A. Study the topical vocabulary.

I. Find in the text English equivalents for:

Проводити дослідження; в абсолютному значенні; краще або гірше; сильні сторони і слабкі; змінна; з урахуванням; випробовувані; в багатьох випадках; набір відповідей; абсолютно вільно; ставить в тупик; поштою; занадто пізно; перевага; недолік.

II. Arrange the following words into the pairs of synonyms:

research to carry out

method especially

to conduct typically

to vary to select

definite technique

particularly certain

cause to take place

to occur effect

generally investigation

aim to differ

result reason

to choose goal

important significant

III. Translate the following sentences into Russian with:

in relation to

with regard to

with respect to

1. He treated this phenomenon in relation to the extreme environmental conditions.

2. They decided to change the experimentalprocedure with regard to the new circumstances.

3. They examined the given problem with respect to a new approach.

4. He did not know anything at all in relation to her point of view.

5. He was very attentive with regard to her position.

6. With respect to his theory of cognition the issue was of certain interest.

7. He was quite right in relation to his treatment of their methods of inquiry.

8. They investigated human attitudes with regard to nonverbal communication.

9. The problem arose only with respect to his way of observation.

10. She made an interesting report in relation to the new data.

IV. Make up sentences with: To carry out - a research

... An experiment

... A public opinion poll

... An investigation

... A survey

... An inquiry

V. Develop the following situations:

1. One day you were preparing for an experiment with a group of subjects. But suddenly you find out that your questionnaires disappeared. What is your reaction? In what way would you conduct an inquiry?

2. You are asked to carry out a public opinion poll. What would you start with?

3. What would you recommendto the beginners incarrying out an interview?


I. Read and translate the text:

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