Governments Impose SPS Measures

  1. Calculate and write the answers, using non-metric measures.
  3. Forms of behaviour, descriptive, prescriptive, customs, rules, governments, behave, break, community, the law of the jungle.
  5. Measures to Consolidate and Secure the Far East
  6. Methods And Measures

SPS measures are measures that governments apply to protect human, animal, or plant life or health from risks arising from the entry. For example, the United States and other governments routinely apply measures at the border to protect domestic crops or livestock from imported farm products or animals that may introduce a plant pest or animal disease into the country.

Many countries have established maximum limits for pesticide residues in food to promote food safety. In addition, governments often require live animals to be subject to veterinary check-ups or quarantine before entering the country.

At times, however, some governments impose SPS measures that are big barriers to trade. For example, in 2009 a number of countries banned imports of U.S. pork and pork products, citing threats (угрозы) of the H1N1 influenza virus, despite the fact that there is no evidence that the virus is transmitted by food. Similarly, many countries have used the threat of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (губчатая энцефалопатия у крупного рогатого скота) (otherwise known as BSE or "mad cow disease") as a reason to block U.S. poultry and beef exports.

Exercise 5. Agree or disagree with the following:

1. The United States and other governments have a legitimate right to adopt and enforce measures to protect their people, animals, and plants from SPS-related risks.

2. The governments try to prevent the entry, establishment, or spread of animal and plant pests.

3. Governments impose SPS measures that promote trade.

4. Live animals are not subject to veterinary check-ups.

5. The countries don't introduce maximum limits for pesticide residues.

Exercise 6.Read Text 2 and speak on the role of WTO in protecting the countries from risks of diseases.

Text 2*

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