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  2. Discuss the ideas expressed by these two engineers suggesting their solution of public transport development in modern cities
  3. For future development and progress. It trains people to become teachers, engineers, doctors and other professional workers.
  5. Lesson 22. Contribution of Governors-General to the Development of the Far Eastern Lands
  6. Lesson 6. Development of the Far Eastern Lands by Peter I

Law and legislation date back to the days when primitive communal society, which had no need of the authority of law, gave way to the first class-based socio-economic formation, which found political expression in the slave-owning state. Over the centuries the words "law" and "legislation" have become so common that in the busy life of today people do not ponder over their meaning and at times even fail to define them. Law seems to exist apart from man, and is not even noticed until somebody violates its orders or until is called upon to defend interests that have been the object of encroachments. This situation makes it difficult to understand the nature of law, which many generations of lawyers, philosophers and politicians have been studying.

Many outstanding thinkers and scholars in their attempts to penetrate the essence of law, have defined it as a natural ideal principle originally inherent in the human race and embodied in the legislation of various states. Theories on law were set forth asserting that law plays a constructive role in society, that it creates the social system, and not the other way round as the founders of scientific communism subsequently proved. Attempts were made to explain the essence of law by the nature of law itself, by the idea of supreme legality, of universal justice and so on. Countless theories, hypotheses and proofs were advanced throughout the centuries, but the true nature of law remained obscure. 1250»

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