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Unit 12

1.1: 2 The office workers are paid twice a month. 3 The house is painted every year. 4 Is coffee grown in Brazil? 5 letters aren't written very often.

6 Maths is taught at school. 8 My jewellery was stolen last week.

9 My car was damaged last night. 10 Were the trees planted in spring?

11 When was the new trainer employed? 12 This suit wasn't worn last month.

1.2: 2 was robbed 3 is kept 4 is visited 5 were made 6 was woken up

7 is delayed 8 was taught 9 are washed 10 is the post delivered

11 is never cut 12 Were the letters taken

2.1: 2 has recently been made 3 is still being repaired 4 had been delivered

5 will be found 6 is spent 7 have been built 8 was being redecorated

9 hadn't been invited/weren't invited 10 has already been sold

11 wasn't discovered 12 had been killed 13 is being built 14 are shown

15 was damaged, hasn't been repaired

2.2: 2 How many computers have been bought this week? 3 When was the key lost? 4 How many men were arrested in connection with the robbery?

5 Where is this fruit grown? 6 How much was she fined for careless driving?

7 How much will the workers be paid every Friday? 8 How long hasn't the house been cleaned? 9 Where is this kind of bread sold? 10 How many times has the house been redecorated? 11 Who is being interviewed by the police at the moment?

2.3: 2 The books have to be returned to the library in three days. 3 The shirt must be dry-cleaned only. 4 Your health can be improved with more exercise.

5 My uncle's new book is going to be published next month. 6 Is the article going to be translated into German? 7 Can this sum of money be changed into dollars at every bank? 8 The missing child can't be found anywhere.

9 The problem is going to be discussed today. 10 Photographs mustn't be taken here. 11 The walls should be washed before you paint them. 12 This product has to be used by next week. 13 Does oil have to be refined before making petrol?

3.1: 2 An international company employed her. 3 The mayor will open the exhibition. 4 Martin is writing the company report. 5 They put fresh flowers in the hotel rooms every day. 6 The police have already caught the burglar.

7 They had taken the injured man to hospital. 8 They chose him as the best actor of the year. 9 The waiter will bring the bill. 10 You should water this plant daily. 11 Somebody has broken the crystal vase. 12 The children haven't washed the dishes. 13 They were interviewing Sarah for the job at that moment. 14 They don't allow smoking in this part of the building. 15 They told me that fifty people were coming to the reception.

3.2: 2 Some trees have already been planted by the gardener. 3 The hotel will be redecorated by a famous designer. 4 Their suitcases are being packed.

5 The bathroom must be left tidy. 6 "Sunflowers" was painted by Van Gogh.

7 The car has been repaired by the mechanic. 8 The antique car is going to be restored by an expert. 9 The cathedral is visited by a million people every year. 10 The letter had been written by 5 o'clock. 11 Space is being explored by three American astronauts this month. 12 Mary was woken up by a nightmare.

13 The area is called the biggest city on earth. 14 The professor will be met at the airport by many reporters. 15 Mike's bicycle has been stolen.

3.3: 2 Have you ever been told lies by any of your friends? 3 The car is driven only at weekends. 4 The police are looking for it. 5 Are they owned by a wealthy family? 6 Is the computer being used at the moment? 7 His dog has been found. 8 I haven't seen him since then. 9 The conference was held in London. 10 Mr Dixon hadn't paid the bill. 11 Dr Peterson examined me and gave me a prescription. 12 Smoking is banned in here. 13 Rice has been grown in this area for hundreds of years; because rice didn't make much profit last year.

3.4: 2 He was sent a letter by the company. 3 I was lent two thousand pounds by the Credit Bank in 1999. 4 He was given a watch when he retired.

5 We were shown the sights of the city. 6 You'll be sent a fax. 7 I think I'll be introduced to their new partner. 8 The client has been promised a discount.

9 They were told the secret by the magician. 10 Have you been brought winter clothes? 11 he was taught about stocks and shares by one of his uncles.

12 The animal charity was given a lot of money. 13 I was asked some difficult questions at the exam. 14 Richard was still being asked questions.

3.5: 1 were blown 2 fell 3 was taken 4 caused 5 were covered 6 left

7 walked 8 has disappeared/is disappearing 9 have just been removed

10 are being repaired 11 is now moving 12 was stolen 13 phoned

14 was seen 15 drove 16 are looking 17 have just become 18 blew

19 is waiting 20 was it 21 was sent 22 had kicked 23 was hurt 24 crashed 25 was carried 26 played/were playing 27 is being taken 28 thinks

29 is happening 30 are being presented

3.6: 1 have been interviewed 2 have been written 3 is being written 4 was made

5 was played 6 Will more film be made 7 do you buy 8 don't buy

9 are designed 10 was brought 11 make 12 loves 13 are sent

4.1: 1 b 2 c 3 a 4 b 5 a 6 c 7 b 8 b 9 c 10 a

4.2: 1 has already been done 2 was made, bought 3 is being repaired

4 will be put 5 was hit, was crossing 6 are eaten 7 will be given, starts

8 book 9 was being interviewed 10 are opening

4.3: Many pet dogs are lost 2 The sick man was taken 3 The man has been followed by the police 4 All the food was eaten 5 Nothing will be decided

6 My favourite programme is usually shown 7 Dangerous animals should be kept in cages and never left out 8 That picture wasn't painted by Monet.

9 Mickey Mouse cartoon have been translated into sixty languages.

10 It happens very often.

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