Exercise 5.2

  1. Add exercise into your daily life
  2. C. Check your translation of Exercise B with that of Exercise C.
  3. C. Check your translation of ExerciseB with that of Exercise C.
  5. Complete the headings in the text with the words in the exercise above.

Use the proper tense forms in the following sentences with since.

1. Joseph (look) a lot happier since he (lose) his job. has looked, lost

2. Our English (improve) a lot since we (go) to live in Canada.

3. Since Fred (shave off) his beard, nobody (recognize) him.

4. Emma (not change) at all since I last (see) her.

5. Lucy (make) lots of friends since she (move) to Detroit.

6. Since they (start) doing sports, things (be) much better.

7. He (not drive) his car since he (have) an accident.

8. Since I (graduate) from university, I (take) up two jobs.

9. How long is it since she (disappear)?

10. I (not talk) to your cousin since she (arrive) from New-York.


Open the brackets and use the Present Perfect or the Past Simple tense form.

1. Sue (play) the violin for 5 years. has played

2. Sue (start) playing the violin five years ago.

3. Dan (be) in Japan for three days. He's enjoying it there.

4. Dick (be) in Japan for a week, then he went to Korea.

5. We (know) Linda for two years. We (meet) her husband a year ago.

6. When Patricia (buy) these shoes?

7. How long you (have) these shoes? - For a few days. Aren't they beautiful?

8. Miranda (buy) her car three years ago.

9. I (have) my car for three years. It's fast and comfortable. I like it.

10. I (have) a BMW for two years. Then it broke down and I sold it.

11. I (work) for this company for five years. It's a really good job.

12. Julia (work) in a restaurant for a year. Then she found another job.


Put the verbs in brackets in the Present Perfect or the Past Simple tense form.

1. Agatha Christie (write) a lot of detective stories. wrote

2. My sister (write) several poems. She (just/finish) her new one.

3. This is our new flat. - How long you (live) here? - We (live) here since April.

4. They (live) in Manchester for a year, then they (move) to London.

5. I (fly) over New York Harbour last week. - (you/see) the Statue of Liberty?

6. (you/turn) off the light before you (go) to work?

7. I can't go out because I (not do) the housework.

8. I (never/try) sushi.

9. We (redecorate) the flat, but we can't choose new furniture for it.

10. Here is your coat. I (just/clean) it.

11. When I (be) a child, I never (eat) cheese. I (not like) it.

12. But when I (get) older, I (begin) to like cheese and (eat) it ever since.

13. The film (begin) at 6.00 and (last) for an hour. We (not enjoy) it very much.

14. (the postman/bring) the magazine? - Yes, mum is reading it.

15. It (be) quite warm this year.


Complete the following conversations with the Present Perfect or Past Simple tense forms.

1.- ... (they/leave) yet? - Yes, they ... . - When ... (they/leave)? - They ... (leave) 10 minutes ago.   6.- I ... (lose) my umbrella. ... (you/see) it anywhere? - No, I'm afraid, I ... . When ... (you/last/use) it?  
2.- ... (you/ever/be) to China? - Yes, I ... (go) there last summer. - ... (you/have) a good time? - Yes, it ... (be) great.   7.- Peter (just/go) out. - Where (he/go)? - I (not see) where he (go).  
3.- I ... (buy) a new leather bag in L.A. - How much ... (you/pay) for it?     8.- What ... (be) your last job? - I ... (never/have) any job.  
4.- Do you know Mary's cousin? - I ... (see) him several times, but I (never/have) a chance to talk to him. ... (you/ever/talk) to him? -Yes, I ... (meet) him at a party last week. He's very nice.   9.- I hear somebody ... (murder) your gardener. Where ... (you/find) the body? - I ... (find) it in the backyard. - ... (they/catch) the murderer? - No, they ... .  
5.- Is this your car? - Yes, it is. - How long ... (you/have) it? - It's new. I ... (buy) it yesterday.   10. - Where do you live? - In Oxford Street. - How long ... (you/live) there? - Three years. Before that I ... (live) in Harley Street. - How long ... (you/live) in Harley Street? - About five years.

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