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Present Perfect Simple for actions that continue to the present

  1. A Team Presentation
  2. A. Read the short extract from the interview and recognize any constructions expressing Future Actions.
  3. Accept, airmail, consignee, discharge, endorsing in blank, law, negotiable, packing, present, receipt, responsibility, shipped, title, transfer, unclean.
  4. Art of presentation
  5. Article 8. Representations and warranties
  6. Barriers to entry, cartel, dominant-firm oligopoly, economies of scale, monopolistic competition, monopoly, monopsony, natural monopoly, oligopoly, perfect competition
  7. Berengia -Wisconsin glaciation Berengia - deglaciation period Berengia - present day


Complete the sentences with for or since.

1. The Smiths haven't been to the cinema for a while.

2. They haven't been to the cinema ... their baby was born.

3. Barbara has been in Japan ... July.

4. She's been in Japan ... six months.

5. Gerry has worked for the same company ... ten years.

6. He has worked as a sales representative ... then.

7. Charles has lived in London ... 1996.

8. He's lived there ... a long time.

9. Things have been difficult ... Carol lost her job.

10. Things have been difficult ... the last two years.


Ask questions about these people with How long. Give answers using for or since.

1. Max is in hospital. (Monday)

How long has Max been in hospital? - He has been in hospital since Monday.

2. Carol teaches Japanese. (1997)

3. Brian works as an interpreter. (10 years)

4. Michael lives in London. (childhood)

5. My parents know the Browns. (university)

6. Darren is here. (2 hours)

7. We have the same car. (5 years)

8. George is a member of the local football club. (1998)

9. They own a mansion. (15 years)

10. I'm in business. (all my life)


Write sentences about these situations with for or since.

1. Hilary plays the violin. She started two years ago.

Hilary has played the violin for two years.

2. Martha has a new job. She got it three months ago.

3. Andrew knows Jessica. He met her at a party in 2008.

4. She is ill. She caught a cold two days ago.

5. They are married. They got married in 2001.

6. Terry works as a receptionist in a hotel. He started five years ago.

7. Bob and Susan have a VW. They bought it two months ago.

8. Andy runs a small business. He started four years ago.

9. Jill lives in Scotland. She arrived there last year.

10. I have a Swiss watch. I bought it in 2002.

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