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Exercise 4.2

  1. Add exercise into your daily life
  2. C. Check your translation of Exercise B with that of Exercise C.
  3. C. Check your translation of ExerciseB with that of Exercise C.
  5. Complete the headings in the text with the words in the exercise above.

Write sentences with used to which show how things were different before.

1. My home town looks very modern. It used to look old.

2. There are so many stadiums.

3. The streets are very clean.

4. There are a lot of car parks.

5. The air isn't very clean.

6. The shops are very expensive.

7. The people always hurry.

8. They wear fashionable clothes.

9. The buses are always full.

10. There are blocks of flats.

Exercise 4.3

Write these sentences putting one verb in the form of used to and the other verb in the Past Simple form.

1. He (play) table-tennis, but he (give) it up five years ago.

He used to play table-tennis, but he gave it up five years ago.

2. He (live) in Minsk before he (go) abroad.

3. She (not like) her job at first, but then she (change) her mind.

4. He (earn) a lot, but he (retire) two years ago.

5. Before she (start) her own business, she (be) a teacher.

6. You (travel) a lot before you (find) this job?

7. This road (be) dangerous, but then they (build) a bridge and it (become) safe.

8. Before we (move) to the city, we (have) a wonderful garden in the country.

9. My father (buy) a tent in 1995, and we (go) camping for many years.

10. Australia (be) the colony of Great Britain until it (become) independent.

11. We (start) chatting on the Internet last year. Before that we (talk) on the phone.

12. Jim's parents (give) him some pocket money before he (find) a job.


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